Sustainable Development
440 pages

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Sustainable Development , livre ebook


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440 pages
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For business to flourish, society must flourish. In today's global economy, business serves the common good not only by producing goods and services but also by reaching out to the many who are not even in the market because they lack marketable skills and the resources to acquire them. Sustainable Development: The UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN Global Compact, and the Common Good contains twenty-two essays that document the work of Western companies, working through the UN Global Compact and its Principles of Responsible Investment and the Principles for Responsible Management Education, to shape more peaceful and just societies. Seven case studies by leading businesses and private-public partnerships—including Microsoft, Merck, Sumitomo Chemical, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Novartis, and Levi Strauss—outline their projects, especially those advancing the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) designed to alleviate dire poverty. Twelve chapters reflect on some of the conceptual issues involved with the MDGs, and the three concluding essays examine the future of the UN Global Compact, of the Millennium Development Goals, and of the role of business enterprise in society.



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Date de parution 30 avril 2014
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Langue English
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T H e J o H n W . H o u c k Notre Dame Series in Business Etics
he UN Millennium Development Goals,
te UN Global Compact, and te Common Good
edited by
University of Notre Dame Press Notre Dame, Indiana
cOpyrigt ©  by uNivErsity Of nOtrE DamE nOtrE DamE, INdiaNa  www.UNdprEss.Nd.EdU
All Rigts REsErvEd
MaNUfaCtUrEd iN tE uNitEd StatEs Of AmEriCa
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
SUstaiNablE dEvElOpmENt : tE un MillENNiUm DEvElOpmENt GOals, tE un GlObal cOmpaCt, aNd tE COmmON gOOd / EditEd by olivEr F. Williams, c.S.c.  pagEs Cm  INClUdEs iNdEx.  ISBn:  (pbK. : alK. papEr)  ISBn:  (pbK. : alK. papEr)  ISBn:  (EbOOK) . SOCial rEspONsibility Of bUsiNEss—casE stUdiEs. . SUstaiNablE dEvElOp mENt—SOCial aspECts—casE stUdiEs. . eCONOmiC dEvElOpmENt—DEvElOpiNg COUNtriEs. . POvErty—DEvElOpiNg COUNtriEs. . PUbliC Ealt—DEvElOpiNg COUNtriEs. I. Williams, olivEr F.  HD.S   .'—dC  
∞ he paper in tis book meets te guidelines for permanence and durability of te Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of te Council on Library Resources.
FOrEwOrd Bisop Kevin Dowling, C.Ss.R.
INtrOdUCtiON Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C.
Part I BuSI neSS AnD THe MI LLennI uM DeVeLoPMenT GoALS
hE ROlE Of BUsiNEss iN SOCiEty: hE MiCrOsOft VisiON Daniel T. Bross
A PUbliC aNd PrivatE PartNErsip: hE AcHAP expEriENCE iN BOtswaNa hemba L. Moeti, Innocent Cingombe, and Godfrey Musuka
SUmitOmO cEmiCal aNd tE MillENNiUm DEvElOpmENt GOals Scott Mitcell
DOiNg WEll by DOiNg GOOd—hE nEstlÉ Way Jon Bee
cOCacOla aNd SOCiEty Holly Hermes
ACiEviNg tE un MillENNiUm DEvElOpmENt GOals: hE cONtribUtiON Of nOvartis York Lunau
HOw GlObal emplOyErs caN AddrEss HIV/AIDS: hE LEvi StraUss & cO. StOry Kirk O. Hanson
Part II ScHoLARSHI P ADVAncI nG THe RoLe oF BuSI neSS I n SocI eT Y
SOmE etiCal expliCatiONs Of tE un FramEwOrK fOr BUsiNEss aNd HUmaN Rigts Georges Enderle
hE uNitEd natiONs GlObal cOmpaCt aNd HUmaN Rigts: A MOdEst bUt usEfUl niCE Douglass Cassel
 INtEgrativE SOCial cONtraCts hEOry aNd tE un GlObal cOmpaCt Daniel Malan
 hE MDGs, PartNEriNg fOr REsUlts: hE uk GOvErNmENt PErspECtivE Pilip Param
 BUsiNEssnGo cOllabOratiON ON PEaCE BUildiNg: PattErNs Of cONvErgENCE Hal Culbertson
 PUttiNg REpUtatiON at RisK: hE SEvEN FaCtOrs Of REpUtatiONal MaNagEmENt James S. O’Rourke, IV
 hE un GlObal cOmpaCt: FOrUm fOr eNvirONmENtal LEadErsip Debora Rigling Gallager
 PUrsUiNg PUrpOsEfUl PrOfit Mark R. Kennedy
 emplOyEE eNgagEmENt trOUg SOCial aNd eNvirONmENtal REspONsibility Ante Glavas
 A nONprOfit SECtOr PErspECtivE Of tE uNitEd natiONs GlObal cOmpaCt aNd MillENNiUm GOals homas J. Harvey
 MillENNiUm DEvElOpmENt GOals, BUsiNEss PlaNNiNg, aNd tE un GlObal cOmpaCt MaNagEmENt MOdEl Gerald F. Cavanag, S.J., and Eric Hespeneide
 DO hE PriNCiplEs Of REspONsiblE MaNagEmENt edUCatiON MattEr? oNE SCOOl’s PErspECtivE Arvid C. Jonson
Part III WHeRe Do We Go FRoM HeRe?
 hE FUtUrE Of tE uNitEd natiONs GlObal cOmpaCt Kirk O. Hanson
 BEyONd cOrpOratE REspONsibility tO tE cOmmON GOOd: hE MillENNiUm DEvElOpmENt GOals, un GlObal cOmpaCt, aNd BUsiNEss eNtErprisE Sandra Waddock
 AdvaNCiNg HUmaN Rigts iN DEvElOpiNg cOUNtriEs: A VOlUNtary oppOrtUNity Or a MOral obligatiON fOr BUsiNEss? Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C.
List Of cONtribUtOrs INdEx
41 411
F O R E W O R D Bisop Kevin Dowling, C.Ss.R.
 As tE iNtrOdUCtiON tO tis vOlUmE statEs, “hErE is aN astOUNd iNg gap iN wEalt aNd iNCOmE trOUgOUt tE wOrld. WilE sOmE pOOr COUNtriEs avE bECOmE prOspErOUs, iN maNy NatiONs pOvErty aNd iN EqUalitiEs avE dEEpENEd, EspECially iN AfriCa. TOday tErE arE mOrE taN ONE billiON UNgry pEOplE, Up 25 pErCENt iN tE last fivE yEars. evEry day 17,000 CildrEN diE Of UNgEr. TOO maNy pEOplE arE jOblEss. ovEr 25 milliON pEOplE iN sUbSaaraN AfriCa avE HIV. Wat is tE mOral rEspONsE tO tEsE paiNfUl disparitiEs?”  YEs, tE statistiCs arE NUmbiNg, miNdbOggliNg. BUt I ONly UNdEr stOOd tE statistiCs wEN I ad aCtUal ExpEriENCE wit sOmE Of tOsE sUffEriNg.  oNE day, maNy yEars agO iN 1996, I sat iN a misErablE rUstEd ziNC aNd wOOdEN saCK, ONE Of OvEr fivE tOUsaNd iN aN illEgal sOCallEd sqUattEr Camp iN tE midst Of tE riCEst platiNUm miNEs iN tE wOrld, jUst NOrt Of RUstENbUrg iN SOUt AfriCa wErE I livE—jUst ONE Camp amONg sEvEral iN tE arEa OUsiNg sOmE 350,000 dEstitUtE aNd dEspair iNg pEOplE. IN tE sUffOCatiNg Eat tE pErspiratiON pOUrEd dOwN my faCE. IN frONt Of mE ON a bEd wErE a dyiNg baby aNd a wOmaN, a siNglE mOtEr wO ad migratEd frOm a COUNtry tO tE NOrt, tOgEtEr wit Er firstbOrN littlE girl, iN a dEspEratE sEarC fOr a way OUt Of sEvErE pOvErty. HEr stOry was jUst ONE pErsONal ExpEriENCE Of maNy OtErs, aNd it dEpiCts tE OrrOr bEiNd tE NEEd fOr tE MillENNiUm DEvElOpmENt GOals.  SOmEOw, tis wOmaN ad Eard tat pEraps tErE was a jOb iN tE miNiNg arEas iN SOUt AfriCa. SE migratEd, bUt sE did NOt KNOw tat Er sEarC wOUld ENd iN a “pOvErty trap.” SE arrivEd iN tis saCK
Based on a talk delivered at te Marc 2011 conference represented by tis volume.
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