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Innovative Technology Based Library Services : A Case Study of National Physical Laboratory , New Delhi - India


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The focus of this book is Innovative Technology Based Library Services : A Case Study of National Physical Laboratory , New Delhi-India. It’s discusses: (Technology, NationalPhysicalLaboratory, and Bibliography).



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Innovative Technology based Library Services
Innovative Technology based Library Services A Case Study of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi-India
Authors Prof. Mohammad A. M. Wadaan Dr. Abdelrahim Antar Abdelrahman Mady
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م2016 - ـﻫ1437
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Introduction to Information
and Communication Technology
The present century is the age of digital nervous system, which aims at leveraging the two - core revolutions, PC and Internet and other advancements in information processing, storage and communication technologies have revolutionized the role of the libraries and information centers all over the world.
As a result, libraries are facing new challenges, new competitors, new demands and variety of information services.
To meet the new challenges and multifaceted information needs of user, libraries and information centers are reconsolidating, re - shaping, and redesigning their services and information products by incorporating new tools and technologies, upgrading information resources, training library and information professionals
and adopting innovative technologies to combat these challenges.
Huge amount of information is being generated in every moment in various forms and content such as books, periodicals, conference proceeding, technical reports, standard and patents, CD - Rom, online databases and web.
The information is dynamic and unending resource that affects all disciplines and all walks of life. Hence, the information becomes an essential ingredient of our life and a basic input to education, research, planning and development activities.
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the science of handling and processing information, particularly by computers used to support communication of knowledge in scientiîc, technical, economical and social îelds. ICT has convergence of two fold of technologies namely, computers and communication tools.
In other words, it is a mosaic of technologies, product, tools & techniques have combined to provide new electronic dimension to information handling and management.
For centuries, libraries have played important role
in supporting research in all subjects and disciplines within their host universities and colleges. But the last decade has brought a sea change in relationships between researchers and libraries.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled products and services, and the availability of online information resources have changed the way of the library services.
ICT is the integration of computer and communication technology used to process, store and disseminate information.
It has changed the traditional practices of library and information centers in delivery of services to the end users.
Now researchers can have access to a variety of information and scholarly journals online.
ICT also helps the researchers to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and communicate information more easily than ever.
Signiîcant developments in ICT have forever changed the way information is gathered, processed and disseminated. While processing, storage and retrieval facilities