Leashes and Lovers - What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness
135 pages

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Leashes and Lovers - What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness , livre ebook


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135 pages

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Unleash the Secrets to a Better Life... with the help of your dog!

You'll discover inside LEASHES AND LOVERS
How to...
* Find your right match
* Strengthen relationships with a lover, friends, and family
* Explore your Dog-itude
* Launch a new relationship
* Create deeper and more real relationships
* Explore what's missing from your life and make it whole
* Make the best of a break-up and decide who gets the dog
* Tackle jealousy
* Manage your emotions when others aren't into your dog
* Handle grieving over a beloved dog

Attract the life you want with the help of your dog!

Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert shares tips and stories with dog lovers like you as well as from celebrities like Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, Tennis star Monica Seles, Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos, Shock Jock Howard Stern, and TV host Rachael Ray.

Sheryl Matthys is The Dog Lovers Matchmaker and she specializes in helping dog lovers (singles and couples) with struggling relationships that may be robbing your life of joy and the fulfillment you deserve.



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Date de parution 25 juillet 2013
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781456617981
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 4 Mo

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“Dogs are the most undervalued teachers of how to trust, unconditionally love and truly live in the moment. Forget the yoga teacher and the new meditation guru. Pick up Leashes and Lovers and learn how your dog can unleash for you a more enriching life . ”
• Jeffrey G. Brown, TV Legal Analyst, Lawyer, Adventurer
“If you’re a dog-lover, you’ve got to read this book. It shows you how your relationships can be positively impacted by your dog.”
• Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch
“ Leashes and Lovers is an essential read for anyone wanting a two-legged soul mate...because as the book so aptly points out...falling in love with your dog who loves you unconditionally makes it possible for you to give and receive love in ways you never imagined.”
• Patti Lawson, Author of The Dog Diet: A Memoir
“Fantastic and refreshing insight into how our dogs guide us on how to laugh, love and learn. Sheryl Matthys truly knows how to bring out the best in dogs – and people.”
• Arden Moore, Host of Oh Behave! on Pet Life Radio and author of The Dog Behavior Answer Book
“Anyone who loves dogs will find yet another reason to call them their “best friend” after reading Leashes and Lovers .”
• Karith Foster, Comedian, TV & Radio Personality, and Chihuahua Lover
“Finding a love who your dog loves is the secret to real happiness. Let Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert, teach you how to navigate those crazy waters of relationships. Leashes and Lovers can help you find happiness. If you have a dog and want a relationship this is a must read book.”
• Dr Marlene Siersema, Radio Host of Amazing Women: brains, beauty & style
“In Leashes and Lovers , you’ll gain insights as to the significance of what it means when our dogs share our deepest secrets, provide companionship, and faithfully stand by us. This book will make you want to sit, stay, and learn from your dog’s lessons.”
• Cathy Kravitz, artist & author of A Dog’s Day
“We have found the relationships between animals and people are at the heart of the best stories... and, Sheryl brings these to light in a refreshing, brilliant look at this important bond in Leashes and Lovers .”
• Lisa Alexander, President, Kaboodle Entertainment
“I thought I knew a lot about dogs, but Leashes and Lovers digs up a few more secrets about how they can positively change our lives and relationships forever.”
• Paulette Cooper Noble, author of 277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know & columnist for Palm Beach Daily News
“A clever, witty, and insightful book. If you’ve ever wondered why dog owners have a ‘puppy love’ affair with their dogs, Sheryl’s book will keep you from chasing your tail with questions.”
• Liz Pabon, author of The MavHERick Mind
“ Leashes and Lovers is an absolute must read for anyone who believes as I do: That a house is not a home without a dog – or two.”
• Marni Jameson, syndicated home design columnist and author of House of Havoc
“Only animal lovers allowed in Leashes and Lovers. I knew right away it was for me. You, too, can experience better relationships from the stories you’ll read in this book.”
• Holly Wilensky, the Dress Recycler
“Sheryl did an outstanding job - Leashes and Lovers is a touching, funny, and inspirational book for dog lovers wanting to improve all of their relationships. You will love this book!”
• Nancy E. Hassel, founder of Long Island Pet Professionals
“Note to self: Fetch copy of Leashes and Lovers . Resist urge to rip pages. Drop book on owner’s lap. Stand guard until finished. We ain’t the only ones who need training!”
• Miles, the canine narrator of Jane May’s DOGGY STYLE

Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness
Copyright © 2013 by Sheryl Matthys
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photography, recording or any information storage and retrieval system without written permission from the author and publisher.
Leashes and Lovers®, The Dog Expert®, and Where Dog Lovers Meet® are trademarks of Leashes and Lovers, LLC.
Published in eBook format by eBookIt.com
ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-1798-1
Front cover photo by Big Cheese Photo


Dedicated To:
My parents, Ron and Bev, for the menagerie of pets you allowed us kids to experience...
My husband, Todd, for transforming into a dog lover and for taking the initiative to honor my dream of adopting Greyhounds...
My children, Kai and Keegan, who’ve been gentle, kind and accepting of our dogs as family...
All the dogs which have and continue to impact my life forever...
All the shelters, rescue groups, and volunteers who make adoption possible...
And, most of all God, for bringing me Shiraz and Buffett, and for providing dogs as magnificent teachers to prove that unconditional love exists.

By Bruce Little, DVM
A s a typical youth in pre-World War II rural America, I was aware that the value placed on dogs was based on the work that each could perform. Sheep and cattle dogs helped protect the flocks and herds. Barn dogs protected the chickens and baby animals from foxes and coyotes, and yard dogs served as security to prevent skunks, rodents and other varmints from setting up housekeeping under the farmhouse porch. These dogs were basically outside dogs that seldom had the opportunity to gain admittance to the warm and cozy confides of the family home, except on occasions of extremely harsh winter weather or the stifling heat of the dog-days of summer. These are the dogs that I knew as a child and young adult in rural America.
Fortunately, the fate of the dog has changed appreciably from those humble surroundings of my childhood. The accelerated rate of the post-World War II urbanization of America has changed the purpose of the dog and has moved them inside the home as trusted companions of family members. Many dogs now even sleep with members of the family. As a practicing veterinarian in the 60s and 70s, I began to see and follow the value being placed on the family dog by all members of society. Sight and hearing dogs were the norm, as were police and military dogs that served a purpose beyond just being a best friend. I had clients in my veterinary practice who realized the value in their dog’s presence from warnings of oncoming thunderstorms to the unconditional love displayed by the family dog as a companion to a young recipient in a much deserved “time-out.” The dog’s love and attention never wavered. Dogs have been trained to pick up toys and place them on a tray for physically or mentally challenged toddlers, and dogs have been used to train prisoners and juvenile delinquents about the need for love and nurturing. In many of these scenarios the answer was found in the relationship formed between the family member and the dog.
In 1981, Dr. Leo K. Bustad, then dean of the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, first coined the term “human-animal bond.” Dr. Bustad, who had many honors bestowed upon him for his work and writings on the “bond,” served as chair of the newly chartered not-for-profit organization, The Delta Society. That international group focused on work to understand the quality of the relationship between pet owners, pets, and pet caregivers. The Delta Society, whose mission is to improve human health through service and therapy animals, later teamed up with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the largest and most influential veterinary support group in the world, to nurture the term “human-animal bond.” Every year, together they recognize a distinguished member of the veterinary profession for pioneering work in the human-animal bond field.
Both human and veterinary medicine continue to discover the power of animals to influence the detection and healing powers of a strong human-animal bond. Thousands of articles and books from the perspective of pediatric medicine to writings for the aged have been written relating the benefit of a strong human-animal bond in lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, weight loss regimens, easing depression or healing minds from loneliness and emotional isolation, and detection of seizures and various types of cancer.
Now, Sheryl Matthys has written this most insightful and inspiring book on how relationships with dogs can influence and guide our relationships with other people. Ms. Matthys captures many of the benefits of depending on your dog, or that of your potential relationship partner and their dog, to guide you in important decision-making within that relationship. Dogs teach us unconditional love and affection and that love never wavers. Leashes and Lovers is truly a magic potion for understanding our relationships with lovers and those we love. Many of these encumbrances have been with us for most of our lives and have prohibited us from developing meaningful and lasting relationships, or renewing those relationships as needed.
Yes, change has and is happening every day. As the technology revolution continues on its course in every aspect of life, the need for interpersonal relationships will be ever increasing. Look to Sheryl Matthys’ book, Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Love, Life, and Happiness , to direct you in those important decisions. And let your dog be your guide!

Dr. Bruce W. Little is a veterinarian who has not only witnessed this great change in the understanding and evolution of our best friend – the dog, but has played an important role in implementing that change. After graduating from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1965, Dr. Little spent 21 years in clinical veterinary practice tending to the needs of dogs and all species of animals. At mid-career, Dr. Little felt a need to make greater and more meaningful

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