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Le service d'assainissement en France : principales données 2008. : 2008_ENG

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Paris. http://temis.documentation.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/document.xsp?id=Temis-0069349

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210 April 2011
Sewerage service in France: key data for 2008
The fourth survey on public water supply and ground in comparison with 2004. A quarter of the sewerage services for 2008 confirms the collection network, i.e. 95,000 km, is for continued development of collective sewerage stormwater only. by municipalities, covering 82% of dwellings in Two-thirds of connected household France. wastewater is subjected to tertiary treatment. While there has been a trend towards less Showing a sharp increase in relation to 2004, municipal organisation since 1998, internal mu- three-quarters of municipalities have introduced nicipal management appears to be regaining a public non-collective sewerage service.
Connection to collective networks continuing
The number of municipalities that have introduced The number of dwellings equipped with an a collective sewerage service (collection and/or individual sewerage system remains at around treatment) over at least a part of their area has been 5 million, whereas the number of dwellings connected increasing for 10 years. Only 32% of municipalities, to a treatment plant is continuing to increase: 82% of mainly small ones, did not have a collection network Frances dwellings were connected to a collective in 2008. system for collection and treatment in 2008.
Number of municipalities according to type of sewerage system
30 000
25 000
20 000
15 000
10 000
5 000
15 071
21 512
22 494
14 124
Without collection network
13 032
23 614
11 769
24 916
With collection network
Note: a municipality may have a collection network not connected to treatment plant. Source: SOeS/SSP, Water Survey 1998, 2001, 2004, 2008
Service de lobservation et des statistiques