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U. S. Coast Guard Contact Ph.: Nearb CoastGuard Contact
Complete this page before voyage.Leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Coast Guard or other rescue organization, should you not return as scheduled.Do Not file this plan with the Coast Guard. Name oferson filin:Phone number:Description of Vessel Vessel Name:Color:Trim:Vessel Service:Vessel No:Length:Other info:Homeport:Make:Engine Type:Horsepower:No. Of Engines:Fuel Capacity:Voyage Leaving From:Time/Date: Goingto: Intended Route:Expected to arrive (time) andnot later than:(time) / return by:call the COAST GUARD, If not returned by:(time)or (local authority) Telephone numbers:
PFDsF tlashligh horAnc Other:
Flares / Type:Food Raft / Type:
Survival Equipment (check as appropriate)rrorMi P esaddl Dinghy
Smoke Signals Water EPIRB / Type:
Communication / Navigation Equipment MFOther: Radio VHFFMHF VHFFMDSC MFHF MMSI: hannels:nly Used Commo Frequencies/ C Cellular phone / Number:LORAN CRADARGPS Attach Passenger and Crew List
UNITEDSTATESCOASTGUARD SEARCH ANDRESCUEGROUPS 9 District– RCC (216) 9026117 Group Buffalo, NY 7168439527/25 Group Detroit, MI 3135689524 17 DistrictRCC Alaska Group Sault Ste Marie, MI 9066353236 (907) 4632000Group Grand Haven, MI 18004925983Grou Milwaukee,WI 414 7477181 s 13 DistrictRCC (206) 2207001 1 District– RCC(617) 2238555 Group Seattle, WA, 2062176000 Group Boston, MA 6172233201 Group Port Angeles, WA3604574404Group Moriches, NY 6313954405 Group Astoria, OR 5038616220 Group Long Island Sound, CT 2034684404 Group Portland, OR5032409301 GroupPortland, ME 2077670303 Group North Bend, OR5417569220 GroupSouthwest Harbor, ME 2072444326 Group Woods Hole, MA 5084573211 Telephone  1(800) 9828813 Activities, NY 7183544119 VHFFM radio  ch. 16 (156.8 MHz.) Cell phone*24 &*CG (Not all cell phones offer instant access to the Coast Guard. Contact the Coast Guard throughRCC, Norfolk,5 District(757) 3986231 the emerenc 911o erator.Group Philadelphia PA 2152714940 Activities Baltimore MD 4105762525 11 District RCC (808) 5412500Group Atlantic City NJ 6096772222  GroupFort Macon NC 2522474547 Group Humboldt Bay CA, 7078396100Group Hampton Roads VA 7574838567 Group San Francisco CA, 4153993400RSC San Juan, PuertoGroup Cape Hatteras NC 2529956410 Group Los Angeles CA, 8002218724  Rico Activites San Diego CA, 6196836320 (787)28920417 District RCC Miami,(305) 4156800 8 District– RCC (504) 5896225 Group Charleston, SC 843724 7616/17/18/19 14 District– RCC (808) 5412500 Group Corpus Christi, TX8008742143Group Key West, FL 3052928727/29 Group Galveston, TX 4097665620 Group Mayport, FL 9042477311/7312/7318 Group Lower Mississippi River (Memphis, TN) 901 5440555 Group Miami, FL3055354472 Group Mobile, AL 2514416211 r .P rr FL727 2474 Group New Orleans, LA5048466160 Group Ohio Valley (Louisville, KY) 18002537465 Group Upper Mississippi River (Keokuk, IA) 3195247511 RCC – Rescue Coordination Center RSC – Rescue Sub Center Group – Local SAR Mission Controller Prepared by the U.S.C.G. Passenger Vessel Safety / Mass RescueProgram. Rev. 10/2003