Washington and Rome
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Washington and Rome , livre ebook

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292 pages
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To an outside observer, the religious culture of the United States might seem astonishing. For German sociologist Michael Zöller, American Catholicism is more than that; it is a contradiction in terms. With its historical consciousness, emphasis on institutionalized structures, and combination of skepticism and assurance of grace, Catholicism seems to embody the very opposite of the American cultural principle. Zöller here reexamines widely held notions about secularization and the role of religion in civil society to show how Catholicism was integrated into the Protestant, egalitarian, and populist American culture and to determine what distinguishes American Catholics from both European Catholics and other Americans. Zöller traces the progress of Catholicism in the New World from earliest European settlement through the "Great Crisis" of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century to its acceptance in the mainstream of modern America. He tells how, despite the anti-Catholic sentiments of the founding fathers and Americans' deep suspicion of institutions, the Church has fared better in this religiously neutral republic than in the so-called Catholic countries where it was both privileged and persecuted. Because American Catholicism was preoccupied for so long with having to justify itself in both Rome and Washington while fighting internally for a proper balance between these loyalties, it acquired abilities that had never been necessary in the countries where it first flourished.



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Date de parution 25 juin 1999
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WASHINGTON AND ROME Catholicism in American Culture
Michael ZolLer
Translated by Steven Rendall and Albert Wimmer
WASHINGTON AND RoME Catholicism in American Culture
Michael Zolle
Translated by Steven Rendall and Albert W immer
University of Notre Dame PrEss
O¡re Ēme iaa
Uiversiy oF Nore DamePress
Nore Dame, I N 46556
A l l Rig s Reserved
Publishm ericaed i e Uied Saes oF A
C o pyrig 1999 by Uiversiy oF Nore Dame
Library oF Cogress C aalogigiPublicaio Daa
ZOler, M icael [Wasigo ud Rom Egli s] Wasigo ad Rome : Caolicism i  A merica culure / M icael ZOler ; raslaed by S  eve Redall ad Alber W i m mer p cm Icludes bibliograpical reFereces ad idex I S B N 0-2680952-5 ( c l : alkpaper ISBNp a 0-268-01953-3 (  alk paperISBN 978-0-268-09853-7 (web pdf) 1 C aolic CurcUied S aesH isory 2 Uied S  aes­ Cur c isory BX1406.2Z6513 998
983011 C I P
=Te p a p e r used i    i s publicaio mees e m i imum requiremes oF e A merica Naiôal S  adard For IFormaio S ciecesPermaece oF Paper For Pried Library Maerials, AnSI Z3948984
Ist F aBLes reFace CaTHolicisM i tHe ite tates A CuLturaL MproBaBiLit
ÉurÔéà outÔt  ÇÔÔà aérà ( 1 42 1 8) 1  roM Loria to ooMa He paisH elt 2 roM Arcaia to ouisiaa He łrecH Crescet 3Ć ĮgLa uer iFFeret Coitios He ATLatic Coast CoLoies
ŚéaértÔ   té né wÔr ( 1 8 1 8 6 5 ) 1  eolutio a eligio 2 He eelopMet oF ĮccLesiasticaL trucTures 3Ć He AMericaIzaTIo oF AMerica eLigio 4 CatHolicisM as a MMIgrat CHurcH 5 CultùraL {ar i AMerIca 6 ortH a outH {Hite a lacK rogressie a Coseratie
Té Śtruggé tÔ déïé Ç àtÔ' o PÔtÔ: Té "Gréàt Çr (8 6 5  1 8) 1 Apoo§etics a recursors oF tHe Co°ictģ "ecoMig a CatHoLic a eMaiig a AMerica 2 He Atagoists a tHe ssues 3 istace a Closeess to Aerica Cùltùre He e ssue i THe Co°Lict 4 He CatHoLIc ilieu
    
 95
 
chapte IV
v çÈ
o tÈ wàY tÔ È Ç ÈtÈr Ô aérà (8 1 6) Ć He Cuura CiMae aer He irs ord ar 2. He Mergence o a aiona CaHoic ubic pHere 3Ć Hen A as i igH in He ord 4 " eŀo and oring
a wÔr tÔu nu ( 1 6 1 8 6)  Ć He arHQuaKe 2. " CHurcHMice  Ð He ocioog o AcIisM 3Ć nsuccessu obIizaion
chapteV I
o BÈg Ç àtÔ  aÈrà  Ć He nd o He onHi rend 2. He e Hnics 3Ć riess, Cerica raining, and Heoog 4  cHoos and niersiiesÐ He ocia Capia o AMerican CaHoicisM
RégÔu Ivuà à té Çur à à Çuturà Pré: TÈ aérà RÔà Ô RÔé
AppendixÐ aisica aa or He eriod  95 0  993 1Ć xpanaor oes 2. enera aisics abou AMerican CaHoicisM  1 95 0  993  3Ć is o AMerican ioceses ibiograpH  Ć Annoaed IbiograpH 2. eerences ndex
   
  
  
 
  
  ALiation with eLigioUs ComUnities (  5 0 1 9 7 8  2  A Undred Years o  ïmmigration 3   90 PresidentiaL ELection 4 ChUrch Attendance 5 PapaL AUthority   Percentage o People ïdentiying hemseLves with a eLigioUs enomination 7  CathoLics C ompared t o the Average American 8  lack A mericans' eLigioUs Ś elïdentication 9  Priests' Ethnic ŚeLïdentication 1 0  he eveLopment o  CathoLic Ś chooLs ( 1 9 50  993  1   CathoLic Ś tUdents in PUbLic Ś cools and in CathoLic Ś chooLs (  99    2  CathoLic Ś chools i n the Archdiocese o  Chicago (  99   1 3  eneral Śtatistics aboUt American CathoLicism (  9 50  993 
 9 7  75  7  8 
 83 2   2  5 2 2 7 235
23 23 8 248
Cahôlicism in he Uied Saes:
A Culual ImpôbaBiliy
ConsideR, oR instance, the meRican Catholics    his aith is    ancient, metaphysica, p oetic, elaboRate, ascetic, aUto cRatic, and intoleRant ït conRonts the boastUL natURal man, sUch as the AmeRican is, with a thoUsand denials and menaces EveRything in AmeRican Lie is at the antipodes to sUch a sysŽ tem Yet the AmeRican CatoLic is entiRely at peace  is tone in eveRything, even in ReLigion, is cheeRUlly AmeRican eoRge Śantayana Character à Opiio i the ûite Śtates
FenGaGed he uropeanor he pas e hundred years< AMerIca has IMaGInaIon ar More han any oher par o he ord, and een In hIs cenury a hIsorIan has reerred o he dIscoery o AMerIca as he Mos IMporan een sInce he spread o ChrIsIanIy  ArcInIeGas 1 9 Þ5 5   er he pas hundred years In parIcuar, here has been a þood o boo|s In hIch uropeans hae souGh o Ma|e sense o he e ord n heM AMerIca o he e ord hae becoMe syno nyMs o he nIed aes, and  sHa use Hese erMs In he saMe ay. ependInG on heIr poIn o Ie, uropean raeers In AMerIca ound ha hey eared or hoped or heIr on counrIes n any case, hey e ha oo|InG a AMerIca as I|e oo|InG a heIr on uure, and ha Made hIs Ieraure More IneresInG han repors on ra­ es In oher, een More eoIc pas o he ord Auhors and readers un|noInGy conrMed he heorIes o soca scenss Ho oresa ony a snGe road or Modern socIeIes o He esern ype, aonG hIcH soMe oud proceed More sIy because burdened h ess baGgaGe, bu hch a o heM oud sooner or aer oo o Is end AMerIca as hus seen as beInG In he anGuard o a conInunG uro pean hIsory
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