The Giant Iceman


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Goosebumps guaranteed!

In Lapland, you must never get lost in the forest after dark, because the terrible giant iceman stalks there at night! Can Vladimir manage to outwit him? A story full of suspens, especially written for big boys and girls, to help your child discover the pleasure of reading on their own.

Ideal for ages 6 to 9.

This story is from the collected volume Spine-Tingling Stories, also available in digital format.

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Date de parution 19 décembre 2012
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EAN13 9782215122135
Langue English

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In Lapland, you must never get lost in the forest after dark. For nighttime is the realm of the terrifying giant iceman. It is said that he kidnaps stray travelers and eats them alive. The only way to escape him is to light a fire as soon as night falls. The giant iceman won’t come near for fear of melting.
One day, Vladimir was crossing the forest on his way home. He was in a hurry to get there before nightfall. But the snow began falling thick and fast and Vladimir could hardly see a thing. When the snow finally stopped… he was lost. And even worse, night was beginning to fall!