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RICH HABITS. do you have them? And if so, are you being true to them? utlizing them every day? always attempting to to advance and improve them?

if so, you'll find nothing new in this book.

But on the other hand,if you don't have rich habits, or more crucially- if you have no idea what they are - perhaps this quote from there late Irish playwright Oscar Wilde will put you in the picture:

"success is a science: if you have the get the results."

Getting the drift now? the "ingredients" Mr. Wilde refers to are the habits that lead to wealth creation. The daily consistent actions that diligently obsevered and applied, inch you forward to your goal.

Bottom Line - Thinking isn't enough. To arrive at riches, however you may define them, requires having, and utliizing rich habits.

It's these small, seemingly inconsequential actions that are responsible for the success of many millionaires. They don't pay bills until the last miniute. They know the difference between cheap and thrifty.

They save the coins in the sofa: That is to say they realize the power of compounding interest. And the fact that if you truly want financial success, there is no such thing as:"small change."

In this specific and detailed book Financial Legend W.E. Buffet gives you his insider insight, to ensure that you form and utlilize "Rich Habits."



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Date de parution 23 octobre 2021
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