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NEW DIM 2010Q4 2010May31 FS FINAL with audit report

52 pages
NEW DIMENSION RESOURCES LTD. A NORTHAIR GROUP COMPANY 2010 ANNUAL REPORT yyy Letter to the Shareholders Over the past year, your Company carried out several initiatives to strengthen its cash position and reduce financial expenditures related to non core assets. These actions will allow New Dimension to focus on advancing its properties that have the greatest potential for significant discovery; most notability the Cenepa gold property, located in northern Peru, and held through Minera NDR Peru. The Company believes that the Cenepa land position, bordering the Kinross Condor Project in Ecuador, is one of the most promising for discovery of mineralization on trend and proximal to the Condor Project and the exciting Fruta del Norte gold deposit. NDR Peru has made progress on gaining full title on its Cenepa property concessions, now holding title to seven key concessions, with title for the remaining concessions anticipated shortly. NDR Peru is also working diligently with various stake holders and has engaged a group of individuals associated with the local community to serve as its liaison and scouting party with the objective of identifying access routes and possible mineral occurrences. Initial prospecting thus far has been encouraging. Results from stream sampling carried out earlier this year during the initial reconnaissance program outlined a moderate gold anomaly through a portion of the Cenepa ...
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