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everyday strategies to get healthier   There are lots of things that factor into having good health and most of them are pretty straightforward. Plenty of people know exactly what they need to do to have optimum health but have a hard time putting that knowledge into regular practice. In this article we will cover some of the most important principles for achieving better health and it is important that you do them every single day.  Stress is one of the most important things that you need to overcome if you want to have better health. Research has confirmed that stress can have a damaging effect on both your physical and emotional health. It's super hard to feel healthy each day if life is making you feel stressed and tense all of the time. Stress can be fought in any number of ways but before you can begin you need to actually acknowledge that you are having trouble.  A professional can help you if your stress levels are super high. There are also a variety of self help techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, self-hypnosis or even reading inspiring books that can help you control stress. Stress can be deadly. Part of good health is keeping your brain as active as possible. Alzheimer's and other age related problems are less likely to happen to people who stay mentally active. It is important to use your brain and make it work as often as possible, even if you're still young enough to not be concerned with older age related issues. Think about it as developing a lifelong pursuit whether you do it by taking classes, reading good books or doing research into topics that you care about. Using your brain will help you feel young much longer in life and keep life interesting. Other ways that get your brain "moving" are doing every day tasks slightly differently than you usually do, like using your non-dominant hand to write things down or open things, taking a different route to work or the store and, no matter how old you are, teaching yourself completely new skills.  It is obviously a better idea to eat foods that are healthy than those that are unhealthy but if you really want to get better, you need to remember that the quantity you eat is just as important as the quality that you eat. Simply by reducing your portions you will be taking in fewer calories and that helps you reduce the effects of the unhealthy foods you might be eating. Of course you don't need to worry about consuming fewer salads or green veggies but these are not foods in which we are known to overindulge anyway. It is salty food and carbs (like pasta and bread) that are the worst here because those are the foods we always want to eat more of. Learn to deal with moderate portions and resist the urge to reach for more helpings. To sum up, being healthy includes a lot of things like being emotionally healthy, getting enough sleep, eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by attempting to change your lifelong habits in one night. If you take these tips to heart and resolve to take your time making the necessary changes, you'll probably see a radical improvement in your health very quickly.  These particular health tips are usually beneficial with several health conditions and they can also be extremely helpful to get taller by natural means.  
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