The Truth Waits
151 pages

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The Truth Waits


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151 pages

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"Bears all the hallmarks of a great thriller" Claire Dyer
"Builds to an electrifying conclusion" Kirsten Hesketh
"Articulate and gripping" Shelley Weiner
"An engrossing mystery" Sam Carrington

Anna has everything worked out – a successful company, all the comforts she needs and no ties. But when she stumbles across the body of a young girl on a deserted beach in Lithuania, everything changes.

Anna is compelled to uncover the story behind the tragedy, despite concern from her partner, Will. Everything points towards sex trafficking, but as she searches, her own deepest secrets start to surface.

When Will disappears without a trace, Anna is pulled further into the murky world of organised crime. Time is running out for them all, and there’s a killer out there who will stop at nothing.

Beard enthralls the reader in this fast-paced psychological crime thriller. Anna serves as the perfect power-house protagonist, her daring escapades leaving the reader questioning: how far should one go to solve a murder?

'"This novel bears all the hallmarks of a great thriller. It not only deals with huge issues like greed, guilt, evil and revenge, but with Anna’s deeply personal search for justice, reconciliation, forgiveness and trust. Her journey takes her to the very limits of herself but, at its heart, The Truth Waits is also a story about love in its best forms and I defy anyone not to get swept up in it" Claire Dyer

"I very much enjoyed reading The Truth Waits. It is taut and tense and builds to an electrifying conclusion" Kirsten Hesketh

"Articulate and gripping - an impressive achievement" Shelley Weiner

"I enjoyed Susanna’s emotive and thought-provoking novel - I thought it was an engrossing mystery and loved the Lithuanian setting. She dealt with some dark themes and created great three-dimensional characters, especially Anna, who was complex and engaging. I wanted to go along with her in her journey for finding the truth" Sam Carrington


On a strip of sand by a northern sea, saltwater caresses pale skin.  Bare legs are washed clean, buffed by gentlewaves and a million grains of sand. A single shoe, its skinny heel pointing tothe sky, lies lonely. Fabric swirls in the backwash, its pattern of leaves andflowers fading in the brine; yellow hair curls and curves like soft seaweed.The eyes, blue as the sky, stare out at the world, which has turned away.

Chapter 1

 The Baltic Sea, at last. She's never been asfar as this, never seen this vast stretch of white sand, this huge horizonbeyond which lies Scandinavia.

The hotel is flanked by sand dunes, eachroom overlooking the sea. It's off-season, the winter dragging on, but even insummer people come here to escape everyday life. No children here, no tours, nolive entertainment. Just views of the huge grey sea and the lowering sky, along spit of sand that seems to go on for ever, birds screaming. No need totalk to anyone.

She feels the cold blast of sea wind on hercheek as if for the first time, relishes its beating and buffeting as shewalks, takes deep gulps of oxygen until her head aches with the freshness ofit. She breathes in the icy air. Gradually her mind empties of chatter, herbody starts to recalibrate.

Until a small, energetic volcano far awayinterrupts the gentle flow of the hours.



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Date de parution 01 novembre 2018
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Langue English

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