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NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Strategy 2010  2013  Towards a green and fair economy
The National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2010-2013 was adopted by the Interministerial ommittee for Sustainable Development on 2 uly 2010
This doument was first printed in uly 2010
1Our Common Future,1987. 2Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. 3Graham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.
Th es suatidved a denition ofopeRtresop8719ru Btlndd ant methaelopdvee rener feinmailsts i hihw tnempolehe tdeenfo s ste eht1 nbmeanelt - e thl- orpre p sent without ompromisin the abilit of future enerations to meet their own needs eetin the needs of humanit, now and in the future, without sarifiin the most deprived, is at the heart of this ambition o ahieve this, our teh -niues and oranisations will have to hane in order to use, protet and share our planets limited natural resoures better
ine the 199 Rio and  ohannesbur ummits, the international ommunit has raduall woen up to sustainable develop -ment issues and to the need to transform our ultural marers, our lifestles and our researh and development strateies
ll ountries have been invited to put toether sustainable development strateies to imple -ment oherent lobal poliies
n Frane, for the first time, the ational ustainable evelopment trate -8 , updated in  for reasons of ohe -rene with the uropean strate  , made sustainable development a omponent of publi ation
eision-maers and administrations showed onl modest interest ome enoed eplorin the ver onept of sustainable development for the first time, others wondered about its usefulness and how to turn it into realit he all felt that it would be a lon time before sustainable development would be effetivel inorporated into publi poliies
he ontet has haned radiall in the ensuin seven ears he phenomenon of limate hane at world sale, the renelle of nvironnement Roundtable in Frane and  the lobal eonomi and finanial risis have
aelerated the hane in mentalities, main sustainable development a shared priorit he ambitious oals set b resident aro in his onludin speeh at the renelle of nvironnement Roundtable on  Otober 7 and the introdution of the leislative framewor essential to turn them into realit have pushed our ountr into a new impetus that this seond national strate 1-1 is main onrete he eonomi risis whih has swept aross the world sine 8 has pluned the planet into reession for the first time sine orld ar  and ompelled ountries to wonder about the auses of imbalanes whih roed the eo -nomi and finanial sstems n the report submitted to the  member ountries durin the ondon ummit on  pril 9, Ottmar denhoffer2and ord iholas tern3underline that the world has to fae up to a dual risis « A structural economic crisis whih means imainin and eperimentin with a new deve -lopment model he immediate ause of this risis was the eplosion of the propert bubble and the ontration of redit, but its deep-seated roots are far wider - the imbalanes between the merian debt and the reserves of ountries whih finane it, intensified b the rowin aps in ompetitiveness and the inreased publi defi -its of developed ountries « An ecological crisis,of whih we’re diso-verin not onl the amplitude - aordin to the nterovernmental anel on Climate Chane CC, if we follow urrent trends, the averae world temperatures should inrease b  to °C over the net fift ears - but also its imminene hus, aordin to Ottmar denhoffer and ord iholas tern, iven the risin reenhouse as emissions and the planets inreasin inabilit to apture and seuester arbon, the ris assess -ment measured in the 7 tern Report should be reviewed upwards
he soial dimension must be added to these two rises he profound transformation of our oranisations and our prodution and onsumption patterns will involve all soiet staeholders Chanes of this nature mean that the onditions of soial aeptabilit and fair distribution of efforts that this assumes must be inorporated in the heart of proets and deisions he industrial and eonomi transitions must be supported b ivin soial and interenerational solidarities their rihtful plae, throuh reduin ineualities, omba -tin unemploment and inseurit, trainin, ris prevention and overnane
his risis undoubtl mars the end of a le, as analsed b of the onomi, oial and nvironmental Counil C in 94othin ould be worse than relain our efforts to ontrol the onsumption of ener and diversifiation of soures, thans to the reent drop in oil pries, as we saw between 198 and  followin the oil prie fall, or repeatin suh transressions in terms of ohe -sion when rowth returns n this ontet, the C alls for olletive and politial will throuh a hih-level national strate applied on the lon term, to implement firml a new development model5 he risis ures us to build a new model whih taes the reuirements of sustainable develop -ment into aount in the lon term t identifies new tas, enouraes us to ommit to the path of reatl-renewed rowth n most deve -loped ountries, within OC or at uropean level, reover plans and more lon-term wor both open up routes to a dearbonised eo -nom usin far fewer resoures
he ontet overnin this revision of our  reuires speial onsideration 
National Sustainable Development State 
e must respond rapidl to soial distress and unemploment b breathin new life into our ativit, mainl throuh a reener eonom without our hoies eopardiin the future Countries intervened stronl to limit the effets of the finanial risis he must now mae an unpreedented effort to re-balane the publi finanes sustainabl to prevent the rowin weiht of the publi debt and defiit weihin on future enerations he Frenh strate must therefore learl inlude the issue of sustainabilit of publi finanes he loi of interenerational solidarit is a foun -dation stone of sustainable development he Frenh strate is based on this priniple and therefore must avoid espeiall an new epen -diture not relatin to profitable investment for future enerations s stated in the budet bill for 1, the publi debt, whih was 7 of the  in 8, will reah 8 in 1 and 9 in 1 due to the emeren measures taen to tale the eonomi risis he slide in publi ependiture ould be a maor handiap for future enerations who would have to tae it on board to the detriment of their own development his onern has naturall underpinned the entire elaboration of this strate
he Frenh strate therefore sets out to main -tain the balane between the environmental, soial and eonomi aspets of sustainable development, to reonile the rihts of pre -sent and future enerations and to stru-ture the national and loal issues oherentl he ultural aspet is a deidin fator in this respet t must be taen into aount and inorporated throuh heritae, arhite-ture, aess to nowlede, information and ultural diversit if the ational ustainable evelopment trate 1-1 is to sueed
4Sustainale development and ecological footprint indicators  draft opinion sumitted  Philippe e Cléio rapporteur to the CESE a 9.. 5CESE opinion of 7 anuar 1 on the SS 9 1 – conclusion of the opinion.
in the ation - publi T la prse ihettru eota llses a ommon ar ehoporp e dedidadirstona sni dh eiostratei around or-estpoemtnp elev dleabintauss nwo rieht eruttruem sp th hel -otta erpvina d b a wide onsensus ts main purpose is to ensure the oherene and omplementarit of Franes international and uropean ommitments and national, ross-uttin and setorial poliies
B developin a dearbonised eonom usin far fewer resoures, the national strate is to mae Frane a maor plaer in the reen eonom, whih is, alone, ompatible with the development of emerin ountries, whilst pursuin a oal of soial ustie and euit t hines for this purpose on nine stratei hallenes, in line with our uropean ommitments, whih we must tae up to move towards a green and equitable economy
« susc nouspmatnibaeldna noittcudorp n,iothans to responsible onsumers and produers who tae the entire life le of produts and servies into aount
« the knowledge societyb developin information, lifelon trainin, eduation and aess to ulture and b inreased support for researh and innovation, whih onditions our ompetitiveness and therefore the durabilit of our eonomi and soial model
« governance, whih must mae it easier for us to adapt to the hane and help our soiet to evolve b involvin all staeholders
«climate change and energywhih demand reat riour and moderation in our onsumptions, the development of renewable eneries and the adaptation of territories b wathin over the situation of vulnerable people and ativities
«sustainable transport and mobilityb enourain modal shift, omplementarit and the least pollutin means of trans -port, b settin out to redue ommutin and develop pioneerin sstems meetin the needs of eonomi and eoloial effiien and soial ohesion
« conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity and natural resourcesb relin on improved nowlede - and reonition - of their ontribution to our most fundamental needs, on a more moderate and eo-innovative eonom, town plannin and oranisations
« public health, risk prevention and managementb pain speial attention to the ualit of environments and to potential soial ineualities
« demography, immigration and social inclusionwhih all have a deisive impat on the eonom and euilibrium of our soial protetion sstems, b settin out to ombat all elusions due to ae, povert, insuffiient eduation and trainin and b fousin on the multi-ultural aspet of the Frenh soiet
« the international challenges of sustainable develop -ment and the fight against global povertyb supportin the strenthenin of international overnane to better inorporate the reuirements of a sustainable development, b ontribu -tin to food and ener safet in the most deprived ountries
rtile 1 of the  uust 9 multi-ear plannin at on imple -mentin the renelle of nvironnement, nown as the First renelle t, states that the  put toether b the tate must be oherent with the uropean ustainable evelopment trate and developed in onuntion with national and loal eleted representatives, emploers, emploees and the ivil soiet, espeiall assoiations and foundations6n aordane with the priniples of sustainable development and in the spirit of the renelle of nvironnement, etensive disussions7too plae to wor out the 1-1 strate
Founded on the arhiteture of the uropean ustainable evelopment trate, the new  is shorter, more instru -tive and more stratei than its predeessor he maor india -tors from the uropean ustainable evelopment trate have been inserted to mae omparisons with uropean ountries easier and have been supplemented to produe sustainable development indiators8in line with the  stratei hoies and appliable at sub-national sale, where possible
o ensure its inlusion in national publi poliies, the tate departments will report annuall on  implementation to the nterministerial eleate for ustainable evelopment, and in aordane with rtile 1 of the First renelle t6, an annual report will be presented to arliament he soreboard for  indiators will be updated annuall and irulated widel
ustainable development is not a pre-determined ideal state to be ahieved but a onerted improvement proess, different aordin to eah ulture and its overall priorities whih aims to better interate the environmental dimension so that all itiens ain from its implementation  lose, effiient asso -iation of eolo and solidarit is at the heart of sustainable development issues and will be the fous of maor wor durin the 1-1 period
National Sustainable Development State 
6See appendices etract from irst Grenelle ct 9 97 of 89 rt. 1. 7See appendices. 8See appendices.
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