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Freeze-Drying Wiley-VCH

This completely updated and enlarged third edition of the classic text adopts a practical approach to describe the fundamentals

Emerging Areas in Bioengineering Wiley-VCH

With more than 40 contributions from expert authors, this is an extensive overview of all important research topics in the

Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Energy and ... Wiley-VCH

Focusing on real applications of nanocomposites and nanotechnologies for sustainable development, this book shows how

Classical Methods in Structure Elucidation of ... Wiley-VCH

Organic chemistry as we know it today originated from a preoccupation with substances isolated from nature. In the period from

Nanotechnology in Environmental Science Wiley-VCH

An overview of the current state of nanotechnology-based devices with applications in environmental science, focusing on

Flexible and Stretchable Medical Devices Wiley-VCH

The book introduces flexible and stretchable wearable electronic systems and covers in detail the technologies and materials

Visible Light Photocatalysis in Organic ... Wiley-VCH

Filling the need for a ready reference that reflects the vast developments in this field, this book presents everything from

Chemie für Technische Assistenten in der ... Wiley-VCH

Der "Holzner" ist und bleibt das beliebteste Chemie-Lehrbuch für MTAs und BTAs. Auch die 6. Auflage beschränkt sich auf das

Nuclear Reactor Physics Wiley-VCH

This third, completely revised edition of the textbook retains the proven concept of complete and balanced coverage of the

Nanobiomaterials Wiley-VCH

Written by an international team of editors and contributors from renowned universities and institutes, this book addresses the

Sicherer Umgang mit Gefahrstoffen Wiley-VCH

Was in den Gesetzeskommentaren nicht zu finden ist, wird mit der Expertise eines ausgewiesenen Fachmanns in diesem Buch erklärt

Microfluidics Wiley-VCH

The first book offering a global overview of fundamental microfluidics and the wide range of possible applications, for example

Bioinspired Engineering of Thermal Materials Wiley-VCH

A comprehensive overview and summary of recent achievements and the latest trends in bioinspired thermal materials. Following

Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science: ... Wiley-VCH

Meeting the long-felt need for in-depth information on one of the most advanced material characterization methods, a top team

Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry Wiley-VCH

DART-MS is a relatively new, but very fast evolving technology. Due to its versatility, it addresses fields of crucial

Functional Organic and Hybrid Nanostructured ... Wiley-VCH

The first book to explore the potential of tunable functionalities in organic and hybrid nanostructured materials in a unified

Materials Nanoarchitectonics Wiley-VCH

A unique overview of the manufacture of and applications for materials nanoarchitectonics, placing otherwise hard-to-find

Metal Nanoparticles Wiley-VCH

A much-needed summary of the importance, synthesis and applications of metal nanoparticles in pharmaceutical sciences, with a

Sustainable Catalysis Wiley-VCH

Highlighting sustainable catalytic processes in synthetic organic chemistry, this useful guide places special emphasis on

Electrically Conductive Polymers and Polymer ... Wiley-VCH

A comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the latest research trends in conductive polymers and polymer hybrids, summarizing

Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth Wiley-VCH

This book covers the fundamentals of satellite microwave instrument calibration, remote sensing sciences and algorithms, as

Resource Efficiency of Processing Plants Wiley-VCH

This monograph provides foundations, methods, guidelines and examples for monitoring and improving resource efficiency during

Applied Homogeneous Catalysis with ... Wiley-VCH

The completely revised third edition of this four-volume classic is fully updated and now includes such topics as as