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Based on the teaching experience of its author, this book is a must-have supplemental study tool primarily meant to help top-form French-speaking students, in Africa and elsewhere, prepare for the written baccalauréat ("bac") examination in English. Experience has shown that in addition to their regular textbooks and their teachers' lessons, French-speaking students still badly need just such material for honing their writing skills before sitting for any written tests and examinations in English.



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Date de parution 01 février 2015
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Felix C. Facounde
Write BAC
A practical approach
Write BAC A practical approach
A practical approach
© L’Harmattan, 2015 5-7, rue de l’Ecole-Polytechnique, 75005 Paris http://www.harmattan.fr diffusion.harmattan@wanadoo.fr harmattan1@wanadoo.fr ISBN : 978-2-343-05127-7 EAN : 9782343051277
I would like to express my gratitude to all those who, one way or another, gave me the possibility to write this text. I want to pay special tribute to the late Pr. Noël Dossou-Yovo, erstwhile Head of the English Department, in the early days of Université Nationale du Benin (UNB), Abomey-Calavi. His non-such lectures coupled with the fruitful exchange we had with him during our Post-Graduate Research Students stay at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, proved so inspirational to me. I owe him so much more than he could ever have suspected himself. May he rest in eternal peace! I am deeply indebted to all my former students, including those I fondly nicknamed my “dearest dunces”, without whom I would never have ventured into the teaching arena, either in Benin or in Ivory Coast. It was so much fun interacting with you all! My former colleagues contributed a great deal to my research work. I want to thank them all for their help, support, interest and valuable hints. Especially I am obliged to Ms. Pamela Moore— now living at Suru-Lere, Lagos, Nigeria or wherever-- whom I shared so much experience with and who repeatedly prodded me to write this text so that those long years spent teaching English would not amount to a waste of time. I also want to remember a special friend, nay brother, now deceased, the late Sèmèvo Paul, former Director of Academic Affairs at Groupe Pigier Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan, who offered me an unsolicited helping hand when none else did at a tough point in time… Honesty compels me to admit that this work would not be complete without some of the source material that was gathered from various Newspapers, Magazines and the Internet… As A. Lavoisier so aptly put it: “Nothing gets lost, nothing gets created, everything is just transformed.” I am most grateful to my “American Brother”, Dale Adams, Manager of WordFirm, a Washington-based language services company, who proposed to look closely at the final version of the text for English style and grammar. He was so kind as to take time to correct it and to offer insightful suggestions for improvement.
Especially, I would like to give my special thanks to my wife Amilia whose patient love enabled me to complete this work. I am thankful to my charming daughters Rosite, Nikita and Sharon, too. They sometimes acted as typists to me without pay, i.e., just for a mere song.
To the Instructor
Write BAC: a Practical Approach, the title of this text, is primarily meant as a homophonic pun of “Right back” inspired by my personal homecoming experience after long aching years spent so far away from home. Broadly speaking, Write BAC: a Practical Approach falls into two main parts: Writing fundamentals and The Student’s “Must-know”. Each part provides adequate coverage so that the students who are bent on improving their English language skills may find it as informative as possible to achieve their terminal objectives. Some may be tempted to say that Write BAC: a Practical Approach may prove very tedious to Francophone users as the text is almost entirely written out in English. As a matter of course, such need not be reminded that nothing comes easy. In other words, as Write BAC: a Practical Approach is not a text about the French language, it requires a wee bit of self-stretching on the part of prospective users, be they French speakers or otherwise. Dear fellow teacher, your criticisms and feedback will be highly appreciated, as I feel that they will help make this text much more enriching for everybody.