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Halliday Physik Wiley-VCH

Noch mehr moderne Physik, noch bessere Didaktik, noch mehr Beispiele und noch mehr Aufgaben: das bietet der neue "Halliday",

Infrared Thermal Imaging Wiley-VCH

This new up-to-date edition of the successful handbook and ready reference retains the proven concept of the first, covering

Reactive Extrusion Wiley-VCH

This first comprehensive overview of reactive extrusion technology for over a decade combines the views of contributors from

Solvents as Reagents in Organic Synthesis Wiley-VCH

Written by highly renowned and experienced authors, this is the only reference on the application of solvents as reagents.

Umweltchemie Wiley-VCH

Ein schneller Einstieg in die Umweltchemie, fachlich fundiert und mit Praxisbezug? Die vorliegende Ubersetzung des

The HPLC-MS Handbook for Practitioners Wiley-VCH

Filling the gap for an expert text dealing exclusively with the practical aspects of HPLC-MS coupling, this concise, compact,

Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale Wiley-VCH

Edited by two of the experts in the field, the central aim is to show organic chemists working in process development that

Organic Indoor Air Pollutants Wiley-VCH

Indoor air quality has gained more and more attention in recent years. The book covers organic pollutants in indoor air, their

Power Electronic Converters Wiley-VCH

Filling the need for a reference that explains the behavior of power electronic converters, this book provides information

Continuous Biomanufacturing Wiley-VCH

This is the most comprehensive treatise of this topic available, providing invaluable information on the technological and

Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Wiley-VCH

The latest volume in the well-established AMN series, this ready reference provides an up-to-date, self-contained summary of

Single-Chain Polymer Nanoparticles Wiley-VCH

This first book on this important and emerging topic presents an overview of the very latest results obtained in single-chain

Automation Solutions for Analytical Measurements Wiley-VCH

The first book dedicated specifically to automated sample preparation and analytical measurements, this timely and systematic

Natural Products Targeting Clinically Relevant Enzymes Wiley-VCH

The past decade has seen the reappearance of natural products as a valuable source of potent therapeutics. Here, experts on

Catalysis Wiley-VCH

After the great success now in its 2nd Edition: This textbook covers all aspects of catalysis, including computational methods,

Static Electricity Wiley-VCH

Written by world-renowned experts on the topic with many years of research and consultancy experience, this invaluable book

Design of Nanostructures Wiley-VCH

Adopting a unique approach, this book provides a thorough, one-stop introduction to nanoscience and self-assembly of

Nano- and Biomaterials Wiley-VCH

A comprehensive introduction to nano- and biomaterials shining light on the different research disciplines from various

Magnetoelectric Polymer-Based Composites Wiley-VCH

The first book on this topic provides a comprehensive and well-structured overview of the fundamentals, synthesis and emerging

Enzyme Kinetics Wiley-VCH

Now in full color for a more intuitive learning experience, this new edition of the long-selling reference also features a

Chiral Lewis Acids in Organic Synthesis Wiley-VCH

A complete overview covering the application of metal-based chiral Lewis acids from all parts of the periodic table, the Author

Nanotechnology in Catalysis Wiley-VCH

Reflecting the R&D efforts in the field that have resulted in a plethora of novel applications over the past decade, this

Molekularbiologie der Zelle Wiley-VCH

"Molekularbiologie der Zelle" ist das fuhrende Lehrbuch der Zellbiologie, international ebenso wie im gesamten

Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Wiley-VCH

The first book to summarize the applications of CAFM as the most important method in the study of electronic properties of