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More Stories For English


More Stories For English is a collection selected with a pedagogical interest in mind… to give new readers in English

Death Watch - A Matter Of Life


Death can take may a turn… and it’s usually not for the better… it may as well be the end of a life or snatching a soul in its

Tidbits - To Think I Ran


I certainly hope Iran hasn’t seen the last of me yet…I simply had to pay tribute to such a beautiful country with such

Finger Licking Good (Student's Edition) - Business English In ...


Arthur BUSHTREKKER, a South African entrepreneur, set up his convenience food company a few years ago… and he is now looking to

La passagère du Roy Louis


Crinoline et piraterie, un roman qu'on applaudit !Inès, jeune fille de la noblesse espagnole, embarque sur le Roy Louis pour

Ricos, nobles, y poderosos: la imagen de los mercaderes genoveses ...


ISSN 2173-6030 | Historia y Genealogía Nº1 (2011) | Págs. 41-56 RICOS, NOBLES, Y PODEROSOS: LA IMAGEN DE