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Assessing mineral resources in society. Metal stocks and recycling rates.

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Graedel (Te). Nairobi. http://temis.documentation.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/document.xsp?id=Temis-0079350

Ajouté le : 01 janvier 2011
Lecture(s) : 15
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Assessing Mineral Resources in Society:
Metal Stocks & Recycling Rates
copyright © United Nations Environmental Programme, 2011 Editor: International Resource Panel, oring roup on the loal etal los ead author o oth reports is  E raedel his summary oolet as prepared y  E raedel,  uchert,   Rec, and  onnemann
cientiic advice: ÖoInstitut e 
he irst report on metal stocs in society is a reritten and enhanced version ased on   erst and  E raedel, Environmental cience  echnology, 2, 0–0, 200 Parts o it ere developed at a orshop held ugust 1–1, 200, ith the olloing participants: homas raedel, ale University, U, coordinator  ureuil, Natural Resources anada ichael erst, artmouth ollege eii ashimoto, National Institute or Environmental tudies, apan uichi origuchi, National Institute or Environmental tudies, apan aniel üller, Noregian University o cience and echnol  ogy laudia Pena, I, hile ason Rauch, ale University, U hompson inala, chool o ines, amia and uido onnemann, UNEP, rance Portions o the report on recycling rates o metals have ap  peared in the ournal o Industrial Ecology article y raedel et al 2011: “hat o e no out etal Recycling Rates uthors o the second report report are  E raedel, ale University, U, ulian llood, amridge University, U, eanPierre irat, rcelorittal, rance, atthias uchert, ÖoInstitut, ermany, hristian agelüen, Umicore Precious etals Reining, ermanyelgium, arara  Rec, ale University, U, cott  iley, U eological urvey U, U, and uido onnemann, UNEP, rance uido onnemann, UNEP, supervised the preparation o this report and provided valuale input and comments hans go to Ernst Ulrich von eisäcer and sho hosla as cochairs o the Resource Panel, the memers o the Resource Panel and the teering ommittee or ruitul discussions dditional comments o a technical nature ere received rom some governments participating in the teering ommittee
elpul comments ere received rom several anonymous revieers in to peer revie processes coordinated in an eicient and constructive ay y respectively y ea auppi and van ardy together ith the Resource Panel ecretariat he preparation o this report also eneitted rom discussions ith many colleagues at various meetings, although the main responsiility or errors ill remain ith the authors
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The following is an excerpt of the first two reports of the Global Metals Flows Group
Metal Stocks in Society : Scientific Synthetis
recycling Rates of Metals: A Status Report
he ull reports are availale on R availale inside the ac page o this sum mary oolet