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Super-Jojo Plays Hooky

5 pages

Magical adventures in the land of unicorns, fairies, and sorcerers!

At superhero school, you learn lots of really neat stuff… But Super-Jojo would still rather be outside! A story of fantasy especially written for big boys and girls to help your child discover the pleasure of reading on their own.

Ideal for ages 6 to 9.

This story is from the collected volume Fantasy Stories, also available in digital format.

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Every day, Super-Jojo sighed as he entered the gates of superhero school. He dragged his heels because he’d much rather be outside, playing hooky! So one morning, while the teacher was writing on the white board, Super-Jojo slipped on his superhero cape and, woosh, he flew out of the window. The teacher saw him and was frantic: “Super-Jojo! Come back here right now! Outside, there’s a…” A what? Super-Jojo was flying way too fast to hear the end of her sentence. Oh, never mind!