Oregon Reads Aloud
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103 pages

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Oregon Reads Aloud is a collection of twenty-five read-aloud stories for children, written and illustrated by Oregon authors and illustrators.

The twenty-five stories in Oregon Reads Aloud are a celebration of all things Oregon, including a great food cart feud, the dance of the Chapman Swifts, the creation of Oregon’s mountain ranges, and a legendary African American cowboy at the Pendleton Round-up.

The book is a tribute to twenty-five years of SMART Reading’s work empowering Oregon children for reading and learning success. Oregon Reads Aloud proudly features the state’s rich trove of talent within the children’s literary community, including Eric A, Kimmel, Elizabeth Rusch, David Horn, Brian Parker, and Trudy Ludwig, among many others.

Introduction: Sara Gets SMART by Jane Kirkpatrick, illustrated by Melissa Delzio

Go, Bikes, Go! written & illustrated by Addie Boswell

First Day Jitters by Dawn Babb Prochovnic, illustrated by Abigail Marble

Will and the Piper by Kim T. Griswell, illustrated by Lisa Mundorff

Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Curtis C. Chen, illustrated by Natalie Metzger

Where is My Mami? by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand, illustrated by Robin Kerr

Dear Bigfoot by Robin Herrera, illustrated by Katy Towell

Kira’s Imagineering by Sonja Thomas, illustrated by Elizabeth Goss

Meshmesh on Wheels by Cathy Camper, illustrated by Linda Dalal Sawaya

The Legend of the Mountains’ Quarrel by Damien & Heléna Macalino, illustrated by Doug Roy

Raccoon’s Tooth written & illustrated by Nancy Coffelt

The Camp Cook by Susan Blackaby illustrated by David Hohn

Lionel and Pip by Stephanie Shaw, illustrated by Susan Boase

A Bucket Full of Dreams by Valarie Pearce, illustrated by Brian Parker

Diary of a Volcano by Elizabeth Rusch, illustrated by Mark Fearing

Something Fishy by Trudy Ludwig, illustrated by Cathy Stever

George Fletcher: The People’s Champion by Amber J. Keyser, illustrated by Wendy Myers

Mount Tabor: Home of Ardi the Squirrel by Estela Bernal, illustrated by Deborah Hocking

The Day the Puddles Stomped Back by Heidi Schulz, illustrated by Gesine Krätzner

Old as Clouds, Wise as Wind by Gina Ochsner, illustrated by Mike Lawrence

Moon Song by Barbara Herkert, illustrated by Johanna Wright

Paw-sitively Yummy by Bart King, illustrated by Carolyn Conahan

Kip and the Great Food Cart Feud by Dale E. Basye, illustrated by Carolyn Garcia

A Really Good Present for Dad by Barbara Kerley, illustrated by Carolyn Conahan

Serafina’s Tree by Judy Cox, illustrated by Zoey Abbott Wagner

Waffles by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Kate Berube



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Date de parution 04 octobre 2016
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781943328970
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 3 Mo

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A Colle ction of 25 Chil dren' s Sto ries by
Oregon Auth ors & Illust rator s
Celebr ating 2
5 Ye ars of SMA RT Reading
Copyr ight © 201 6 b y SMA RT Reading® . Al l rig hts res erv ed. Author and illustrator con tri butors retain copyr ight to indi vid ual text and illu strati ons. No part of thi s book may b e reprodu ced or transmitted in any fo rm or by any m eans, ele ctron ic or mechan ical , including photocopy ing, recordi ng, or by an y info rmat ion storage and
retri eval system , wit hout wri tt en perm ission of the publi sher.
Librar y o f Congr ess Cont rol N umber: 201 69478 64
Hardbound ISBN: 978-1-943328-86-4
This paperback edition ISBN: 9781513263151
Published by Graphic Arts Books
an imprint of
Proudly distributed by Ingram Publisher Services
About This Book
SMAR T (S tart Maki ng A Reader T o day) Reading ®, an Oregon -bas ed
reading nonprofi t orga nizat ion , is celebra ting 25 yea rs! In honor of thi s special milest one, w e decided to publi sh a chi ldr en’s book to do what we do best: get ki ds exc ited and mo tiva ted abou t readi ng.
Over a year in t he ma king , this projec t is the result of th e coll ectiv e
creati vit y a nd com mitm ent of people who beli eve in the power of books
to tran sform child ren’ s lives. A s an or ganizat ion liv ing a nd wor ki ng in Oregon to empower o ur stat e’s ki ds, we real ized that ou r anniv ersar y gave us the opport unit y to showc ase the rich trove o f chi ldr en’s autho rs and ill ustrat ors ri ght h ere in our backy ard.
Orego n Reads Aloud , you’ ll fi nd 25 fant astic read- alo ud stori es fo r ki ds, writ ten and il lu strate d by memb ers of Or egon’ s child ren’ s lit eratu re commun ity . Whi le th e stori es refl ect a d iverse ra nge of t opics, tones , and st yle s, they’ re unifi ed by on e commo n the me: Oregon . e book is a celebrati on of our stat e, our ki ds, and our fa milie s — and th e power of books and readi ng in for ming ou r exp erien ces, path s, and pas sions. a nk you for joi ning us in cele brati ng 25 years of SMA RT Reading.
We hope you enjoy
Oreg on Read s Aloud!
For a list of our contr ibutors, please see
pages 90 - 97 .
We bel iev n a n O re gon whe r
ev y ch d ca re d an d s
empow e t su c ed .
About SMART Reading
For 25 years, SM ART Reading has inspire d young reade rs in communities across Oreg on by pai ring tr ained adu lt volun teers to read a fun, chil d-gu ided experi ence th at bui lds re ading sk ills , self -c onfi dence, and a lo ve of reading. Par tic ipat ing chi ldr en al so receive new books each mon th to keep and read wit h the ir fam ilie s.
one-on-one wit h PreK thro ugh thi rd- grade c hildr en. e result :
i s work ha s been possi ble th anks t o the tirele ss dedic atio n
and com mitm ent of our vol untee rs, don ors, ed ucators , and sup port ers.
In no smal l way , this a nniver sary is a celebra tion of th e hun dreds of
thousan ds of Or egonian s who’v e contr ibut ed thei r time and tr easure
to empo wering ou r state ’s youngest rea ders for lear ning suc cess.
e progr am launc hed in 1992 in 8 school s in Po rtl and an d Bend, serv ing childr en.

To day, over
125, 000
SMAR T Reading
volunteers (t hat’ s over 10 ,00 0 so ccer teams! )
have spent nearl y
millio n hour s reading
one-on-o ne wi th n earl y
188,00 0
child ren
school s.
SMA RT Reading has g iven th ese stu dents ove r
2.4 millio n books to take home a nd keep. If you li ned all those boo ks up , star ting at the Oregon coas t, they would stretc h al l th e way to the Id aho bor der.
Our History
In 19 91, a grou p of co mmun ity and bus iness le aders came to gether, in par tne rship wit h scho ols, to addres s the chall enge that Oregon’ s child ren were routi nely readi ng below grad e level. SM ART Reading’ s unique , evid ence- based model was de veloped, blendi ng early child hood reading support , adult mentor ship , and c ommun ity engageme nt to posit ively imp act lit eracy outcom es.
SMA RT Reading’ s model wor ks becau se it p rovi des tw o essential ingredi ents c hildr en need to succeed wi th r eading: shared one-on-o ne readi ng time a nd access t o books .

Introductio n: Sara Get s SMART
b y Jane Kirkpatr ick
i llustra ted by Melissa Delzio

Go, Bikes, Go!
w ritten & illust rat ed by
Addie Boswell


Will and the Piper
b y Kim T. Gr iswell
i llustra ted by L isa Mundorff

First Day Jitt ers

b y Dawn Babb Pr ochovnic
i llustra ted by Abigail Marb le

Have Spaces uit, Will T ra vel
b y Curtis C. Che n
i llustra ted by Natalie M etzger

Where Is My Mami?
b y Carmen T. Ber nier-Gra nd
i llustra ted by Robin Kerr

Dear Bigfoot
b y Robin Herr era
i llustra ted by Katy To well

Kira’ s Imagineering
b y Sonja omas
i llustra ted by Elizabeth Goss

Meshmesh on Wheel s
b y Cathy Camper
i llustrat ed by Li nda Dalal Sawaya

The Legend of the
M ountains’ Quar rel
b y Damien & Helén a Macalino
i llustra ted by D oug Roy

Raccoon’ s To oth
w ritten & illust rat ed by N ancy Coff el t

The Camp Cook
b y Susan Blackaby
i llustrat ed by Dav id Hohn

Lionel and Pip

by Steph anie Shaw
i llustra ted by Susan Boase

A Bucket Ful l of Dreams
b y V a larie Pe arce
i llustra ted by Brian Pa rker

Diary of a Vo lcano
b y Elizabeth Ru sch
i llustra ted by M ark F ea ring
Something Fishy
b y Tru dy L udwig
i llustra ted by Cathy Steve r

George Fletcher:
T he People’ s Champion
b y Amber J. Key ser
i llustrat ed by W e ndy Myers

Mount T ab or: Home
o f Ardi the Squir rel
b y Estela Bernal
i llustrat ed by Deb orah H ocking

The Day the Puddles
S tomped Back
b y Heidi Sc hulz
i llustra ted by Gesine Krätzner
Old as Clouds, W ise as Wi nd
b y Gina Ochsner
i llustrat ed by Mi ke Lawrence

Moon Song
b y Barbara Herkert
i llustra ted by J ohanna W ri ght

Paw-sitively Yummy

b y Bart King
i llustrat ed by Ca rolyn Conahan

Kip and the Gre at Food Ca rt Fe ud
b y Dale E. Bas ye
i llustra ted by Carolyn Garcia

A Really Go od Present for Da d
b y Barbara Kerley
i llustrat ed by Ca rolyn Conahan

Serafi na ’s Tr ee
b y Judy Cox
i llustrat ed by Zo ey Abbo tt W a gner
W affl e s
b y Eric A. Kim mel
i llustra ted by Kate Ber ube
oregon reads aloud
Sara Gets SMA RT
Jane Kirkpatrick
illustrated by
Melissa Delzio
First -g rader S ara sat at a desk an d tu gged on he r ear. Her mot her ca lle d it he r
“ner vo us hab it.”
“Who ’s ready to star t read ing?” asked Mr s. Benson, th e schoo l lib rari an.
e older ki ds rai sed thei r hand s. e y’d been thr ough th is befo re. Sar a pul led
harder on her ear . S he wan ted to be ready , but she was scar ed. She’d heard that
SMA RT vol untee rs loved to read. She ho ped the y coul d help he r love to r ead, too.
“T o read is to un veil a my ster y ,” Mrs. Benson said.
“A myster y?” Ama l ask ed.
“Sure. e re’s a myster y in every story ,” Mrs. Benson expl ained. “W ill the l lama fi nd he r mama? Wi ll t he pr incess kis s the to ad? W e read to fi nd ou t, don’ t w e?
e auth or al so want s us to di scover the myster y inside us. ”
“I don ’t h ave any my ster y inside me, ” Ama l sa id.
“W e are
all full of mys terie s, Ama l. W e each li ke diff er ent ki nds of stori es and
that tel ls us som ethi ng about wh o we are a nd who we mi ght bec ome.”
Sara di dn’t kno w what Mrs . Benson was ta lking about, bu t what s he said next
sure cau ght h er att entio n.
“A not her my ster y y ou may be won dering a bout is why SMA RT vol untee rs
read wit h you. ”
“Because t hey li ke us!” said Ma ryann e.
“Y e s, they
do like yo u,” Mrs. Benson said. “But they a lso k no w readin g helps you
see new wor lds an d new wa ys to be i n this world.”
Madison r aised he r hand ne xt. “ I al ways fe el bette r af ter re ading w it h my volunt eer. She mak es me laug h and t hen I t ry harder to read the words I d on’t
kno w. She help s me. She sa ys she’ ll never sto p readi ng and ne ithe r wi ll I .”
Introduc tion
Mrs. Benson s
miled. “ a t’ s what SMA RT is a ll a bout: he lping t exci ted ab out boo ks. S oon, we’ ll discover the he books and insi de our selves. ” She pul led out a t’ s time to meet our volun teers. ”
kid s read and ge
myster ies ins ide t
piece of paper. “Now , i
Sara’ s hear t beat a lit tle faster a s Mrs. Benson read names o ff th e list. Fi na ll y, it was her tu rn. “ Sara, c ome meet Mr. Orti z.”
A large ma n wit h a bear d lik e Santa Claus ste pped for war d and s hook her
hand. “H ell o, Sar a,” he said . “ A re you ready to pick out a boo k?”
She pick ed up a book. “ Beatric e’s G oat ,” Mr. Orti z said , grin ning. “Great ch oice!”
“Y o u’ve read it before? ” Sar a was sur pri sed.
“Many times, ” said M r. Orti z. “W he n my dau ghter w as young, it was her favori te. I bet you an d I can read t his sto ry togeth er. Wo uld you li ke to tr y? ”
Sara nodd ed. She di d want to tr y .
All arou nd she could hear t he qui et voice s of chi ldr en and g row n- ups s tart ing to read the ir sto rie s. Slowly , Sara beg an page one, “I f you . . . wer e . . . to vi sit . . .”
She sound ed out ea ch word , and Mr . O rtiz he lped her w hen she cou ldn ’t make out the let ters . T o gether they lo oked fo r the my st ery inside th e stor y . And Sa ra hop ed t o discover — throu gh readin g — the my ster y i nside her self.
Jane K irk patr ick is th e autho r of over 25 bo oks and h i stori cal novels. Sh e liv es in Ce ntra l Oregon an d is a gr eat fr iend
to SMA RT Reading.

Go, Bikes, Go!
written & illustr ated by
Addie Boswell
Big bik es Smal l bi kes Extra tal l bi kes
Old bik es
New bik es
Buil t-f or- tw o bikes
Bikes wi th th ree wheels
Bikes wi th four
Doesn’ t t hat bi ke
need one more?
Bikes o n mud s lick s
Bikes on snow
Bikes o n sand dunes
Go, bikes, go!
Bikes do w
heelie s
Bikes do ju
Yikes ! o se bikes h it lots of bumps !
Bikes can push thi ngs
Bikes can pul l
Uh- oh, fl at t ire —
Roll, bikes, rol l . . .
oregon reads aloud
Bikes play p olo
Bikes p lay chas e
Bikes zo om down hill
Race, bikes, race !
Bike br akes squeeeeee l Bike ho rns BL OW Bikes get jumbl ed Whoa , bikes, whoa!
Bikes t ow fam ilie s
Bikes t ow tr ees
Dogs tow bikes an d
bikes t ow ski s
Bikes s pray wat er
Bikes s hoot fi re
Bikes dan ce high o n tight rope wi re!
Bikes wea r feat hers
Bikes wear shoes
Who rides b ikes
inside of zoos?
Can bik es swi m? Can bi kes fl y? Whic h bikes w ould you like to try ? 
oregon reads aloud
1 . music ian’ s gal ler y: a loft where music ians p lay .
2 . moat : a sha llo w dit ch th at sur roun ds th e mai n stage.
Will a nd the Pi per
Kim T . Gris well |
illustrated by
Lisa Mundorff
l wasn’ t born gre at.
How coul d he be? He had 22 mo use brot hers an d 16
mo use sisters, al l of whom wer e bigge r or faste r or bra ver or str onger th an he was .

e o
nly th ing Wi ll i s good at is hi ding, ” his sib ling s teased.
Wil l lived in t he per fect place fo r hid ing: th e Eliz abetha n e atre in the ti ny tow n of Ash land, Oregon. e theat er was ro und an d its roof op en. Rows of green seat s arced up from th e diam ond-shape d stage. A T u dor- sty le stage ho use stoo d at the back. Wit h fou r stage le vels, a musi cian ’s gal ler y 1 , and a mo at 2 , the t heater ha d plent y o f hid ing pl aces.
Each af tern oon th e mice played hi de-and- seek. T o Wil l' s si bli ngs, i t was just a game . But t o him i t was more. “I want to be the best hide r i n histor y ,” he decl ared.
“W hy?” as k ed his bro ther Fa lsta ff .
“B ecause we mic e must nev er be seen, ”
Will answere d.
“If you ’r e seen,” their moth er caut ione d,
“Stage Man ager wi ll c all the Pip er. ”
e Piper. e name made W ill’s fur
stand on end.
Legend sa id whe n the Pi per pl ayed his
penny whi stle , mice co uld n’t resist. e y
were draw n to his musi c and the Pip er
scooped the m into his gu nnysac k. Onc e caught , he dro ve them far away and the y never saw ho me agai n.
One af ter noon , Wil l hid in his f avorit e spot: squeeze d behind the leg of seat BB101. From there, h e had a clea r sho t to H ome Bas e, plus he coul d see most
of the theat er. He spott ed Jul iet sk it ter ing dow n the vomit oriu m hiding in the mu sician ’s gall ery , and He cate cr eeping al ong th e moat.
, Hamle t
Will watch ed and wa it ed, but soon the warm s un lul led h im to sle ep. He woke wit h a star t when the seat squeaked ab ove him. He noti ced a bl ack velvet sk y above the t heate r. Glowi ng light s ill umina ted th e stage. A tr ump et sound ed and the audie nce hush ed.
“Oh no!” Wil l cri ed, when a man steppe d out o f the shadows stage left . In his hand he held a shiny brass penn y whist le.
Will f roz e. “

e Piper! ”
3 . vomit oriu m: a ra mp le ading t o the lo wer levels of the theat er.

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