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Partition complète, Fandango, Soler, Antonio


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Pratiquez les partitions de Fandango partition complète, Fandangos, par Soler, Antonio , R. 146. Cette partition de musique classique écrite pour les instruments suivants: clavecin
La partition propose plusieurs mouvements et est classée dans les genres pour 1 musicien, Fandangos, pour clavecin, partitions pour clavecin, Dances
Visionnez dans le même temps une grande sélection de musique pour clavecin sur YouScribe, dans la rubrique Partitions de musique classique.
Rédacteur: Don Simons
Edition: PCH Publishing



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Nombre de lectures 269
Langue Polish


Fandango by Padre Antonio Soler
edited by Don Simons
There are several commercial as well as free editions of Soler’s Fandango available. This
reasonforthisedition’sexistence isthatnoneoftheothershasfewerthan21pages, requiring
at least 6 page turns. By contrast, the present score occupies only nine 8-1/2 by 14 inch
pages, which can be arranged in groups of three to require only two page turns. In order
to do this, a little cutting and taping is needed. After printing on legal paper, trim off the
bottom 1.5 inches from all pages, and about 3/8 inch from the left and right edges of pages
3, 6, and 9. Tape the left edge of p. 3 to the right edge of p.2, and similarly for 6 to 5 and
9 to 8. Tape page 4 to the back of p.2, and 7 to the back of 5. Arrange the 4 leaves like
a book, punch holes on the “binding” edge, and put them in a 3-ring notebook. The pages
will also fit on B4 paper.
The edition began with a freely available Finale source, which was translated first to
MusicXML with Finale, then from MusicXML to PMX by NoteEdit. The editor thanks
Luigi Cataldi for performing these two translations as well as some initial editing. Some
fairly extensive further editing was required, correcting various errors in the original Finale,
removing two bars after bar 249, and removing the final 24 bars (a repeat of the first 24).
The deleted bars were not present in the majority of the other available sources (recordings
and a commercial edition).