The Haunted Highway


9 pages
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Bye-bye boredom! 1 illustrated story to make time fly while you wait!

The drive in the car was so long! William was fed up… But worse was to come: when he had to switch off his games console to stretch his legs at a rest area, it all turned into a nightmare… You’ve got to admit, a rest area inhabited by dinosaurs is far from, well,… restful!

This story is from the collected volume Bye-bye boredom - Dinosaurs, Stories to Help Pass the Time, also available in digital format.



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Date de parution 19 décembre 2012
Nombre de visites sur la page 16
EAN13 9782215122197
Langue English

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Sitting in the back seat of the car, for two hours now William had been on his games console playing Pokemon Crater. It was all guns blazing! Bulbasaur had just come under a huge attack of spiked Squirtles. Life points were ticking away right before his very eyes… Quick! He had to take advantage of his weakness to strike. William launched a grenade. Tick… tick… tick…
Tick… tick… tick…
Dad repeated with a frown as he looked at him in the rear-view mirror.
“Hmmm…? What!?”
“We’re going to take a break at the next rest area to stretch our legs,” his dad explained. “So turn off your game now, please.” “But I’m right in the middle of a battle!”