95. Love And The Gods - The Pink Collection


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Queen Victoria sends for the Duke of Sherbourne and asks him to undertake a very secret mission on her behalf. It is so secret that only his loyal valet, Jenkins, is told.The Duke agrees and it takes him to Greece where he had not been for some years.He visits King George who is the same age as he is and whom he has known in the past.He has been a great success as King, although he was only eighteen when he took over the throne and he is married to Princess Olga of Russia and they are extremely happy.The Duke envies them and, although he has been pursued by a great number of beautiful women in London, he has never yet fallen in love. He consistently refuses to marry although his family beg him to produce an heir to his ancient title.Before the Duke leaves Athens, he says that he must visit the Parthenon because he wants to see again the view from the top as it is the most inspiring in the world.When he reaches the top, the only other person there is a young and beautiful girl who he senses is about to commit suicide.How the Duke persuades Princess Thalia not to throw her life away in such a stupid fashion.How he learns that she is being forced by her uncle to marry a Russian Prince she detests.How he goes to Delos, the island where the God Apollo was born.How, when he is there, he experiences a strange and mystical feeling that cannot be expressed in words.Eventually the Duke finds all that he is seeking.All his and Thalia’s problems and difficulties are solved not only by the brains of human beings but with the help and guidance of the Gods themselves.This is all told in this intriguing and surprising story by BARBARA CARTLAND.



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The Duke had brought with him the lantern that he a lways kept in his cabin. He had used it in the past when he had sometimes gone ashore alone at night. Now, without speaking to Jenkins, he lit the lanter n and then, moving a little further into the cave, he lifted the lantern high a nd saw exactly all that the King had told him he would find. On either side of the cave, which did not go in very far, there were a number of large rocks. They did not quite reach the roof of the cave, but left just enough space, he thought, to hold the statue of Apollo invisible to a casual explorer. Jenkins was watching him and, when the Duke put dow n his lantern, he knew exactly what to do without any instructions. Together they went back, lifted the statue very ver y carefully and carried it into the cave. They placed it gently on top of the rough rocks and there was then no more than six inches between the statue of Apollo and th e roof of the cave. The Duke was thankful to find that the rocks were d ry and so there was no likelihood of the sea flooding in and sweeping the precious statue away. As he laid Apollo gently down, now back at last on his own land, the Duke experienced a strange feeling. Something he had never felt before. He could not explain it.
Buthor in the history of thearbara Cartland was the most prolific bestselling a world. She was frequently in the Guinness Book of R ecords for writing more books in a year than any other living author. In fa ct her most amazing literary feat was when her publishers asked for more Barbara Cartland romances, she doubled her output from 10 books a year to over 20 books a year, when she was 77. She went on writing continuously at this rate for 2 0 years and wrote her last book at the age of 97, thus completing 400 books be tween the ages of 77 and 97. Her publishers finally could not keep up with this phenomenal output, so at her death she left 160 unpublished manuscripts, som ething again that no other author has ever achieved. Now the exciting news is that these 160 original un published Barbara Cartland books are ready for publication and they w ill be published by Barbaracartland.com exclusively on the internet, as the web is the best possible way to reach so many Barbara Cartland readers aroun d the world. The 160 books will be published monthly and will be numbered in sequence. The series is called the Pink Collection as a tribu te to Barbara Cartland whose favourite colour was pink and it became very much her trademark over the years. The Barbara Cartland Pink Collection is published o nly on the internet. Log on towww.barbaracartland.comfind out how you can purchase the books to monthly as they are published, and take out a subsc ription that will ensure that all subsequent editions are delivered to you by mai l order to your home.
If you do not have access to a computer you can wri te for information about the Pink Collection to the following address : BarbaraCartland.com Camfield Place Hatfield Hertfordshire AL9 6JE United Kingdom Telephone: +44 1707 642629 Fax: +44 1707 663041
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95. Love and the Gods
Barbara Cartlandnety eight,, who sadly died in May 2000 at the grand age of ni remains one of the world’s most famous romantic nov elists. With worldwide sales of over one billion, her outstanding 723 book s have been translated into thirty six different languages, to be enjoyed by re aders of romance globally. Writing her first book ‘Jigsaw’ at the age of 21, B arbara became an immediate bestseller. Building upon this initial s uccess, she wrote continuously throughout her life, producing bestsellers for an a stonishing 76 years. In addition to Barbara Cartland’s legion of fans in th e UA and across Europe, her books have always been immensely popular in the USĀ . In 1976 she achieved the unprecedented feat of having books at numbers 1 & 2 in the prestigious B. Dalton Bookseller bestsellers list. Ālthough she is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Romance’, Barbara Cartland also wrote several historical biographies, six autobiographies and numerous theatrical plays as well as books on life, love, health and cookery. Becoming one of Britain's most popular media perso nalities and dressed in her trademark pink, Barbara spoke on radio and televisi on about social and political issues, as well as making many public appearances. In 1991 she became a Dame of the Order of the Briti sh Empire for her contribution to literature and her work for humanitarian and charitable causes. Anown for her glamour, style, and vitality Barbara Cartland became a legend in her own lifetime. Best remembered for her wonde rful romantic novels and loved by millions of readers worldwide, her books r emain treasured for their heroic heroes, plucky heroines and traditional valu es. But above all, it was Barbara Cartland’s overriding belief in the positiv e power of love to help, heal and improve the quality of life for everyone that m ade her truly unique.