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Voyage plan

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Ajouté le : 21 juillet 2011
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U. S. Coast Guard Contact Ph.: Nearb CoastGuard Contact
Complete this page before voyage.Leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Coast Guard or other rescue organization, should you not return as scheduled.Do Not file this plan with the Coast Guard. Name oferson filin:Phone number:Description of Vessel Vessel Name:Color:Trim:Vessel Service:Vessel No:Length:Other info:Homeport:Make:Engine Type:Horsepower:No. Of Engines:Fuel Capacity:Voyage Leaving From:Time/Date: Goingto: Intended Route:Expected to arrive (time) andnot later than:(time) / return by:call the COAST GUARD, If not returned by:(time)or (local authority) Telephone numbers:
PFDsF tlashligh horAnc Other:
Flares / Type:Food Raft / Type:
Survival Equipment (check as appropriate)rrorMi P esaddl Dinghy
Smoke Signals Water EPIRB / Type:
Communication / Navigation Equipment MFOther: Radio VHFFMHF VHFFMDSC MFHF MMSI: hannels:nly Used Commo Frequencies/ C Cellular phone / Number:LORAN CRADARGPS Attach Passenger and Crew List