The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening and its Music
190 pages

The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening and its Music , livre ebook


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190 pages
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In Christian history spiritual awakenings are a recurring and important phenomenon. The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening was characterized by an overt evangelistic fervour among bands of people that belonged to an ever growing Born Again Movement in the city, from 1974 into the 1980s. This history covers The Blantyre Awakening which revived Evangelical Christianity in Malawi and prepared the way for the emerging Charismatic Movement.



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Date de parution 13 mars 2018
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Brighton Kawamba is currently serving as Associate Pastor of Orchard Grove Community Church in Walled Lake, Michigan in the United States. He is a former member of Come to Jesus Choir (which was formed during the Blantyre Spiritual Awakening). He served as Chairman of Gospel for All - a youthful evangelisîc organizaîon in Blantyre - before being elected Chairman of the Blantyre Keswick Commitee. He worked as Chrisîan Commitments Manager for World Vision Internaîonal in Malawi before his ordinaîon as a minister of the Gospel in the Bapîst Convenîon of Malawi. He is one of the alumni of the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.
In Chrisîan history spiritual awakenings are a recurring and important phenomenon. They revive exisîng churches and they make people who never thought of it, become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. They create new organizaîons and new music. All that happend in Blantyre in the 1970s, spread ing to other parts of Malawi. The Blantyre Awakening revived Evangelical Chrisîanity in Malawi and prepared the way for the emerging Charismaîc Movement.
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The BlantyTrehSepirBitlualnAtwyarkeniSnpgiarnidtiutsalMuAsicwakening and its Music
Brighton Kawamba
Brighton Kawamba
The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening and its Music
Copyright 2018 Brighton Kawamba All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any from or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission from the publishers. Published by Luviri Press P/Bag 201 Luwinga Mzuzu 2 ISBN 978-99960-60-54-0 eISBN 978-99960-60-53-3 The Luviri Press is represented outside Malawi by: African Books Collective Oxford ( Index, cover and editorial assistance: Daniel Neumann
The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening and its Music Brighton Kawamba
Luviri Press Mzuzu 2018
To my Father and great encourager, Yesaya Stanley Msefula.
The writing of this book would not have been possible if it were not for a host of people, too numerous to mention one by one in this small space. I thank all those who influenced me to write something about what was generally called in my vernacular 'Chitsitsimutso cha mu Blantyre'or 'The Spiritual Awakening of Blantyre.' I will, however, mention a few that stand out within my finite perspective and failure to name some, I am sure, will not to be construed as ingratitude. I acknowledge the services of late Willie Musopole who provided me with much of the historical insights regarding the Awakening. I am indebted to James Chimwaza for allowing me to visit his office and to run a mock questionnaire on him and his staff. There was a lot to learn in this exercise. I am also indebted to Apostle Willie Chaponda, Readson Galatiya and Late Dyson Chitekwe for their precious insights.
I was privileged to interact at a personal level with stalwarts of the Born Again movement, among them the Reverend Bomba, Shadrach Wame, Kenneth Luwani, Hilda Luwani, Catherine Kumchulesi, Duncan Bwanali, and Laban Banda.
From the media side I am indebted to Lawson Chaluluka who once worked as a producer and announcer at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. I also interacted with D. Kamkwamba of the same media organization several times. My colleague and friend Fletcher Kaiya of Baptist Media Center provided priceless insights in the music developments. I am also indebted to Victor Kaonga who, through the Ndagha production, offered me insights on important personalities.
There are countless others who offered me vital information that led me into investigate further. Among these are Cecil Chikafa, Readson Galatiya, Enoch Phiri, the Team leader of Africa Enterprise, and Beatrice Phiri. I am indebted to all members of the Come to Jesus Choir for all their devotion and encouragement. Talking about encouragement I got this more from a colleague, classmate and dear Christian Brother, Alex Kapalamula (Priest of the Anglican Diocese of
Lake Malawi) who in the first place challenged me to take up post graduate studies together with him. My classmate, however, passed away before completion of the course [may his soul rest in peace].
I do not want take for granted the cyber skills of my daughter Daniella Kawamba and my nephew Chikondi Kamfosi. With their advice I was able to write and present the original document on the computer.
The last but one of my acknowledgments is to Klaus Fiedler, the supervisor of the Master's thesis of the University of Malawi on which this book is based, and also the editor of this book, who tirelessly provided scholarly advice at every stage of this work.
Lastly two people deserve mention; the first is my Father Yesaya Stanley Msefula, and the second is my wife Annie. Both have been like a tonic during the times when I felt too tired to continue with the assignment. For this I thank them deeply.
Chapter 1: Background and Context
Chapter 2: The Birth of the Born Again Movement
Chapter 3: The Dynamism of the Awakening
Chapter 4: Impact of the Revival on Music and the Arts
Chapter 5: Antecedent of the Charismatic Movement?
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