Facebook Accounts an Alternative to National eID in Daily Life?

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- Utimaco hosts the 5th National eID & ePass Conference in Berlin from October 28 to 29, together with Primekey and Multicert

More than 300 experts from the economic and administrative realms around the world will be discussing the latest issues surrounding digital IDs at the 5th National eID & ePass Conference. These include technical standards, new developments and trends, and societal as well as administrative experience with eID and ePass. One of the main topics will concern commercial user accounts for Facebook, Google and similar for authentication of people using third-party online services.

With its host of workshops and podium discussions, the conference focuses on the exchange of information and ideas across borders and across all areas of expertise, and on the discussion with one another, beyond national interests and proprietary standards. "In our globalized world, the people-with their consumer habits-and international corporations-with their processes-are caught in the middle of national regulations and interoperability," explains Andreas Philipp, Head of Sales CryptoServer for Utimaco. The main issues, therefore, are secure authentication and the question of trust in electronic identification and applications that eID and ePass leverage.

Hardware security modules (HSMs) featuring active tamper protection-like those by Utimaco-offer the technological basis all stakeholders need: From the manufacturers of eIDs to the managers of the infrastructure for border control to third-party service providers who use eIDs for authentication. The HSMs set off a chain reaction of trust; they cannot be manipulated and delete all data automatically and completely, even when it comes to the most clever hacking attempts. As a result, one of the conference's main topics will also center on technology: Which requirements will users demand of HSMs in the future and what do HSMs already offer today?

High-caliber representatives from the EU and various other countries, as well as representatives from public offices such as Bundesdruckerei, Germany's Federal Printing Office, or from the scientific realm such as Fraunhofer Institute, will be some of the speakers on hand-who also include journalists and business representatives. Utimaco's years-long partner, Primekey from Sweden, in particular, and the Portuguese provider of security solutions, Multicert, play a special role at all eID & ePass Conferences. After all, they are the ones who launched the conference five years ago and took Utimaco on board for hosting this conference in Germany.

Read more about HSMs as an anchor of trust for eID applications at hsm.utimaco.com and get all the conference details at http://www.eid-epass.org.

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