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Mandela The leader model for the XXIst century

88 pages

The purpose of this book is to present Mandela's leadership and how it can be possible for the future leaders to copy it. Mandela's leadership is a book written to help understanding the way Mandela took to lead South Africa.

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Ajouté le : 01 avril 2011
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Martin N Etoundi Ngono        MANDELA
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In writing this, I have depended upon countless acts of support, generosity, and guidance. To those who introduced me to the love of real and true leadership , to those who demonstrated it in their lives , and to those who challenged me to work hard for the rest of my life, especially late relatives Joseph and Analia Etoundi. Mandela who gives me the possibilities to stay a while in South Africa land and who open my mind to understand the Leadership today. To my beautiful wife Rosebaret who for the first time lead me to the lord. To my sisters and brothers, Etoundis familyall Africans, to my professors in theology, professor past Maurice, Kotze and his wife. My professors in journalism school who tough me how to write better.  
If Nelson Mandela didnt exist, it was possible to pray and beg God to create him. MANDELA the visionary Leader Thanks to your advice. That happened! It happened because MANDELA advice us to love Africa. The truth has made me free to think. I try to retract that gallant historic. African must have the possibilities to growth because his son .No one cant forget what proud Man as Mandela did for all the continent. My hair never did much for me, and I never did much for it, expect people help him to growth from their advices. I am always what is commonly termed a listener. Really I am delighted since a number of my African Brothers have spent their time to move. The peace, I intend to do nothing about it