Increasing Revenue, Volume and Capacity by Marketing Digital Mammography and a Mammography Breast Cushion
American College of Healthcare Executives 50th Annual Clinical Congress on Healthcare Leadership March 19–22, 2007  New Orleans, LA
Jewish Hospital Medical Center East Louisville, Kentucky Authors: Shelley R. Neal, President and CEO Rob Murphy, MBA, Director of Diagnostic Services/Medical Imaging Marty Hornback, Manager of Medical Imaging
Background At Jewish Hospital Medical Center East (JHMCE), we sought to maximize our investment in digital mammography and increase patient volume to offset the additional costs. We found that while digital technology can greatly expand capacity, digital alone is not sufficient to attract enough patients to take advantage of that capacity. Not only do women already expect medical centers to have the latest technology, anecdotal evidence from some breast center administrators has indicated that women often do not understand the difference between analog and digital equipment. Studies show that marketing the benefits of a more comfortable mammogram can increase patient volume and revenue because women respond positively when 1,2,3 their needs for personal comfort are addressed.Thus, we adopted a ® mammography comfort aid—the MammoPadbreast cushion—to help increase volume and offset the additional cost of digital. The breast cushion has been proven in several studies to reduce mammographyrelated discomfort by 50 percent for three out of four 4,5 women. Inaddition, the cushion has been shown to help increase tissue acquisition and 6,7,8 compression force. Digital mammography provides both clinical and competitive advantages for breast centers.
® 2004: Premarketing digital and MammoPad ® 2006: Postmarketing digital and MammoPad
Clinical advantages of digital mammography include:
 Enhanceddiagnostic accuracy for certain patient populations, such as women with dense breast tissue, women with breast implants, and 9 women with known breast abnormalities.
 Abilityto transmit images to a consulting expert via the Web
 Abilityto manipulate images
Competitive advantages include two marketable factors that increase convenience for patients:
 Fastercompletion of exams
 Lesschance a retake will be needed