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The Perfect Balance

138 pages
Inspired by the Gospels and the teachings of Christ, Yvonne Trubert proposes the teachings of Christ, the practice of prayer and other "tools" whose importance she explains over the course of one hundred interviews. Her chronicles address all human beings in their quest for the absolute. The Perfect Balance follows The Energy of Love, the first volume in this series.
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The Perfect Balance

Yvonne Trubert

The Perfect Balance
Chronicle of an Invitation to Life



Editorial Direction: Albertine Gentou Translation: Isabel Custer Edwards Peter Kimberley

Recorded between 1984 and 1995 for the internal journal of the association Invitation to Life, The Book of /VI, these chronicles are taken from interviews conducted by four journalists: Marie Mignon Gardet, Marie d'HennezelWhitechurch, Marie-Hélène Rose and Albertine Gentou.

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Published in French under the title: Le Juste Equilibre

The Perfect Balance~L'Harmattan, www.editions-harmattan.fr


Table of Contents

Table of Contents Preface About IVI IVI issue n042 The Era of Love IVI issue n043 Sweet Birds of Youth IVI issue n044 France, Eldest Daughter of the Church IVI issue n045 Learn to Regenerate Yourself IVI issue n047 Nature IVI issue n048 The New Society IVI issue n051 The Quest for the Grail IVI issue n052 All Saints IVI issue n053 Feminine / Masculine

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Table of Contents in Volume 3 Bibliography & Contact Information

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rg L'Harmattan, 2008 5-7, rue de l'Ecole polytechnique; 75005 Paris http://www.librairieharmattan.com harmattan l@wanadoo.fr diffusion.harmattan@wanadoo.fr ISBN: 978-2-296-06696-0 EAN : 9782296066960

Love is everywhere. It breathes in the spirit of Mankind. It journeys silently on the tides of our heart. But though it may sometimes lose its way in the tangle of existence, it will always spring again, swift, intense and ethereal, the jewel of Light that is the divine presence in the hearts of all mankind. A spark of the fire that works miracles. The source of the ineffable mystery of human existence.

Love is the primary concern of Invitation to Life. This second tome of the interviews given by Yvonne Trubert, the founder of Invitation to Life - an association now officially recognized as being in the public interest clearly bears witness to this fact. All the great sages and saints of humanity have drawn their strength from the mysterious energy of Love, the vital force that springs eternal, ardent and silent in all of us. The Greek fathers, the fathers of the Church, Meister Eckhart, St. Jean of the Cross, or, closer to our own times, Charles de Foucauld, they have all proclaimed spiritual renewal through Love' s expansion of

The inner experience proposed by Yvonne Trubert is founded on this necessity, as deeply part of our human condition as our need for the sacred. Her teachings, based on the Gospels, presents Love, in the image of Christ, as the force which restores and reconstitutes all human beings. Yvonne Trubert considers mankind, observes without judgment, and, with a rare capacity for listening,

finds ways of stimulating our interrogations on the meaning of life. Here you will fmd no simplistic dogma to stifle an intuition quickened by practice, which, according to the Christian tradition, claims us entirely: body, soul and spirit. Those who seek spiritual dimensions in the modern world are commencing a metamorphosis that is dear to Yvonne Trubert. "What does it mean to love?" she asks, and then this radiant woman answers herself immediately: ""T 0 love means to desire the best for other people without trying to change them, but by changing ourselves."

It is true that this adventure - from the newest to the oldest aspects of the path of Love - is impossible to
experience without reconciling the disparate elements of the soul. In other words, the essential idea, eternal as

wisdom itself - an appeal made and so often repeated by Christ - is founded on this one ineluctable principle: to
accept the death of our 'self' in order to become who we really are. It is an awe-inspiring program, unattainable without certain profound renunciations, but which, in its purest form, has never ceased to haunt all those seekers of active plenitude who are driven by their conviction of humanity's essential greatness. Our transformation by the mighty lever of Love is magnified by our understanding of others and consequently, our compassion. It opens to another dimension, that of inner peace. This second tome also addresses numerous other themes, impressive in their diversity. They all guide us towards the attitude vital to our individual metamorphosis. Theyare all flamboyant in their singularity, yet alllinked inescapably to this universal notion of Love, which works in the secret of our souls, beyond our awareness, with irrepressible energy and vigor. So, as the pages turn, we discover the place of children in the life of their parents; 8

the meaning of France's ecumenical title of "The Eldest Daughter of the Church," the place in society for the elderly, who, rich with all their experiences, are now close to death, but above all, closer to the life that is transcended by Light, release from the material plane into the promised world of the energy of Love. We discover the role of prayer, always fervent, always constant, which soothes our secret pain and facilitates the dilation of our cells for the total accomplishment of our inner being. To seek the meaning of life via the straight and

narrow passages of the Love preached by Christ - this
theme appears as a leitmotiv, the unique goal of which is to draw attention to the evangelical dimension of faith, to a direct relationship with God, and to our own individual development, which quickens the flood of renewal of spiritual humanity, called as we are to "melt into the immensity of the Eternal." The spiritual renaissance now stirring at the dawn of the third millennium confIrms this objective, the sharing of fundamental values. This dimension, new to our society, addresses the regeneration of the source of ethics, prefIgured by the emergence of the new disciplines developed by scientists who are passionate about spirituality. Yvonne Trubert's aim is to help us escape our own individuality in order to tend towards an ideal defIned by constant care for others, without separations and without becoming imprisoned by subjection. Her entire life, which she has devoted to her love for humanity, to men and women in progress towards their destiny as sons and daughters of God, is a long and exemplary path for men and women of today. It stands as a challenge, a challenge graced by the immense courage to have dared, in the bewildering spiritual defIcit of our time, to assume, alone and unfailingly, with authenticity and total abnegation, her 9

role as shepherd-and this in the absence of even the perspective of a possible result. This work of awakening souls to the mystery of God, performed with the true intelligence of faith, exercises a real fascination. It bears witness to an unfailing resolution to awaken mankind to the presence of Christ, and to journey in His footsteps towards the active awareness of ourselves, as only a faithful, committed, and generous witness can. Marie Mignon-Gardet


About Invitation to Life
The association Invitation to Life, commonly known as IVI, was founded by Yvonne Trubert in 1983 and has been awarded by the French government the status of "intérêt général" ("general interest"). The management of the association is entrusted to an administrative council, according to the law of 1901. Currently present in over 40 countries, Invitation to Life works for the personal development of each human being and provides support for all those who desire total and harmonious fulfillment in their lives. The association provides a means for each of its members to help him reach his goals: to discover the potential of his soul and to bring that potential to fruition while following the teachings of Christ in daily life. Invitation to Life also offers people the opportunity to work on their own behavioral habits (fear, jealousy, rancor, despair) that make them and others suffer. The founding principles of Invitation to Life aim for simplicity, without any form of esotericism or any selective intellectual reasoning.
The Mind

Of divine essence, of matter as well as spirit, atom and energy, man is much more than he seems or than he believes. The invisible part of him, his interior world, his soul is often left unaccounted for in our essentially materialist society. Ignorant of the fact that invisible divine energy inhabits him, the human being is submitted to limitations

that he creates and to the fears that keep him from becoming free and from fully becoming himself Yet, each person is unique. Each person has specific talents that constitute his heart and the foundation on which he will build his life and his relationship with others. The human being's mission on earth is to truly become himself and thus help others. Each human being helps in the building of a better world. The Member's Path At Invitation to Life, we believe that changing the perception of an "individual" towards that of a "person" happens necessarily through one's personal development. Therefore, we work to liberate ourselves from the suffering that hinders and inhibits our soul to act within us. In isolation, a person cannot achieve this liberation because his suffering, fear or guilt makes it much too difficult to pinpoint and accept his habits, much less master them. The help of others is indispensable for one's progress. IVI Members adhere to prayer groups in which the practice of respectful, silent and attentive listening of others allows them to confront their experiences and share solutions. This teamwork is illuminating and thus helps to drive out what makes us suffer through changes in consciousness within the context of everyday events. Thus we slowly erase the automatism and habits to which we fall victim. In IVI' s centers, volunteers who are part of the association are on duty to listen and to welcome the public. Often, the public that arrives in an IVI Center is simply in need of some consolation. It is important to ask for help, and IVI Members respect this request. There is no preaching at IVI. In fact, there is a difference between the members' activities and what the members offer the 12

public. For the association's members, it is essential that there remain this difference. When a person decides that he would like to become a member of IVI in order to help other people, that person is received in a preliminary meeting with the Opening Mission in order to have an information session. In this information session, said person will learn about the seven missions into which the association is divided: Opening, Teaching, Harmonizing, Listening, Linking, Discovering and Writing, the last of which is responsible for the edition of the Book of NI, the internal journal of the association. If the person wants to join a group, the Teaching Mission signs him up for a new group with whom he will make his way for the duration of his time as a member of NI. Once a week, each group gets together to pray, then to listen to a lecture on a certain subject, e.g. forgiveness, perseverance, etc., and then to give testimonies of what they've been through and what they need to let go of, while being listened to in respectful and total silence. At the end of the meeting, everyone shares a meal. In the first few months of a new group, the people are "animated" or led by one of IV!' s established members. Eventually, the new members will attend the seminar where Yvonne Trubert teaches everyone all the movements that comprise Harmonization. When one becomes a Harmonizer, each member of the association can offer his or her services to any of the association's seven missions, go on a pilgrimage, go on an "itinerancy", or short trip, to visit and to support NI prayer groups in other countries or simply volunteer in any of the IVI Centers. The NI Member can also help members and nonmembers who are in need ofbeing calmed or relieved.