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European CommissionTravellingin Europe2001! No border controlsThere are no customs or tax checks on baggage and goods carried by peopletravelling within the European Union.Travellers may now cross any border within the EU by any means of transport —car, aeroplane, train or boat — without being subject to customs checks.In addition, identity checks on people of any nationality crossing the borders ofcountries implementing the Schengen Agreement have been abolished. These1are Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, France ( ), Italy,Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland and Sweden. Norwayand Iceland also belong to the Schengen Area but only implement identitychecks and not luggage checks.1( ) France is temporarily applying an exception clause to its borders with Belgium andLuxembourg.! PassportSince 1985, passports issued by the EU Member States have been producedaccording to a standard format and with a burgundy cover.! Driving licenceDo not forget your driving licence: it is valid in all Member States of the European Union. It is also valid if you move to another Member Stateuntil its expiry date (except, of course, if the expiry date of driving licences in the country you move to is shorter — so find out!). The local authorities will renew your driving licence in exchange for your original licence.2!



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