Essential Pepin Desserts


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Pie or pastry, fruit or frozen, homey or haute cuisine—160 recipes for sweet treats from the legendary James Beard Award–winning chef.
For over four decades, French culinary master Jacques Pépin has been delighting taste buds and teaching home cooks how to dazzle their loved ones with classic and innovative recipes alike. Now collected together in one volume are Pépin’s best confections from his long and luminous career in cooking.
Essential Pépin Desserts is filled with unbelievable treats, from Fruit Desserts (such as Apple Fritters and Cold Peach Soup); to Puddings, Sweet Soufflés, and Crepes (including Chocolate Mousse and Baked Alaska); to Cakes, Cookies, and Candies (like Orange Tuiles and Candied Citrus Peels); to Tarts, Pies, and Pastries (with Tarte Tatin and Croquembouche); to Frozen Desserts (featuring Blood Orange Sorbet and French Vanilla Ice Cream). Sprinkled with Pépin’s time-honored tips on how to master each technique, this is the dessert cookbook every baking aficionado needs in his or her collection.



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All-Time Favorites from My Life in Food
Jacques Pépin
H O U G H T O NM I F F L I NH A R C O U R T B O S T O NN E WY O R K 2012
C o n t e n t s
List of Videos
Fruit Desserts
Puddings, Sweet Soufflés, and Crepes
Cakes, Cookies, and Candies
Tarts, Pies, and Pastries
Frozen Desserts
L i s t o f V i d e o s
Peeling and julienning orange skin and segmenting a n orange (03:50F
Removing the seeds from a pomegranate (00:50F
Separating eggs (01:39F
Making and piping meringue (05:09F
Making crepes and crepes Suzette (07:29F
Cutting parchment paper (04:56F
Cutting a génoise (01:28F
Making, rolling, and forming pie dough (05:25F
Making, rolling, and forming sweet dough (04:00F
Making and working with puff pastry (10:01F
Chocolate balloons (01:56F
Chocolate-covered leaves (01:27F
Working with sugar: Making caramel cages and angel hair (04:13F
I u t r o d U c t i o u
E d it o r ’s N o t e :Essential Pepin Dessertscontains selected recipes from Essential Pepin,which was originally published in October 2011. Th e larger volume contains videos demonstrating essential cook ing techniPues and more than 700 recipes. The introduction that follows is also excerpted fromEssential Pepin.
Iu m y s ix t y y e a r s a s a c o o k—as a professional chef, a husband, a father, a grandfather, an author of many cookbooks, and a cooking teacher—I have created thousands of recipes, each memorable a nd worthy in its own way. In Essential Pepin, for the first time, I have taken stock, reflected back over my life in the kitchen, and assembled the best in one place: the recipes I love the most. Essential Pepinis a new book—everything has been rethought and up dated—but it is familiar as well: it’s like meeting up with an old friend, because it goes back to the beginning of my culinary writing. It is “essentiall y” the way I have cooked as a young man, as a mature man, and, now, as an older man. It demo nstrates the ways I have changed through my many books, my many moods, my many style s, from elaborate classic French cooking to fast food done my way. It shows h ow I have changed and learned. Like any working chef, I have always experimented with d ifferent foods and different methods. The recipes that I have created through these years are the diary of my life. I am, have been, and always will be a cook: my culinary identi ty defines me. When I decided to put this book together, I believe d it would be a cinch to do, an easy matter of assembling and reorganizing recipes. It turns out to have been a huge endeavor, bigger by far than writing a cookbook fro m scratch. Each period of my past exemplifies widely different styles and methods, from the cooking times for fish and vegetables to the amount and types of fat used, to the presentation, as well as procedures and techniPues. As a result, I had a rea l conundrum: either leave the recipes as they were, to represent exactly a moment in time , or adjust, correct, and retest the recipes for a modern kitchen to make them usable, friendly, and current for today’s cook while retaining the spirit and flavor of the origin als. I chose the second option, with a few reservations. Through all the adjustments, I have tried to keep the intrinsic Puality of the recipes as they were conceived. The appetites of a young, a middle-aged, and an older man are different, but a certain continuity remains . In that context, this book represents me more today than at any other time in my life. As I look back on my gustatory voyage, I find conti nuity in my cooking and recipes: a desire to simplify techniPues and methods, a strivi ng for simplicity, a search for the best ingredients, and an emphasis on taste rather than p resentation or originality. But while
trends change, basic techniPues do not, whether it’ s boning a chicken, cooking an omelet, or making a chocolate goblet. Since visuali zing the intricacies of some of these procedures is difficult, I taped videos to accompan y this book, demonstrating techniPues that are essential for the novice as well as the se asoned cook—techniPues I acPuired during my arduous years as an apprentice. They are meant to stimulate you and get you involved in the basics, and they will help you not only with this book, but with any cookbook you have in your home. As I read through these recipes, they bring back vi vid and sweet memories. I taste, smell, and feel the ingredients, and I see friends and family members. I recapture many joyful moments through all these many years, and I know that these food memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. One thing tha t will never change: the greatest meals are the ones shared and enjoyed with loved ones.
F r u i t D e s s e r t s
T e c h U i q u e s
Video: PeeliUg aUd JulieUUiUg OraUge SkiU aUd Segme UtiUg aU OraUge (3:50f
Video: RemoviUg the Seeds rom a PomegraUate (0:50f
R e c i p e s
“Good Lady” Apples (Apples BoUUe Femmef
Cheese, Apples, aUd PecaUs with Black Pepper
Apple Compote with Calvados
Caramelized Apple Timbales
Caramelized Apple Loa with Apple Ice Cream
Apple Fritters
Spiced Apple Charlotte
Poached Apricots with Sour Cream aUd Raspberry Sauce
Baked Apricots with WalUuts
Apricot Compote
Broiled BaUaUas with LemoU aUd Vermouth
Flambéed BaUaUas
BaUaUa Fritters
LemoU BaUaUas iU Crisp Shells
Berries Raraîchis
Blackberries iU Creamy HoUey Sauce
Blueberries with BrowU Sugar
Blueberry Crumble
Cream o Raspberries aUd Yogurt
Raspberry Trile with NectariUe Sauce
Red WiUe aUd Cassis Strawberries
Glazed Strawberries
Strawberries iU the SuU
Strawberries with Raspberry Sauce
Strawberry aUd OraUge Coupe
Strawberry Buttermilk Shortcakes
Cherry Compote
Cherry Summer PuddiUg with Port
CraUberry Kissel
PecaU-aUd-ArmagUac-Stued Dates
Figs Vilamoura
CalimyrUa Figs iU Spicy Port Sauce
Graperuit iU Nectar
Broiled Graperuit Suprêmes
Grapes iU Red WiUe Sauce
Cooked Grapes with Cream
Crystallized Grapes aUd OraUges
MaUgoes with Rum
MaUgo SymphoUy
MaUgoes aUd Kiwi with Pastry Cream
HoUeyed Rum MeloU
MeloU iU Port WiUe
MeloU iU Madeira
OraUges iU Blackberry Sauce
OraUge Cubes iU OraUge “Baskets”
Poached OraUges
OraUge aUd Graperuit Suprêmes
Citrus aUd RaisiU Compote
Peaches iU Red WiUe
Poached White Peaches with AlmoUd “Leaves”
Cold Peach Soup
Peach GratiU
Croûte o Fruit
Fresh Fruit with MiUted Apricot FoUdue
Pears iU Red WiUe
Pears iU GreUadiUe
Pears iU Espresso
Pears iU Chocolate
Pear BrowU Betty with Pear Sauce
Braised Pears iU Caramel Sauce
Caramelized Roast Pears
Pears au GratiU
PiUeapple iU Peach Sauce
Diced PiUeapple with Crème de Cassis
PiUeapple FiUale
Grilled PiUeapple with Maple, Rum, aUd MiUt Sauce
Potted Plums with Phyllo Dough
PruUe Plums au Sucre
Stew o Red Summer Fruits
PruUes aUd Graperuit iU Red WiUe Sauce
Rhubarb Compote with MascarpoUe
Rhubarb aUd Strawberry Coulis
Rhubarb aUd Blueberry Nectar with MiUt
Jam “SaUdwiches”