Profitable Innovation?


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Today, businesses and their surrounding environments evolve so fast that companies are obliged to propose solutions that are better than the competition, while being on the look-out for the chance to ride the most promising waves. Innovation is an absolute necessity. Yet, the vast majority of innovation projects are synonymous with risk: lost resources and time. How can a business innovate successfully and safely? Which techniques should it choose? Which techniques should it ignore? Methods, tips, and anecdotal examples ensure that this unusual book answers all your questions. In a straightforward style, seasoned and successful innovation specialist Fernand Gouth shares his insights based on his own know-how of consistent, profitable innovation. A real gold mine, where the reader quickly senses the weight of the author’s experience. Outstanding value!



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Profitable Innovation?
Fernand Gouth Profitable Innovation? The Golden Path of Efficient Innovation Publibook
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I dedicate this book to the memory of my father, who left this world and his loved ones too soon. Of course, it is always too soon, but his disappearance, on that terrible day of February 2nd, 1984, stays with me like an open wound, an emptiness. From this factory worker, I have retained a fervour for work and industriousness. I can still remember the smell of plastic when he returned from his job, operating “his” extrusion line. I have inherited, to a lesser degree, and with considerably less talent, his pas-sion for gardening, the magic of transforming seeds into plants, of making trees bear fruit. He was no longer there to guide me in of my lifechoices, my studies. I thank my mother, who knew how to instil a part of her confidence in me: enough for me to dare to embark on the long journey of studying to become an engineer, despite having only a school leaving certificate, and in spite of very precarious financial circumstances. My wife and my two children fill my life with happiness and contribute, in a fundamental way, to the balance that is necessary to succeed in a professional life that is full of passion and also has its doubts and questions. Along the way, I have had the great fortune of rubbing shoulders with highly knowledgeable people who were always ready to share and to debate. These are the people who made it possible for me to become who I am today. A big thank-you to you all!
In the last 12 years, I have had the opportunity to work under the leadership of Jörg, Philippe and Alfred. They are managers in the best sense of the word: able to guide, rather than dictate. They transmitted their values and their know-how, which allowed me to grow, and to take on new dimensions. I am eternally grateful to them.