The Tramp Room


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A young girl falls asleep in the Joseph Schneider Haus and wakes up in the 1850s. At the same time, a tramp boy seeks sanctuary from a cruel master. Caught in the past, the young girl, Elizabeth Salisbury, is thrust into the drama of the tramp boy’s struggle to remain free.



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Date de parution 22 octobre 2009
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The Tramp Room
The Tramp Room
by Nancy-Lou Patterson
Friends of the Joseph Schneider Haus
Publication of this book was made possible in part by funding from the Friends of the Joseph Schneider Haus. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for our publishing program. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program for our publishing activities.
Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Patterson, Nancy-Lou, 1929- The tramp room ISBN 0-88920-329-6 I. Friends of Joseph Schneider Haus. II. Title. PS8581.A79T72 1998 C813’.54 C98-932629-2 PR9199.3.P37T72 1998 Copyright © 1999 Nancy-Lou Patterson WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY PRESS Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5
Cover Photo: Joseph Schneider Haus Four-Square Kitchen Garden. Photo: Bill Knetsch, The Studio, Guelph. FIRST PRIZE, Friends of the Joseph Schneider Haus Photography Contest 1997 Text Illustrations: Nancy-Lou Patterson Cover Design: Ampersand Studios
Printed in Canada
All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by the copyrights hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means—graphic, electronic, or mechanical—without the prior written permission of the publisher. Any request for photocopying, recording, taping, or reproducing in information storage and retrieval systems of any part of this book shall be directed in writing to the Canadian Reprography Collective, 214 King Street West, Suite 312, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3S6.
In memory of my grandmother Emma Wanger Gellerman 1 878-1954
This story is a work of fiction. Every effort has been made to achieve accuracy of detail in regard to the nineteenth century community and culture it represents. The names of the Joseph Schneider family, whose home is now the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum, have been used, but their characters as I have portrayed them, and the experiences they are described as having, are entirely imaginary. I wish to express my thanks to the Friends of the Joseph Schneider Haus and to Susan Burke, Manager-Curator of the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum, along with Katherine McCracken, Curatorial Assistant; Cathy Blackbourn, Education Coordinator; Karen Rennie, Teacher-Programmer; Anne-Marie Bettschen, Clerk; Kathryn Plunkett, Teacher-Interpreter; Michelle Spencer, Teacher-Interpreter; Mara Hollands, Teacher-Interpreter; Drew Maxwell, Weekend Interpreter; Steve Mavers, Weekend Supervisor; and Junior Interpreters Charlene Arbor, Nadine Borch, Laura Sauder, Kim Snyder, and Katherine Vernelli; as well as Nancy Martin and Matthias Martin, Miriam Sokvitne, Linda Schryer, Sandra Woolfrey, Evie Hill, Elizabeth Morley, and Paul Tiessen for their help, advice, and encouragement in the writing of this book. I also wish to acknowledge Gisela Brude-Firnau and Nancy Martin for their translations from the EbyABCand theLieder-Sammlung;I have added metre and rhyme. My thanks, as always, go first and last to my husband and fellow scholar, E Palmer Patterson.
Nancy-Lou Patterson
About the Author
InThe Tramp Room,Nancy-Lou Patterson (Distinguished Emerita Professor of Fine Arts, University of Waterloo, and D. Litt., honoris causa, Wilfrid Laurier University) brings together her skills as scholar and author. Of her many scholarly works,Mennonite Traditional Art(1979), Wreath and Bough(1983) andThe Language of Paradise(1985), and some sixty articles are devoted to Mennonite culture. Her previous works for young adult readers includeApple Staff and Silver Crown(1985),The Painted Hallway(1992) andBarricade Summer(1996). Based on careful research and deep empathy for the communities she portrays,The Tramp Roomis a major milestone in her creative career. Nancy-Lou Patterson, artist, poet, scholar and author, says, “For four decades I combined university teaching with mothering nine children and publishing scholarly articles and books.” In her young-adult novels, she combines a historian’s accuracy, an artist’s vision and a poet’s voice.