A Person My Colour


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If you are tired of hearing about �whiteness�, and if you think racism exists in the hearts of evil others, or you believe that having a black friend unshackles you from racism�s hold, I dare you to read this book. Martina Dahlmanns, the daughter of parents who grew up in the shadow of post-war Germany, an adoptive mother of children who are black, and a member of a dialogue group of black and white women, urgently questions the very depths of what it means to be white in South Africa today. Her deeply personal memoir is unsettling because of what it reveals simultaneously about the enduring impact of inherited privilege and the repercussions of disadvantage. Her book is unsettling, precisely because of what it reveals simultaneously about the enduring impact of inherited privilege and the repercussions of disadvantage. But it is Dahlmanns� dialogue with Tumi Jonas�whose own reflections appear in the last section of the book�that reveals so much of what�s possible, yet potentially destructive, in relationships between black and white South Africans today.



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A PERSON MY COLOURA PERSON MY COLOURPublished in 2018 by Modjaji Books
Cape Town, South Africa
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Edited by Emily Buchanan
Cover text and artwork by Megan Ross
Book layout by Andy Thesen
Set in Stone
ISBN print: 978-1-928215-63-9
ISBN ebook: 978-1-928215-64-6For L, K and N.
You are my moon, my sun and all
the stars in the universe.
With special thanks to Tumi Jonas-Mpofu
for her contributions to Part II.C o n t e n t s
Half-title Page
Title Page
Part I
1 Mannie
2 The Good Girl
3 Lena
4 Versions of My Mother
5 Your Father Warned Me About You
6 Becoming Myself
7 Not a Bad Place to Be
8 Then I Met Your Dad
9 You Should Marry Him
10 Paper Pregnant
11 Lele
12 My Unlucky Brown Baby
13 The Little Black Girl
14 Kal
15 Nene
16 Between Mothers
18 Family of Five
19 The Earth Shakes
Part II
20 Black Wedding
21 A Person My Colour
22 Meeting Your Mama
23 Awkward Birthday Party
24 Are You a Rice-ist?
25 The Shopping Trip
26 Is She Your Madam?
27 Navy
28 White Pain
29 White Pain, Take Two
30 The Meeting After
31 The Twelve Apostles
32 Shopping While Black
33 Facing My Inner Racist
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