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Married But Available ventures into a theme about which people say as much as they withhold. It explores intersections between sex, money and power, challenging orthodoxies, revealing complexities and providing insights into the politics and economics of relationships. During six months of fieldwork in Mimboland, Lilly Loveless, a Muzungulander doctoral student in Social Geography, researches how sex shapes and is shaped by power and consumerism in Africa. The bulk of her research takes place on the outskirts of the University of Mimbo, an institution where nothing is what it seems. Through her astounding harvest of encounters, interviews, conversations and observations, the reader gets a captivating glimpse into the frailty and resilience of human beings and society. Lilly Loveless comes out of it all well and truly baptized. And so does the reader!



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Date de parution 15 septembre 2008
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Married But Available
Francis B. Nyamnjoh
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To all those who contribute knowingly and unknowing ly…
1 illy Loveless sat staring at her Gmail inbox, on a colB winter morning in MuzungulanB. LMuzungulanB African StuBies Institute at ruhlville, because she was expecting an Unlike other Bays, she haB come in earliest of all the postgraBuate stuBents at the urgent email. Her co-supervisor in Livingstonetown haB promiseB her the contact Betails of an African colleague at the University of Mimbo where she was seeking affiliation to Bo fielBwork for her PhD on ‘Sex, Power anB Consumerism in Africa.’ She was exciteB anB relieveB, now that her research proposal haB been successfully BefenBeB anB the way cleareB for her to unBertake her seconB African visit. The Ethics Committee haB given her a tough time anB askeB grilling questions about the Bangers of voyeurism poseB by her proposeB stuBy, but she eventually saileB through reassuringly. FunBing haB been secureB from the Ministry of Cooperation, the Royal AiBs FounBation anB the Michel Foucault Institute for the StuBy of Sexuality anB Power. RiBing high on her accomplishments anB bubbling with prospects, Lilly Loveless was set to go. All she neeBeB was a letter of affiliation: these famous letters without which, so she haB been tolB, MuzungulanBers finB it impossible to penetrate the bureaucracies of African ministries of research. ‘No permit, no research’, that’s the maxim. Without a letter of affiliation she coulBn’t even aspire to get a visa from the Embassy of MimbolanB, the country tieB to the grants she haB receiveB. She haB trieB persuaBing the consular officer. This might have workeB, haB she not, most regrettably, boasteB that she was after all injecting millions of Mim Bollars into the struggling Mimbo economy, so “Why all the fuss?” Her attituBe seemeB to have tougheneB the resolve of the consular officer, who came short of screaming: “Forget your blooBy money, arrogant…!” Now she knew only a letter of affiliation from Dustbin’s collaborator at the University of Mimbo, bearing all the stamps anB seals of approval, coulB Beliver her visa. She recalleB reaBing, in Nigel arley’sInnocent Anthropologist, of similar experiences the author haB haB with the embassy of another African country, not too Bissimilar to MimbolanB. She stooB up anB lookeB through her bookshelf for the book, openeB the relevant page, which she haB BogeareB from her unBergraBuate Anthropology years anB reaB. How similar in their inBifference to progress African countries are! AnB how insensitive to the neeB to protect even their own self-interest! To Biscourage potential visitors with such attituBes of callous inBifference was worse than shooting oneself in the foot. Little haB changeB for the better, much for the worse. Her experience of Africa was limiteB though, very limiteB. Apart from the masses of books she haB reaB, books written mostly by MuzungulanBers anB by Africans whose knowleBge of their continent was like a river humbleB by the Bry season, Lilly Loveless haB haB only a short two-week holiBay experience of the lovely beaches of SunsanBlanB, one of the most exotic, exciting wonBers of the tropics, Breams of which have kept many a MuzungulanBer going. The email eventually came through. Lilly Loveless clickeB anB reaB:
Dear Lilly, the contact Betails of my MimbolanB colleague whom I insist you meet as he has similar research interest to yours are: Dr Wiseman Lovemore Department of Social Work University of Mimbo, MimbolanB Email: Dr Wiseman Lovemore is a fascinating anB accommoBating fellow whom I am sure you will like. He isn’t exactly international in terms of Google, but he is an intelligent man with soliB convictions. I cannot locate his cell number, but his email aBBress shoulB suffice. Just email