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Information technology and telecommunications
Medical and biological research
Target audience: Specialised/Technical
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Framework Programme 7 (2007-2013) Researc nrasrucures projes
Summary:plays an mporan role n le scences (bo-NMR), and srucural NMR bology n parcular, a bo European and nernaonal levels. he man objecve o s projec s o opmse and exend e use o e NMR Researc Inrasrucures o EU-NMR roug e mplemenaon o an e-Inrasrucure n order o provde e European bo-NMR user communy w a plaorm negrang and sreamlnng e compuaonal approaces necessary or bo-NMR daa analyss (e-NMR). he e-NMR nrasrucure wll be based on e Grd nrasrucure.
Objectives:he projec wll ackle e ollowng objecves: ) esabls a uman collab-oraon nework beween e bo-NMR and e e-Inrasrucure scenic communes; ) assess e sae-o-e-ar o e compuaonal aspecs o bo-NMR; ) mplemen and make avalable sae-o-e-ar compuaonal meods. A broad range o nework-ng acves wll ocus on monorng, dssemnaon and oureac, ranng, ands-on worksops. he developmen and enorcemen o operaonal and organzaonal scemes and polces wll also be addressed.
Action plan:In e irs year, e servce acves wll nvolve manly e deploymen o e e-NMR grd nrasrucure. In e meanme, seleced ools wll be made aval-able or remoe usage, wle e neworkng and jon researc acves wll creae a reerence or e sarng o daa and applcaons no only among e projec members bu also w sotware users and developers ousde e presen parnersp. Use-cases and es daa ses wll be assembled or e applcaons a wll consue e e-NMR plaorm wc wll be made avalable also roug e e-NMR daabase. he resulng daabase wll no only conan e use-cases bu wll also be a reposory or daa gen-eraed/elaboraed wn e-NMR servce acves. New mddleware componens wll specically be desgned or e needs o e-NMR and e Grd Operaon Cener wll be se up enablng ull exploaon o e grd nrasrucure. In e las year o acvy, e projec efors ocus on e negraon w EGEE.
Networking activities:A broad range o neworkng acves wll ocus on monorng, dssemnaon and oureac, ranng, and ands-on worksops, n order o maxmze e collaboraon w and mpac on e nernaonal bo-NMR and e-Scence com-munes. Dssemnaon and ranng acves wll also conrbue o spreadng e use o bes compuaonal pracces n e European scenic communy. he developmen and enorcemen o operaonal and organzaonal scemes and polces, wc s cru-cal or e mplemenaon o e plo NMR-Grd nrasrucure, wll also be addressed wn e neworkng acves o e projec.
Service activities: Accesso e-NMR wll provde users w all o e beneis o bo-NMR n an negraed manner and requrng only mnmal efors or e se-up o cal-culaons. NMR Vrual Organzaon(s) wll be seup o suppor e bo-NMR scen-ic communy. he esablsmen o a VO dedcaed o bo-NMR o adap common compuaonal proocols and o esabls a oroug neroperably among dferen laboraores. he e-NMR servce acves wll no only resul n an ncrease o e qual-y and quany o access o bo-NMR nrasrucures by e curren pool o users, bu wll also encourage access by new user groups, rom dscplnes more ar rom molecular specroscopy/bopyscs (.e. closer o “pure” bology).
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Project acronym:e-NMR
Project n°:RI-213010
Project type:CPCSA
Start date:01/11/2007
Duration:36 mons
Total budget:2 766 650 €
Funding from the EC:2 050 000 €
Total funded effort in person-month:325
Web site:www.e-nmr.eu
Contact person: Pro. Harald Scwalbe emal: scwalbe@nmr.un-rankur.de el.: +49 69 79829737 ax.: +49 69 79829515
Project participants: BMRZ DE CIRMMP IT BCBR NL INFN DE
Keywords: EU-NMR, Le Scences, Proen, DNA, RNA
Collaboration with other EC funded projects: EU-NMRNMR-Le