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Evanston restaurants by cuisine

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2002-03 Pro Forma Evanston Restaurants by Cuisine Introduction When you have had it with the food offerings of Kafé Kellogg, Evanston offers a huge variety of meal options – from Thai to pizza to Mexican. Armed with these guides to dining in Evanston, you should be able to fulfill all your food cravings.
American Buffalo Joe’s The Chicken Shack Clarke’s Coaches’ Corner Davis Street Fishmarket Firehouse Grill FlatTop Grill Jilly s Café KFC La Rosa Lucky Platter Mike’s Drive Inn Noyes Street Café Pete Miller’s Philly’ Best s Prairie Joe s Prairie Moon SherMain Grill Sherman Restaurant The Stained Glass Stir Fire Grill Tommy Nevin’s Wiener and Still Champion Wolfgang Puck The 1800 Club Burgers, Chicken & Dogs Buffalo Joe’s Burger King Chicago Style Carryouts The Chicken Shack DD Dogs Homer’s McDonald’s Mike’s Drive Inn Mustard’s Last Stand BBQ Hecky’s
Buffalo Joe s Merle’s Breakfast & Brunch Blind Faith Café Clarke’s Davis Street Fishmarket Dixie Kitchen Einstein Bagels International House of Pancakes Le Peep Lucky Platter Panera Bread Roxy Café Walker Bros Pancake House Chinese China Chef Cozy Noodles and Rice Joy Yee’s Mandarin House May Wah Panda Express Phoenix Inn Pine Yard Ying Yang’s Orient Express Family/Kids Spots Carmen s Clarke s Cross Rhodes Homer s Le Peep Walker Bros Pancake House French Betise Jilly’s Café Oceanique Trio
Greek Cross Rhodes Golden Olympic Ice Cream & Desserts Baskin Robbins J.K. Sweets Indian Mount Everest Sher-a-Punjab Italian Café Luciano La Campagnola Michelini s Roxy Café Trattoria Demi Va Pensiero Japanese Kuni’s Daruma New Japan Kamakura Sushi Arigato Mexican/Tex-Mex Lindo Mexico Chipotle Mexican Grill L it ’ up a s That Little Mexican Café Taco Bell Middle Eastern Olive Mountain Line Dance
Name ( 8 4 7 ) Carmen’s Pizza Chicken Shack Domino’s Pizza Gigio’s
Evanston - Restaurants
Pizza Carmen’s La Rosa Panino’s Domino s Papa John’s Gigio’s Pizza Hut Giordano’s Pizza Fanario Sandwiches & Deli Al’s Deli Blind Faith Café Panera Bread Jimmy John’s Subway J.K. Sweets Potbelly Spanish Tapas Barcelona Thai Blue Sapphire Ruby of Siam LuLu’s Noodle Dee Thai Sookdee Noodle Garden Vegetarian (most serve non-veggie, too) Blind Faith Café Lucky Platter Flat Top Grill 24 Hours Burger King
Evanston Delivery Services Cuisine Phone Pizza 328-0031 Chicken/Fish 328-9360 Pizza 328-1011 Pizza/Sandwiches 328-0990
2002-03 Pro Forma Hecky’s BBQ BBQ 492-1182 Name Cuisine Phone ( 8 4 7 ) Jimmy John’s Sandwiches 328-8858 La Rosa Pizza/Pasta/Chick 328-7800 Lindo Mexico Mexican 475-3435 Lulu’s Asian 869-4343 Merle’s Barbecue BBQ 475-7766 Michelini’s West Restaurant Pizza/Pasta 475-7886 Mount Everest Indian/Nepalese 491-1069 Noodles Dee Thai Thai 733-9100 Noodle Garden Thai 332-2775 Olive Mountain Middle Eastern 475-0380 Panino’s Pizza Italian 475-6200 Papa John s Pizza 475-7272 Philly’s Best Subs/Salad/Pizza 733-9000 Phoenix Inn Chinese 475-7782 Pizza Hut Pizza 733-7300 Potbelly Sandwich Works Sandwiches 328-1800 Ruby of Siam Thai 492-1008 Thai Sookdee Thai 866-8012 That Little Mexican Café Mexican 328-7411 Trattoria Demi Italian 332-2330 Ying Yang Orient Express Chinese 869-9464 Evanston Restaurant Guide Evanston price B - breakfast served*- open late night range key for an L - lunch served A - alcohol served average dinner D - dinner served BYO - bring your own alcohol entree: R - reservations recommended- Kellogg recommended $ Al’s Deli $1301 Chicago  under $6.00B, L,31 Flavors! $$(847) 475-9400Betise $$$$ $6.00 to $12.00914 Noyes (between ShermanL D, A, R , $$$8(74 )8d53i-l1 7s1n1i tofe ont es bhe)elpaM d si sihTan $12.00 to $20.00aL l ,og5151ehS draarvi ytne,i offering a wideevPElnaaztas ndoe $$$$heic hs,emome adWiest lfmoUw dtneaerdeetr tnh  posnudFs atunposioh  sbii rteIn c. e-rafs tirloe over $20.00 Specialties include rack of fare. pop- very ular among locals and is usually lamb and roasted chicken with quite busy, so expect a line. Open pommes frites (i.e., french fries). 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Closed Wed. It’s expensive, but worth it. A Baskin Robbins $great place for a date or anniver-L, D, *sary. Also has space for semi-pri-(847) 328-3113 vate functions for up to 32 people.
Evanston - Restaurants Blind Faith Cafe $$cuisine. Rigatoni with tomato cream sauce, B, L, D, Asweet sausage and pancetta is the house (847) 328-6875 special The wait staff is especially friendly. . 525 Dempster (between Chicago and Hinman) $$ Pizzeria tonCarmen’s of E They must think you ARE blind by the vans prices they charge, but it’s one of (L,8 4D7,)* ,3 2A8-0031 Chicagoland’s leading vegetarian restau- 1012 Church (and Oak) rants. Portions are typically sizable and very filling (not a lot of rice cakes or sprouts here) Good pasta and thin-crust pizza, but do your-but avoid the beans late at night – they get self a favor and get the Kellogg favorite stale. Hot tip: the non-veggie breakfasts areswp oi nrtahc h it,s tuefsfpeed cipalilzyz a.t heP reCmairumm e  np sr icSeps ecbiualt. much cheaper. There is both a dining room Great for families and groups. Three private and counter service café. party rooms are available, one with dance flo or. Blue Sapphire $ L, D - $$Chef’s Station (847) 475-9374 ($8$4 7 )   L5,7 0D-,9C8,2 1A 1709 Benson (and Church) (betw on and Maple) An unremarkable Thai restaurant which has 915 Davis een Bens a wide offering of Thai and other Asian dish-rWesotratuhr aa nvti shiit.d dAenn  euclnedcetirc t hEeu rMopeteraan -ststaytilen, es in a modern setting. Great after a workoutopinions of the food are consistently good at the EAC! o , Buffalo Joe’s $holtaytlmeep rsia ppraneufgohr othe chefs t  L, D, A, *noS ln yta.pener odinn noM dna nuS dnan. otlo Cd se (847) 328-5525 812 Clark (and Sherman)Chicago Style Carryouts $ Renowned for their great Buffalo wings with (L,8 4D7,)A475-1186 a spice range to satisfy all tastes, teriyaki chicken, baked potatoes with toppings,1G6o3o3d ,O crhrienagpt goynr (oas nadn dD Iatvailsi)an sausage serv d burgers, and soups. Very reasonable pricesby a friendly Greek propior who will n eot and pleasant service. til ’ r et ” un Burger King $to.  gus rro c (yy tlec )so-reehtiw dnayouve prnouocnde ygors ly teo uoredr B, L, D, * (847) 864-9199The Chicken Shack $ 1740 OrringtonL, D, * Open all night. Youll be sure to run into(1894275)  R3i2d8g-e9 3(6b0etween EmersodGa someone who lives in McManus or that cute n an rnett undergraduate you’ve had your eye on. Place) Convenient ATM. Serves southern fried chicken and fish in a real shack! One student a com-Café Luciano $$ihkcne ,rfei,ss lanced meal of cw,lalpab ylete, esitwrr fo4 $ L, D, R, A (847) 864-6060 & white bread. You’ll feel like an underg rad 2676 Green Bay paying these prices. Call ahead because it’s a Lively Italian bistro-style restaurant witht1a5k-e2 0it  hmoinmuet ew iwtha ity.o uT.h  e Alasmo bhiaasn fcree nsuchc kfsr,i esso, very good food and generous portions. The onion rings and fried mushrooms. Friendly menu includes over 20 pasta dishes and a mix of other northern and southern Italian service, delivery for $2. Closed Sun.