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Undergraduate Mathematics Degree at Sussex 2007 (Some of) What are ...

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Undergraduate Mathematics Degree at Sussex 2007 (Some of) What are you going to learn in the next 3 (or 4) years Omar Lakkis Mathematics – University of Sussex – Brighton, England UK September 29, 2009 Week Zero O Lakkis (Sussex) Maths Degree Programme Sussex September 29, 2009 1 / 21
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The California Gold Rush as remembered by James Marshall and John Sutter Grade Level:Fourth Grade United States History Time Required: One ninety minute class timePart 1  Part2 Flexibledepending on images examined/ selected by teacherLesson Summary: Firstperson accounts from James Marshall and John Marshall are read by the students.Students then discuss the similarities and differences between the two accounts.Students record information on Venn diagram. Teacherleads discussion on why there might be discrepancies in their recollections.  Teacherthen shows images taken during Kern County gold fields.Students will analyze picture to gather information about what life was like in the gold fields.Images were collected from the archives of the Kern County MuseumObjectives: Thestudents will analyze first person accounts about the gold discovery in California as told by James Marshall and John Sutter.Students will compare and contrast accounts and discuss why there might be discrepancies if both men were there and telling what they remember.  Thestudents will analyze images from Kern County's gold fields.Using observations from the pictures draw conclusions about life in the gold fields. Key Terms: millwright one whose occupation is planning and building mills or setting up their machinery. baralong a shore or in a river often obstructing navigation.bank of sand a submerged or partly submerged tailingvarious products.residue separated in the preparation of tail race a channel in which mine tailings are floated off. iron pyrite a common mineral that shares the same color as gold on the MOHS scale. aqua fortis "strong water", a solution of nitric acid. apothecary onewho prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes. carat a unit of weight for precious stones. Ruse de Guerrereason for war Historical Background for the Teachers: The discovery of gold in California on January 24th, 1848 was made by James Marshall. Marshall was building a sawmill for John Sutter on the banks of the American River.This discovery was the impetus to an (c) CopyrightAmerican Institute for History Education, L.L.C.
amazing migration of people west from the east coast.James K. Polk made mention of it in his State of the Union speech in 1849.California quickly became a state because of this influx of American citizens.  Whatmost people don't know is that both James Marshall and John Sutter were bitter about the parts they played in history.Both men were unable to maintain any financial gain from their discovery and both men died penniless.  KernCounty played a major role in the gold rush of 1849.Gold was discovered in Kern County in 1852 and became one of the largest gold fields in the United States.The Yellow Astor mine being one of the most famous.
Anticipatory Set: I. Teacher hands out Marshall's and Sutter's accounts ofthe Gold Discovery in California.  A.Students read both accounts as a group and discuss any language that needs to be clarified Do Now Activity: II. Students complete Venn Diagram  A.A class record is then created using students responses.  B.Any discrepancies in responses are then discussed. Assessment: Students will identify at least three discrepancies in the accounts and have an understanding of how when history is left to recollection there is a chance that information may be misrepresented. Extension: Students will examine pictures of the Kern County gold fields and record their impressions and observations and then compare and contrast them with other students observations. Resources: James Marshall's account John Sutter'saccount Power Point with images of Kern County Gold Fields Venn Diagram Marshall/Sutter Brainstorm sheet Author of Lesson: Mark Prow
(c) CopyrightAmerican Institute for History Education, L.L.C.
(c) CopyrightAmerican Institute for History Education, L.L.C.