Booklist 2010 9-12 yrs - National Young Readers

Booklist 2010 9-12 yrs - National Young Readers' Programme ...


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Booklist 2010 9-12 yrs - National Young Readers' Programme ...



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National Young Readers’ Programme Recommended Booklist 2010 Recommended for aes 9  12 Cover SynopsisDetails Orphan Molly Moon dreams of being special oneMolly Moon’s Incredible day, and when she discovers a mysterious book onBook of Hypnotism hypnotism she finally gets her wish! The first in anG Byng exciting and humourous seriesISBN: 9780330399852of long chapter books recommended for confident readers.£5.99 Growing up, Ginger always felt an outsider, but nowGinger Snaps she’s swapped pigtails for hair straighteners and isC Cassidy best mates with Shannon – but for how long? AISBN: 9780141322124 touching tale about fitting in fortween readers. £5.99More insights into the crazy life of Clarice Bean –Clarice Bean, Don’t Look the story (like her life) rips along at a hectic pace,Now starting with a flooded bathroom! Plenty of humour,L Child but serious issues such as friends moving on alsoISBN: 9781846165078 make this agood pick for stronger readers. £6.99 Nineyearold Beezus tries to be patient with herThe Trouble with Ramona little sister Ramona, but she can be the mostand Beezus annoying, embarrassing sister in the world! ThisB Cleary new edition contains the first four Beezus andISBN: 9780192755216 Ramona books, now the subject of anew film. £6.99The story of Hiccup Haddock Horrendous III's riseHow To Train Your Dragonto fame, through his dragontraining exploits.C Cowell Packed withlively diagrams and jokesISBN: 9780340999073, this is a  popularchoice for older or more confident readers.£5.99 Another excellent example of astory told in verse,Love That Dog this book is great for less keen readers and tells theS Creech tale of Jack, who is encouraged to write a poemISBN: 9780747557494  abouta dog by his very creative teacher!£3.99Amir Khan recently won his first world title. ThisAmir Khan inspirational biographydoesn't pull any punches,A Croft relating how hard work took him from a small gym inISBN: 9781842997529  Boltonto being Britain's youngest boxing champ.£5.99Classic Dahltelling the story of the appalling MrThe Twits and Mrs Twit, and how the mugglewump monkeysR Dahl and the rolypoly bird hatch an ingenious plan toISBN: 9780141322759  givethem just the nasty surprise they deserve!£5.99 Thishumourous but goryillustrated murderThe Great Hamster mystery featuring two girl sleuths is a Waterstone’sMassacre Children’s Book Prizewinner, and is highlyK Davies recommended for 710 year old Dahl fans (but notISBN: 9781847385956 for particularly sensitive readers!)£5.99 The first of anexciting horror seriesfollowing theFang of the Vampire adventures of Luke Watson, a boy forced to moveT Donbavand to Scream Street after he transforms into aISBN: 9781406320602 £4.99werewolf, and his spooky new friends. The tale of Nobody 'Bod' Owens, raised by ghostsThe Graveyard Book in the graveyard after his parents are killed, and hisN Gaiman fight to avenge their murder. A beautifully illustratedISBN:9780747594802 story that has wonnumerous awards. £6.99  ©National Literacy Trust 1
National Young Readers’ Programme Recommended Booklist 2010 Recommended for aes 9  12 Cover SynopsisDetails Jimmy dreams of becoming a professionalThe Number 7 Shirt footballer and wearing the number 7 shirt like hisA Gibbons heroes. Designed fordyslexic or less confidentISBN: 9781842995365 readers, this includes facts about top players.£5.99 This ‘choose your own adventure’ book allows youStar Wars: Crisis on to join the characters fromStar Wars:The CloneCoruscant Warsand proveJ Greenyourself worthy of your Jedi training  or turn to the dark side! Includeslinks toISBN: 9781409390077 online animated scenes and games. £5.99One of a series of popular pocketsized editionsSimpsons Comic featuring America’s first family of fun. Even the leastExtravaganza keen readers should enjoy following the hilariousM Groening adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and MaggieISBN: 9781845767181 in thiscomic book. £4.99One of the famous andThe Great Picture Huntextremely popular Where’s Wally?series, this recent additionM Handford challenges readers to find bobblehatted Wally in aISBN: 9781406303827  rangeof everchanging artrelated scenes.£5.99A successful novel and film, this officialgraphic Stormbreaker(Graphic) novel adaptationof the film script is beautifullyA Horowitz, A Johnson etc. illustrated in a modern manga style. The fast paceISBN: 9781844281114  andclear visual clues appeal toless keenreaders. £7.99Handpicked from hundreds of short stories writtenSpookiest Stories over the last 20 years, thesespinechilling stories PJennings with a twist are perfect for less confident readersISBN: 9780670028917  andgreat for reading aloud at spooky sleepovers!£6.99When Carla's Grandpa dies, she and her siblingsSparks decide to give him the end he always wanted – aA Kennen Viking funeral, in a burning boat heading out to sea!ISBN: 9781407111087  Aquirky talefor more confident readers aged 9+.£6.99A fantastic book for all space and science fans, thisComic Strip History of Space relates the history of mankind’s fascination with theS Kindberg universe through a mixture of innovativecomicISBN: 9780747594321 styleillustrations and entertaining text.£6.99Incredibly popular in the US, theWimpy KidseriesDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The are now also popular films. The third in the seriesLast Straw carries on the story of nerdy Greg’s schoolbasedJ Kinney suffering in shortjournalstyle entries andISBN: 9780141324920 cartoons– great for less keen or confident readers.£5.99The latest in the series ofPleasant:wordofmouth Skulduggery bestsellersfeaturing an unusual detective and hisFaceless Ones adventurous sidekick Stephanie. ThrillaminuteD Landy action makes this a top choice for keener readers.ISBN: 9780007302161 £6.99The secondhilarious adventurestarring JiggyThe Killer Underpants McCue. Jiggy's new underpants won't come off! AsM Lawrence if that wasn't enough, they seem to give him aISBN: 9781408304013  peculiarsort of power over people…£5.99© National Literacy Trust2
National Young Readers’ Programme Recommended Booklist 2010 Recommended for aes 9  12 Cover SynopsisDetails The popularAlly's Worldseries covers commonCrushes, Cliques and the… issues for‘tween’ girlsK McCombiein a humourous way. In this story, Ally's geography field trip could be spoiledISBN: 9780439943475 when a gang from a rival school cause trouble.£4.99Afun and funky new seriescharting the hopes,Boy Band Blues dreams and schemes of the lively, loveable Lucy.K McKain Some older boys at school ask Lucy to help themISBN: 9780746066911 with the image for their band, and it's not long£4.99 before she develops a major crush on the lead guitarist. But is she just setting herself up for a giant dose of cringitis? Avampirethemed talefor aspiringTwilightMy Sister the Vampire: readers, or indeed anyone with a taste for horror.Switched When longlost twins Olivia and Ivy meet for the firstM Mercer time, they find they couldn’t be more different!ISBN: 9781405240864 £5.99A colourillustrated chapter book telling the tale ofKaspar Prince of Cats Kaspar, the Savoy Cat and the only cat to surviveM Morpurgo the sinking of the Titanic, from a former children’sISBN: 9780007267002 laureate. Good forless keen or confidentreaders.£5.99Written by a teacher and set in the weird world ofRibblestrop Ribblestrop School (where the motto is ‘Life isA Mulligan Dangerous’) this brilliantly unPC story ishighlyISBN: 9781847382306  recommendedfor keen and confident readers.£6.99Areassuring read for anxious children, thisStuff That Scares Your sciencebased book examines common fears (e.g.Pants Off! natural disasters, spiders, needles, darkness,G Murphy dentists, ghosts and monsters) and the statisticalISBN: 9780330477246 probabilities of bad things happening.£5.99Aninventive footballstory using an interviewKeeper between top football writer Paul Faustino and ElM Peet Gato, the world's greatest goalkeeper, to tell theISBN: 9781406328066 incredible story of the mysterious ‘Keeper’.£6.99One of a popular series ofCaptain Underpants and…comiclike chapter booksD Pilkey, in this story Captain Underpants assists the purple potty people with a preposterous plight! LotsISBN: 9781407103600 of activities make this good for less keen readers.£4.99When a train stalls at the mouth of a tunnel, a boy isTales from the Tunnel’s entertained by a fellow passenger, a mysteriousMouth woman in white with a stock ofsuperscaryC Priestley stories. Horror fans and less keen readers willISBN: 9781408800058 enjoy the shortstory format in this inventive book.£6.99Keen readers will enjoy thisdiarystyle storyset inChips, Beans and the fascinating world of Bathsheba Clarice de Trop,Limousines who struggles to distinguish real life from fantasy!L Rasheed Written by an exmember of the NYRP team.ISBN: 9780746090916 £5.99
© National Literacy Trust3
National Young Readers’ Programme Recommended Booklist 2010 Recommended for aes 9  12 Cover SynopsisDetails Bradley is considered a troublemaker by everyoneBoy in the Girls’ Bathroom except the new school counsellor, in this funny andL Sachar thoughtprovoking story usingquirky charactersISBN: 9780747589525 and gentle humour£5.99to examine being different.Car fans will love thisTop Trumps: Ultimate Carsphotographic, statisticpacked guideM Saundersto the world's most exciting cars. One of a fun series of books (including football starsISBN: 9781844253951 £4.99and sharks) recommended for less keen readers.Awellwritten serieswith popular pursuits in mind!Bethany’s Song In this story, as a new girl at the Marcia LaneH Skeet School of Drama and Dance, Bethany must proveISBN: 9780747587217 herself to be worthy of her scholarship.£4.99 Dahl fans will love thehilarious adventuresof aMr Gum & the Power parade of grotesque characters in this popularCrystals series set in Lamonic Bibber. In this fourth book, aA Stanton curse seems to have fallen on the town.ISBN: 9781405228176 £4.99Set in a hospital ward where 11 yearold Jack hasBeware Killer Tomatoes ended up following a tomatorelated accident, thisJ Strong funny storyby a popular author for this age rangeISBN: 9780141320588 is perfect for humour fans and less keen readers.£4.99Agripping and unusual ‘true life’style storyofDesperate Measures 14 yearold twins Vicky and Rhianna, who is brainL Summers damaged, and their fight to stay together when theirISBN: 9781848120501 £6.99foster parents find they can’t cope. Ages 12+.Hundreds ofhorribly hilarious historical jokesinHorribly Hilarious Joke Book one laughoutloud book make this a musthaveD Taylor item for anyHorrible HistoriesISBN: 9781407108377fan. Laugh your head off at this comical collection of nasty bits.£4.99At the top secret Higher Institute of VillainousH.I.V.E. Education, young criminal masterminds are taughtM Walden the skills necessary to become evil geniuses.ISBN: 9780747597216 Adventurous fun forstrong and older readers. £6.99Follow the adventures of the eccentric GlisterGlister & the Family Tree Butterworth, a ‘magnet for the weird and unusual’,A Watson in this first of a series ofgraphic novels aimed atISBN: 9781406320510 girls. £4.99This spiralbound title includesarty ideas of things50 Things to Draw and Paint to draw and paintF Wattsuch as an inky beetle, wax resist fish and landscape painting,ISBN: 9781409504955and is sure to keep children (and adults!) amused for hours.£6.99Stepbystep instructions, clear illustrations andChildren’s World Cookbookcultural information for more than40 simple andA Wilkes delicious recipesfrom around the world, from ThaiISBN: 9781409508991  chickenin coconut sauce to New York Cheesecake.Price: £6.99
© National Literacy Trust4
National Young Readers’ Programme Recommended Booklist 2010 Recommended for aes 9  12 Cover SynopsisDetails A retelling of the classic story of the heroic deeds ofKing Arthur and the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table,Knights of the Round Table illustrated in colour withstripcartoonsand speechM Williams bubbles to complement the clearly written text of theISBN: 9780744547924 stories. A good choice for less keen readers.£6.99When Violet’s new best friend Jasmine goes off withMidnight her brother Will, Violet decides to find the only otherJ Wilson person she thinks will understand  author CasparISBN: 9780440868545  Dream.A recommended title by apopular author. £5.99
© National Literacy Trust5