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Thinking of Growing Rich


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Thinking of Growing Rich? Have it on your mind each day? Every Day? Thinking constantly about what your life will be like when you are rich?
If so - you've taken the first positive step on your road to riches. That's the good news.
The bad news - is probably what you expected. It's going to take more than just thinking to grow rich. A lot more. But it is possible.
If you proceed with equal amounts of caution and information.
Just like growing a flower or vegetable garden, to grow your garden of riches, you must first plant the seeds. Nuture them. Water them. Protect them from weeds and pests.
And you must constantly be aware of weather conditions. One bad storm could wipe out your garden completely.
But, not to worry. Because Lifestyle Guru and Motivational Speaker Dan Prosper is not going to let that happen.
As he's done in this many previous books on wealth creation, in this one Dan shows you what seeds you need for your garden of riches.
And equally importantly,how and to water and nuture them to assure a bountiful harvest.
So listen and learn as Dan shows you how to start Thinking to Grow Rich.]]>



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