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Ice Templating and Freeze-Drying for Porous ... Wiley-VCH

Filling a gap in the literature, this is the first book to focus on the fabrication of functional porous materials by using ice

Micro and Nano Scale NMR Wiley-VCH

This must-have book is the first self-contained summary of recent developments in the field of microscale nuclear magnetic

Group Theory in Solid State Physics and ... Wiley-VCH

While group theory and its application to solid state physics is well established, this textbook raises two completely new

Successful Drug Discovery Wiley-VCH

With its focus on drugs so recently introduced that they have yet to be found in any other textbooks or general references, the

Persistent Toxic Substance Monitoring Wiley-VCH

Filling the urgent need for a professional book that specifies the applications of nanoelectrochemistry for the monitoring of

Resistive Gaseous Detectors Wiley-VCH

This first book to critically summarize the latest achievements and emerging applications within this interdisciplinary topic

Surface and Interfacial Forces Wiley-VCH

A general introduction to surface and interfacial forces, perfectly combining theoretical concepts, experimental techniques and

Organocatalytic Cycloadditions for Synthesis of ... Wiley-VCH

A comprehensive resource to the development and recent progress of zwitterion-oriented cycloadditions promoted by organoamines,

Visible-Light-Active Photocatalysis Wiley-VCH

A comprehensive and timely overview of this important and hot topic, with special emphasis placed on environmental applications

Angewandte Bioverfahrensentwicklung Wiley-VCH

Die Biotechnologie liefert die Grundlagen für eine nachhaltige Herstellung von Produkten zur Versorgung der Weltbevölkerung mit

Intramolecular Charge Transfer Wiley-VCH

Bridging the gap between the multitude of advanced research articles and the knowledge newcomers to the field are looking for,

Design, Simulation and Optimization of ... Wiley-VCH

This book allows the reader to effectively design, simulate and optimize adsorptive and chromatographic separations for

Artificial Metalloenzymes and MetalloDNAzymes ... Wiley-VCH

An important reference for researchers in the field of metal-enzyme hybrid catalysis Artificial Metalloenzymes and

Metal-Organic Frameworks Wiley-VCH

Focusing on applications in separation, adsorption and catalysis, this handbook underlines the importance of this hot and

Freeze-Drying Wiley-VCH

This completely updated and enlarged third edition of the classic text adopts a practical approach to describe the fundamentals

Emerging Areas in Bioengineering Wiley-VCH

With more than 40 contributions from expert authors, this is an extensive overview of all important research topics in the

Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Energy and ... Wiley-VCH

Focusing on real applications of nanocomposites and nanotechnologies for sustainable development, this book shows how

Classical Methods in Structure Elucidation of ... Wiley-VCH

The structures of many natural products are given in standard textbooks on organic chemistry as 'established facts'. Yet for

Nanotechnology in Environmental Science Wiley-VCH

An overview of the current state of nanotechnology-based devices with applications in environmental science, focusing on

Flexible and Stretchable Medical Devices Wiley-VCH

The book introduces flexible and stretchable wearable electronic systems and covers in detail the technologies and materials

Visible Light Photocatalysis in Organic ... Wiley-VCH

Filling the need for a ready reference that reflects the vast developments in this field, this book presents everything from

Chemie für Technische Assistenten in der ... Wiley-VCH

Der "Holzner" ist und bleibt das beliebteste Chemie-Lehrbuch für MTAs und BTAs. Auch die 6. Auflage beschränkt sich auf das