At Dinosaur School


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Bye-bye boredom! 1 illustrated story to make time fly while you wait!

You never get bored at dinosaur school! Especially when the school principal, Mr. Tyler Seffal, takes the students on a field trip to discover volcanoes…

This story is from the collected volume Bye-bye boredom - Dinosaurs, Stories to Help Pass the Time, also available in digital format.



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Date de parution 19 décembre 2012
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EAN13 9782215122166
Langue English

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At dinosaur school, you don’t learn to read and write but how to hunt and avoid danger. In short, how to survive, which is a very handy thing to know.
And yet, Edmund O’Sorrows was bored.
He had other ideas, other plans, other things he liked to do. So all on his own, from night to dawn, he invented things: hats made out of coconuts, lamps made of glowworms, hair gel made from slug slime… All kinds of stuff that was totally useless and gave his classmates a good laugh at his expense.
Tyran Oscar, the big show-off, was always tripping him up whenever he walked by. A. Pat O’Sawyer, the school’s star sportsman, never picked Edmund for his team. And even Ella Frossoris, the prettiest and smartest girl in the class, thought he was a little goofy.