Global Mission:
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241 pages

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Global Mission is divided into two sections: the first, Reflections and Foundations, comprises nine essays of a more general nature; the second, Contextualization at Work, contains twenty one essays of a more specific nature, most of them case studies from a particular location and people group. The thirty-three contributors come from five continents, and a host of contexts. Some are veterans, some quite young, but every one of them is passionate about God’s mission, and about building bridges for the gospel in a way that is absolutely faithful to Scripture but also sensitive to specific contexts. North and South, East and West, demonstrate precious unity in Christ in our common calling.
Contextualization is complex, and none of the authors claim to have got everything right. But their essays are thoughtful, and written out of love for God and love for his world. They tell the stories of trial and error, of struggles and triumphs, as each seeks to present Christ in terms that make sense and can be understood. It is following the process, quite as much as specific conclusions, which make this book valuable and transferable to many other parts of the global church. The essays also give us a peep into many different societies, and the birthing of faith in the grace of the Holy Spirit. Thus we give thanks to God for all that he is wonderfully doing around his world and stimulate our prayers for those who work cross-culturally, especially in pioneer situations.
Not all contributors agree on every point, especially when it comes to the difficulties of mission in the Muslim world (and increasingly, amongst Hindus). There has been no attempt to standardize different approaches, letting a robust conversation develop.
Each chapter ends with some suggested study questions, useful for personal reflection or group or class discussion. The book is deliberately accessible to lay people, but stimulating to career missionaries and academics.
We pray that it may serve the purposes of God, for his glory. This book was published in partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance.



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Endorsements for Global Mission
Evangelical faith has two complementary emphases: the eternal, universal truth revealed in Jesus Christ and the Bible as its written testimony, and the need of a very personal trust in God-the truth adapted into everyone s everyday life. Thus local theology is as true as global theology, bringing the gospel tradition truthfully and contextualized to every place and every generation. This book is a great tool to help you to achieve this and should be used in any theological training worldwide.
Thomas Schirrmacher, Executive Chair, Theological Commission, World Evangelical Alliance and Editor, Evangelical Review of Theology, Germany
The more I work in cross-cultural contexts, the more I am amazed by the variety of God s people and at the same time just how much my faith is dominated by an English mind-set. This excellent book encourages us to take the time to learn, observe, and understand what it means to follow Christ in different contexts. There are no easy answers, but it is challenging to read of the journeys made by many.
Martin Lee, Executive Director, Global Connections, United Kingdom
Both church and mission movements have desperately recognized and discussed the need to be contextual with the gospel, but very few have spelled out how to do it. In today s paradoxical scenario, with many challenges to bring the gospel to all peoples, nurture followers, and establish witnessing clusters, this book of case studies is a welcome effort. I am delighted that it attempts to spell out models for contextualizing the gospel in various aspects to current followers of Christ. I am pleased that these are not just theories but practices from practitioners to be followed in diverse settings. May these case studies bring new brands of Christ disciples, building a mosaic of Jesus followers across the world. I am grateful for the worldwide voices in this book that suggest contextualizing paths and solutions, especially in the Global South. May we all be inspired to move forward to establish the new faces of Jesus followers.
K. Rajendran, Chairman, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, India
The many authors of the books of our Scriptures lived and experienced God in their different contexts, generations, and ages. They were faithful to convey to us the reality and various expressions of the words, ways, and works of God from their respective understanding and perspectives. This in turn formed the BODY of the revelation of God we have in the Scriptures. I am convinced similarly that the authors and contributors of the insights and wisdom contained in the pages of this book have also demonstrated a level of faithfulness, understanding, and appreciation of the diverse ways in which the Triune God reveals himself through the ages and in our contemporary times, locations, and contexts. For these reasons I commend this book to the generation of God-seekers as a veritable compass and road map as we seek him and perhaps reach out for him, and find him, though he is not far from each one of us (Acts 17:27 NIV).
Reuben Ezemadu, International Director CMF, INC; Ministry Center Director, DAI Nigeria; Continental Coordinator, Movement of African National Initiatives, Nigeria
This new book represents the best of contemporary evangelical reflection on and practice of contextualization. Built on solid biblical foundations and packed with insight, illustrations, and thought-provoking discussion questions, the essays carefully balance text and context, the local and the global, theology as both universal and at-home in every culture. The mature thinking and global breadth of the authors is refreshing evidence that evangelicals have come of age in their contribution to global theologizing. No reader will agree with everything, but the chapters are never dull and will consistently sow seeds of fresh thought and creative approaches for ministry.
Steve Strauss, Professor of World Missions and Intercultural Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, USA
We welcome this companion volume to the Theological Commission s Local Theology for the Global Church . It is packed full of practical and realistic examples of contextualization which are sensitive and effective. They are well based in the experience of the writers and grounded in careful missiological thinking, making it a vital contribution to one of the most important aspects of mission today. We highly commend both books.
David Parker, Former Executive Director, World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission, Australia
This book is indeed the fruit of Spirit-led reflections from local mission practitioners who sustain the momentum of global mission, in tune with the timeless Lord s commission. I highly commend the reading and usage of this book to everyone to mobilize both the local and global church to carry on the noble task of reaching people for Christ with new insights and strategies in various contexts. Understanding and correctly interpreting the contextual worldviews will greatly help to firmly establish believers in the faith in Christ, which in turn bears fruit of change. Rose Dowsett and the writers have produced a great work for the task of the church.
Abel Laondoye Ndjerareou, TEN-RTF Bureau Afrique, Chad
Why has contextualization become such a pressing-and contentious-issue? asks the editor in her opening essay. This excellent book unfolds part of the answer, but it does so not by offering the reader a bird s-eye view of global missions. Rather, the essays gathered in this volume take us on a journey through contextual theology into the messiness, the challenges, and the joys of people who try to live in faith, obedience, and authentic discipleship in whichever setting the sovereign Lord has given them (Introduction, p. 4). What does contextualization look like? Well, it depends. But when you read this book, you will glimpse the patchwork of God s saving plan for creation in the particularities of each experience, each mission, and each life narrated in these pages.
C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Executive Director of World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission and New Testament Editor for the Latin American Bible Commentary Project, Brazil
This is a fascinating collection of articles and case studies by evangelicals drawn from mission frontiers all over the world. It will serve as an excellent reader on contextual theology and culturally sensitive mission approaches. And it may just convert the most intransigent anti-contextualist!
Hwa Yung, Bishop, The Methodist Church, Malaysia
In missiology we have worked on contextualization issues for a long time. Didn t we figure out how to do it ? Why another book? The reason is clear: because contextualization is closely related to the ongoing incarnational nature of God s mission. Taking part in God s mission therefore calls us to take part in all the fascinating and changing issues that continue to arise when gospel meets culture. This book demonstrates how Christian mission in all parts of the world is profoundly responding to important contextualization issues. You gain a deeper sense of the nature of God by studying the richness of the world he has created.
Birger Nygaard, Areopagos, National Evangelical Alliance, Denmark
Since New Testament times, the Christian church has struggled with the challenge of understanding how the one, universal gospel may be incarnated in multiple, particular contexts. More recently, the concerns expressed by the cross-cultural missionary writers of Cultural Anthropology in the 1950s and 1960s were taken up by Shoki Coe and others in the 1970s, seeking to explore the mystery of contextualization. This volume continues that search. Of the five paradigms of contextualization that have developed in the past fifty years (communication, indigenization, translatability, local theologizing, and epistemology), this volume is centered in the classic communication paradigm of contextualization. This collection of essays is a refreshing kaleidoscope of portraits of careful attempts to understand how the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ may be incarnated in always-changing cultural contexts around the globe. This book is globally extended, locally focused, practice oriented, biblically careful, and culturally aware.
Charles (Chuck) Van Engen, Arthur F. Glasser Professor of Biblical Theology of Mission, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

Global Mission: Reflections and Case Studies in Contextualization for the Whole Church
Copyright 2011 by World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission
All rights reserved. |
No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means-for example, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording-without prior written permission of the publisher.
All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version. 1973, 1978, 1984 by the International Bible Society.
Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. |
Koe Pahlka, copyeditor, interior design, indexing
Kalun Lau, cover design
Published by William Carey Library
1605 E. Elizabeth St.
Pasadena, CA 91104 |
William Carey Library is a ministry of the
US Center for World Mission
Pasadena, California |
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Global mission : reflections and case studies in contextualization for the whole church / Rose Dowsett, editor.
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1. Christianity and culture. 2. Missions. I. Dowsett, Rose.
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Foreword: Reflections on a New Book on Contextualization
William D. Taylor
Preface: The Shaman Meets the Man with the Black Beard
Bertil Ekstr m

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