Catalogue sur la Nouvelle Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
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Catalogue sur la Nouvelle Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

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33 pages


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The new 911 Carrera GTS
The new 911 Carrera GTS 6 Drive 12 Chassis 22 Safety 28 Comfort 34 Model range 44 Personalisation 46 Summary 58 Technical data 60
Walter Röhrl,two-times world rally champion ‘As widTe ahs aeT urbnoeandwa s s9ha1rp1as aCGTarthree91r1aCa rreGraTGTSS has all the racing genes of Porsche and is 100 percent 911.’ Since 1963, the sportscar world has talked about three numbers: 911. Today, we’re talking about three letters: GTS. The 911 Carrera is renowned for Now, the time has come to day-to-day driving. The result is being an unadulterated sports- reaffirm the definition of the tangible, visible, and immediate -car. The engine is positioned 911. In other words, to speak in ly accessible. low down in the rear. The car’s plain language with a strong silhouette is distinctive, the argument and three letters that The new 911 Carrera GTS design is unmistakable. cannot be misunderstood: GTS. models. Whether in Coupé or Cabriolet form, the fact Since 1963, the 911 concept They combine two strengths: remains the same. They are has been the source of much the emphatic sportiness of a the sportiest 911 Carrera inspiration. Some ideas made 911 Carrera S model and models that we’ve ever built. it only as far as the drawing performance that you would board, before being shelved. expect to find only on the  racetrack, with the ability for 7
Engineering. Design. The new 911 Carrera GTS. Yet, there has been no increase The optional Sport Chrono Three words are enough to The rear end is just as expres -More power. Maximum torque is in fuel consumption or emissions. Package Plus is the essence of make a clear statement: athletic, sive. Compared with the reached earlier. An even faster This is not a contradiction, but a motorsport, offering an even muscular, powerful. The look of 911 Carrera S, the body is throttle response and even combination of dynamics and more dynamic tuning of the the new 911 Carrera GTS models 44 mm wider at the rear axle better acceleration. An even efficiency, of sportiness and chassis and engine setup. In leaves no room for doubt. They and the rear track has been sportier driving experience. everyday practicality. In short, it conjunction with the optional are models of clarity. widened by 32 mm for greater These are the most compelling is our understanding of the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), roll stability and improved attributes compared with the sportscar concept. We call it the Sport Chrono Package Plus Let’s get straight to the detail, turn-in. The 911 Carrera GTS 911 Carrera S models. Porsche Intelligent Performance. delivers a further improvement beginning with the dynamically models are fitted with 19 -inch in acceleration: 4.2 seconds accentuated cooling air intakes RS Spyder wheels featuring The figures say it all. The upra- Increased performance, with for the Coupé and 4.4 seconds in the front apron and the a central locking device. Until ted 3.8-litre flat-six engine with ideas that drive us forward – for the Cabriolet. Gear changes additional spoiler lip with a now, this racing wheel design direct fuel injection (DFI) now a principle that also reflects take place in milliseconds, black painted finish. These are was exclusive to the 911 Turbo. delivers 300 kW (408 hp), 23 hp our approach to the chassis with no interruption in the flow distinctly sporty characteristics, The black painted finish on more than the 911 Carrera S. and to safety. Both models are of power. Together, this spells with components that have the centre spokes is also an The Coupé model completes the equipped as standard with 911 Carrera GTS. been optimised in the Porsche unmistakable reference to 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint Porsche Active Suspension wind tunnel to improve aero- motorsport, and a clear signal in 4.6 seconds, the Cabriolet in Management (PASM) and dynamic efficiency. On the sides of the driver’s racing mentality. 4.8 seconds. Porsche Stability Management of the vehicle, black sideskirt (PSM). trims are a bold indication of the performance in store. 8
At Porsche, sound will always Whilst the 911 Carrera GTS The three -spoke ‘SportDesign’ stresses of heavy use. Just be crucial to the design concept. models are part of the 911 range, steering wheel is not only like the sports seats, which The sports exhaust system is they explore a different direc - standard, it is exclusive to the offer firm lateral support in any characterised by audible and tion. As an expression of this new 911 Carrera GTS models. driving situation. also visible hallmarks: powerful, individuality, the air filter casing, It is both minimalist and func -resonant and unadulterated. rear end, door sill guards and tional, for even sportier appeal. The greatest challenger in sport The tailpipes have a nanocoated, doors all carry the ‘Carrera GTS’ is, ultimately, oneself. This was polished finish on the inside, and logo. Materials are important. They the starting point for our devel -a black painted finish on the out - make a distinct first impression: opment of the 911 Carrera GTS side. For contrast, the rear trim The interior focuses on the excellent functionality and models. We have made them panel between the tailpipes is essentials. These models are an authentic motorsport feel. leaner and more muscular, giv -also finished in black. all about sport, so there is no Alcantara – non -slip, washable ing a more distinctive contour. place for unnecessary weight. and easy to maintain – covers Such as the rear seats, which the steering wheel, the gear we have deleted from the Coupé and handbrake levers, the seat model. If you think differently, it centres and, in the Coupé, is available to order at no extra the rooflining. This material is cost. designed to cope with the 11
August Achleitner,Director Product Line Carrera ‘It has a truly insatiable urge for acceleration, but wiDthr40i8vhpe at the rear axle and such a tremendous amount of grip, that’s no surprise.’ Words aren’t that important when something speaks to you from the soul. Engine. The message is clear and Maximum torque is 420 Nm The throttle response is even unmistakable: force, power and both models achieve a top more direct and acceleration is and dynamics. With direct fuel speed of 190 mph (306 km/h). even sportier. The engine power injection (DFI) and VarioCam The Coupé accelerates from is 23 hp higher than that of the Plus, the uprated 3.8 -litre six- 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 911 Carrera S. This was made cylinder rear engine of the 4.6 seconds, the Cabriolet in possible by the redesigned new 911 Carrera GTS models 4.8. The optional Porsche intake manifold, the modified generates 300 kW (408 hp) at Doppelkupplung (PDK) further cylinder heads and the opti -7,300 rpm. improves acceleration, reducing mised engine electronics. these times to 4.4 and 4.6 sec -onds respectively. 13
Intake manifold. Direct fuel injection (DFI). Take a deep breath. The These valves enable the system efficient by a flow -optimised Efficiency is about getting more The spray and cone angles 911 Carrera GTS models are to switch between power- and intake duct. The cooling system from less, and direct fuel injec - have been optimised for torque, fitted with a variable resonance torque -optimised geometries has been adapted to the tion (DFI) is fitted as standard. power output, fuel consumption intake system featuring six for all six air intake tracts to increased engine output. With millisecond precision, and emissions, thus ensuring switchable, vacuum -controlled produce even higher torque in DFI injects fuel at up to 120 bar homogeneous distribution of valves. the mid -rev range. The improved directly into the combustion the air/fuel mixture and, conse -charging of the combustion chamber by means of electro - quently, efficient combustion. chamber is made even more magnetically actuated injection valves. 14
VarioCam Plus. In the direct injection system, This strategy achieves faster VarioCam Plus is a variable The timing of each valve is step - retard valve timing. At medium the EMS SDI 3.1 engine manage - heating of the catalytic con- valve timing system on the lessly and electrohydraulically revs and low engine loads, the ment system adjusts the injec- verters after a cold start and inlet side which also features controlled by means of a rotary lower valve lift setting is select -tion timing individually for each produces greater torque in the two-stage valve lift. This allows vane adjuster. ed and timing advanced in order cylinder and the injection quanti - upper load range. even smoother running with to reduce fuel consumption ty for each cylinder bank. This comparatively efficient fuel For optimum responsiveness and emissions. The higher lift optimises both the combustion DFI improves the internal cool - consumption and low emissions during the warm -up phase, setting produces high torque curve and fuel consumption. ing of the combustion chamber – yet with greater power and VarioCam Plus will select the and even more power output. A hot-film air mass meter takes by forming the mixture directly torque. higher valve lift setting and care of the airflow, so that the in the cylinder. This has made it combustion chambers contain possible to increase compres - This two -in-one engine concept exactly the right mixture at all sion (12.5:1), resulting in more seamlessly adapts in response times. engine power and even greater to driver input. The result efficiency. is instant acceleration and Dual injection is implemented extremely smooth running . at engine speeds of up to Injection is regulated by the 3,200 rpm and triple injection electronic engine management up to 2,500 rpm. The required system. The exhaust gas quantity of fuel is distributed cleaning system ensures that to two or three successive emissions remain below the injection processes per cycle. strict limits of the Euro 5 emis -sion standard, thus helping to protect the environment. 15
Integrated dry-sump lubrication. Integrated dry -sump lubrication from the cylinder heads directly To reduce drive losses and The result is an optimised oil For the engine, these detailed ensures a reliable supply of oil into the oil sump. A fifth pump increase efficiency, an electronic supply appropriate to require - solutions mean a consistent even when a sporty driving style in the oil sump directly supplies on-demand oil pump is used. ments, lower fuel consumption supply of oil regardless of gravi -is adopted. It also has additional the lubricating points in the This means that the oil pump and reduced emissions. tational loads, even in the most cooling functions. engine. is operated at high power when demanding track conditions. there is high demand and at Single-jet piston spray nozzles The oil tank is located in the To prevent foaming, the oil is low power when there is low cool the piston crowns with oil engine, thereby eliminating the channelled through cylinders demand. from the main lubrication circuit need for an external oil tank. known as swirlpots. In this – another detailed solution that Four oil pumps remove the oil way, optimum lubrication is helps to reduce the thermal guaranteed at all times. load on the engine. 16
Engine cooling system. Ignition system. DFI and VarioCam Plus enable a The ignition system is a static tremendous amount of power to high-voltage system. Each be produced with comparatively individual spark plug has a low emissions, fuel consumption separate ignition coil, ensuring and noise. The same applies to excellent combustion every our efficient cross -flow cooling time. system, as used in motorsport.
Sports exhaust system. 90-litre fuel tank. If you want to be heard, it’s bet - output during normal driving to To increase the distance that ter to speak forcefully rather a distinctly more aggressive your vehicle can cover on a than loudly. tone during performance use. tank of fuel, an optional fuel The sports exhaust system is tank with a refill volume of The sports exhaust system activated using a button on the 90 litres is available in place follows this principle. Fitted as centre console. of the 67-litre tank fitted as standard in the 911 Carrera GTS standard. models, it makes the typical The look, like the acoustics, has Porsche sound even more pow - a clear accent. The tailpipes are erful, even more resonant, and painted black on the outside, even more sporty. and are polished on the inside. They are also nanocoated, The sound varies with driving which makes them particularly behaviour, ranging from a robust easy to clean. 19
Precise actions hit the mark sooner. The same is true of our transmission concepts. Six-speed manual gearbox. Porsche Doppelkupplung  (PDK).  Accurate and involving: the six - PDK is available as an option for helps to reduce fuel consump - (input shaft 1 is nested inside PDK and the manual gearbox speed manual gearbox is the the new 911 Carrera GTS mod - tion even further. PDK is essen - the hollowed -out input shaft 2). deliver power directly to the link to each and every gear. els. Gear changes take place in tially two half gearboxes in one The flow of power from the road. With the optional Sport The cable -operated gearshift milliseconds, for vastly improved and thus requires two clutches – engine is only ever transmitted Chrono Package Plus (p. 26), unit is designed for optimum acceleration and lower fuel con - designed here as a double wet through one half gearbox and you can make it even more progression through the gears sumption. clutch transmission. one clutch at a time, while the direct, and even sportier. With a and the gear lever is insulated next gear is preselected in the rush of adrenaline and euphoria, from the engine and gearbox. In total, PDK has seven gears at This double clutch provides an second half-gearbox. During you are straight into the action. With minimal resistance, the its disposal. Gears 1 to 6 have a alternating, non positive connec- a gear change, therefore, a gear lever throw is short and sports ratio, with the top speed tion between the two half gear - conventional shift no longer precise, enabling a rapid gear - being reached in 6th gear. The boxes and the engine by means takes place. Instead, one clutch shift action and positive 7th gear has a long ratio and of two separate input shafts simply opens and the other response. closes at the same time. 20
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