Partition complète, Blodwen, White-Flower, Parry, Joseph
159 pages
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Partition complète, Blodwen, White-Flower, Parry, Joseph


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159 pages


Obtenez la partition de la musique Blodwen partition complète, opéras, fruit du travail de Parry, Joseph , Op. 31. Cette partition romantique célèbre dédiée aux instruments comme: chœur, solistes vocaux, orchestre
La partition comprend une sélection de mouvements: Three acts et l'on retrouve ce genre de musique classée dans les genres
  • opéras
  • Stage travaux
  • pour voix, chœur mixte, orchestre
  • partitions pour voix
  • partitions chœur mixte
  • partitions pour orchestre
  • pour voix et chœur avec orchestre
  • Welsh langue

Redécouvrez en même temps d'autres musique pour chœur, solistes vocaux, orchestre sur YouScribe, dans la rubrique Partitions de musique romantique.
Date composition: 1876-77
Rédacteur: Dr. D. C. Williams
Edition: Swansea: D. J. Snell, 1917.
Traducteur: David Rowlands (1836-1907), English text
Libbretiste: Mynyddog, pseud. Richard Davies (1833-1877)
Dédicace: H. R. H. The Princess of Wales



Publié par
Nombre de lectures 48
Langue Welsh
Poids de l'ouvrage 12 Mo


Edited and Revised by Dr. D. C. WILLIAMS. WSiC LIBRARY ^v
Brtton ColUge
D. J. SNELL, 21,22, High Street Arcade, SWANSEA.
Blodwen a... ... [Daughtfr o/ RHYS GwYN, Welsh hero, supposed to have fallen in hntllr Priri'ipal Soprano
Ellen 'Sl^Ki.{Daughter of the L\D\ nil) Second
Lady Maeli^r Contralto
Sir Howell Udu (The Kni'htof Snowdon Ca'illt) Principal Tenor
The Messengek Lady Maelor ... Second Tenornf
Arthur of BkhwYn (A Welsh Warrior) Biintone
, Bard) Principal BassU
A Monk Second Basa
Rhys Gwyn Third Bass
Soldiers, Servants, Huntsmen, Castle Keepers, the MuLTiruDt., .(o.
— in MaelorScene \. An Apartment CastU,
The Castle of Maelor has for some time heen the scene of great activity and unusual preparations. It is the eve of t>ip mnrnnpe of 'Ellen
of Maelo' Castle, to Arthur of Berwyn Castle. Lady Maelor (Ellen's mother) is intently viewinii the numerous bridal prt-sints wliich have
been bestowed upon her happy child. The arrival of Sir Howell Ddu and his fair adopted Blodwen at the castle is impatiently anait^d
Suddenly the Messenger announces their arrival; and the servants, in the distance, are heard manifesting their regards for Arthur and Ellen.
lolo, the Bard, then enters the apartment, and Arthur and his affianced receive his congratulations.
——Scene Maelor The Marriage Festivities.11. CastU
The nuptials of Arthur and Ellen have been consummated. In the festive hall, where happiness and gaiety reign supreme, they are
surrounded by devoted friends. The sun of evening, fast approaching the horizon, pours in its golden flood upon the gay apstfirtlage, whose
mirth has already attained its climax, when a number of Plantagenet soldiers present themselves and demand the kiys of the castle. Little
heed, however, is paid to the requests of Henry's henchmen, who are ordered off at once.
—Scene I. In Maelor Casfle The Chau.front of
On the castle lawn, in the grey of morn, the hunters are prepariníí for the chase, and gaily singing their hunting choni^ps. lolo enters,
impending. Sir Howell Ddu. who doesand from the appearance of the heavens prophesies that troubles are not join the hunters, in a
Blodwen. From j: rent Blodwen overhears the sentiments of love expressedsubdued tone sings a ditty to his an ad arbour, by Sit Howell,
mutual declaration affection ensues, he Huntsmen, on their return home, are heard singing in the distanceand a scene of of 'i : a Messenger
appears on the scene. Verifying the prediction of lolo, he declares that King Henry's legions are marching on the father'and, and concludes
by uttering, in the name of the Prince, a call to arms in defence of home and country.
Scene II. In Maelor Castle.
martial followed chorus soldiery.Sir Howell and Arthur cheer one another in a duet of music, by a of Welsh The eve of their
departure the field of battle is rendered pathetic by the introduction of an air expressive of Ellen's grief at parting with her
Blodwen, wh" is also overwhelmed with sorrow, following the example set by Ellen, fastens a favour upon the breast herof betrothed, and
repeats the air alreadv sung by Ellen. A chorus sung by the Welsh soldiers brings this scene to a close.
ROKNE III. Apartment in Maelor Castle.
Maelor's Messenger, from the field of battle, arrives with news of the sanguinary conflict. Although Howell haver.Ady Arthur and Sir
distinguished themselves by their dauntless bravery, the Bard preiiicts that there are but faint hopes that victory will crown their eliorts.
elaboration of ihis episode bring» us in a desponding the end of the secondA further mood to act.
—Scene I. Maelor Castle Death Arthur.of
mortally lies underArthur, wounded in battle, has been conveyed back to the castle, where he the tender care of his youthful spousa.
the midst of his breathes the air sang devoted Klh^n wiienaim and serene in agony, he he to his he departed for the tray; and whije the
words of the song are yet on his lips he draws his expiring breath. Following this incident we have a solemnast funeral chorus.
Scene II. Lady Maelor's Room.
Lndv Maelor's Messenger, coming from the battle-field, states that the Welsh have been defeated and are retreating towards Snowdon.
anxiouslodwen, for the fate of Sir Howell, in a song invokes the pnssing breeze to carry her some tidings of her absent lover. The
mingh'd anxiety and sense of abject loneliness on the part Blodwen develop intense unguish when she is informed by lolo thatof into the
WeUh have been vanquished, and that Sir Howell Ddu has been made prisoner.
—SciNE III. Chester Gaul The Condemnid Knight.
withOpens n Prisoners' chorus. Blodwen, Lady Maelor, and lolo have had permission to interview, for the last time, the unhappy
condemned cell. Howell, singing the favour,might in his Sir his farewell song to Blodwen, returns to her once of pearly whiteness, but
now disc 'ir.d by the gore of the fallen. While the knight imprints kiss upon the lips of his betrothed, the enemy from withoutthe last
sing a jubilant chorus, and the quartet from within sing in intense and suddenly is heard a violent knocking at the ponderous prisonagony,
doors. On being admitted, the stranger demands to be shown to Sir Howell's cell. lolo, meanwhile, seeks to know the strangers name.
will, to the astonishment of all, is found to be no other than Rhys Gwyn (Blodwen's father), who was supposed to have been slain twenty
sceneyeiirs previous to this, k of inexpressibi' pathos follows this discovery—Blodwen rushes into her father's arms, and he in turn
with paternal affection; lolo and astonishment; ami poor Sir How, II watches the scene withei.'braces her Lady Maelor are du'ub with
oalpitating and melnncholy heart. It is on', when excitement has omewhat abnted, that lihys Gwyn has time toa the first blu*h of
eoiDmunicate the joyous tidings of which he is the bearer. King and to mark the mournful day, it has been decreed that a iThe is dead,
[taiTJon ' —prisoners shall receive free 'I he prisoners are liberated ihe prison doors are thrown wide open—the excited muliitude rush in will)
'vWlsh haveshouts of joy ; and the Oi-t-r-a terminated with a fugal chorus, into which the strains of a populai miircli heen introduced.INDEX.
No. come from Snowdon'a1. RECfT. IMessmger) ... I £ar-o£f heights 7
No. The valiant Sir Howell2. AIR (La,1y Maelor) ... 8
So. 3. CHORDS On the wall, above the... chamber 11
Peace to m gracious ladyj \fNo. 4. mie Bard) ... " 13
(ffg^^-J iThe shades of the heroes /
No. 5. REGIT. (Messenger) ... A knight of noble and commanding mien 16
No. Blodweji) We come from the of eagle6. DUET {Sir Howell and home the 18
No The name of the champion7. QUARTETT 23
No. 8. CHORUS ... On the wall, above the chamber ... 26
No. 9. SOLO [Blodwen) AND CHORUS. May this bouquet be prophetic 28
In the sight ofNo. 10. SOLO (A Monk) heaven ... 31
WEDDING WALTZ ... Hurrah now, hurrahNo. 11. 32
12. (The Bard) The silent stars ...No. REGIT. ... ... 39
No. 13. D[jET (Ellen and Arthur) Our cup of bliss is full at last 39
No. 14. REGIT. AND CHORUS In Henry, King of Eagland'a name, I coma 44
No. HUNTSMEN'S CHORUS The joyous morn is drawmg nigh ...U. 51
No, 16. [Ths Bard) Above the horizonSOLO 53
No. 17. AIR (Sir Howell) The huntsmen have sped through the valley 56
No. 18. REGIT. (Blodwen) fie little knows that I, behind the bush 5M
HowellNo. 19. SOLO 1 Howell! dost thou loiter... 59
•20. Maelor) How well I now rememberNo. AIR (Lady 62
No. 21. REGIT. (Messenger) ... A message, my lady, from the Prince 6.T
No. 22. HUNTSMEN'S CHORUS The light of day is on the wing 66
No. 23. DL'ET (Sir Hotuell and Arthur) ... The martial spirit, which of old 70
No. 24. SOLDIERS' CHORUS The din of conflict fills the air 77
Blodwen) and Arthur) Farewell, ArthurNo. 2.5. SONG (Ellen, AND DUET {Sir Howell I 87
26. SOLDIERS' CHORUS To arms ! to arms !No. 90
No. 27. REGIT. (Messenger) ... A message from the battle-field, my lady 96
No. 28. SOLO (The Bard) AND CHORUS Those unrelenting strangers 98
29. (Arthur) The flood of lifeNo, SOLO i,04
30. SOLO (Ellen, Arthur)... ! my Arthur, must thou leave me ?No. 105
No. 31. DEAD MARCH, SOIjO, QU.iKTETT, AND CHORUS ... Cambria, mo'jrn thy fallen champion 106
Now fortuneNo. 32. REGIT. (Mesienger) ... seems to frown upon our arms 110
(Blodwen) Ye breezes that blow ...No. 33 SONG 112
(Lady Maelnr) ... 1 dreamed of a terrible conflictNo. 34. SOLO 115
No. 35. SOLO (The Bard) The unpro'itious planet 116
No. 36. REGIT (Tiie Bard) On every hand 117
No. 37. PRISONERS' CHORUS The glorious songs of freedom 119
My Blodwen. my darling,No. 38, SOLO (Sir Howell) my true-lo\e 132
DUET (Laly Maelor and T>ie Bard) The spirits of warriors of ancient renownNo. 39. 136
40, QUARTETT AND CHORUS Ring the bells loudly ...No. 13«
Nc. 41. REGIT. {RhiisQwyn, The Bard, LadyMo'lnr. Tilodwev.) Is this Sir Howell's cell, good friends? 143
Give glorv to Cmr)No. MK. (;K.4.Nr) FINALE. CHORUS 147
Cp. 31.
Adagio. M. J : 4t>. OVERTURE.
' mr^ ^ m^^y^p ^
-^^* - --)-'j| <^> - : - "izr—-rr- z ^ ^= ^^
^j^ J ^tij—r-*;^JJ:-^ i^lj_j___.j B ;í* é
JSIWIWfW^^ m fflf
'ÌJ <J J J
^^ ^^ S^^5 îìB ^"^Trr *•^^^TTT zr3 3
Allec^ro.M.J = ns.
í: je.
^5#=# ^=l=èÉ^^ ^F mi» ^É.îü
*tttÌt%%tiS tttutst t t t t
ffi^^i íí^ÿÿ¥
L.n. L.H.L.H.
J iJ jm^
:^ fM ^m ^f
'^>>í i'S^f^^srîi'íi'^iffiyfff
-*5f f^f
. 2
íw Ì!4L3ijjJ-ìl i^
- '/ H ^ i ^^ yé *M ír_ Ht" 4^
* e *. r r ^ r fàJ=À:U: S=t täà i^?3=^Wrijî3î P ^
.V..^ êft^áE HH ÉE^«I fffrf-f S Mêg^ iti^ií^s tëI ^
£ «^ -^^ ^#
i- ^e ^ „J- J^J .t
íí ^g^^^ ^
f^=Ê^ ÉEilto# fei * <^ <3*
- -é -á-I
fl ^^ ^
— — —g i2 o a. Ä^
p^ÌPf^,.H m
a=a=a is: 22:Ä :?= ié
I S » Q
9==^*=*:=F=?=^m m
_« «_ ê^ ?^1
" "
'" r
"^^Jl í^-C^ tr^^ ìM^j r ?^^^f^^

-t^P^: ^t:=iJ # # # í^-d~9- U-i-JTjMii- ^g=^^^ s
=^* m f Íf==ÌfP
îp U
bi-j •<— if^fcri^j-^-i-a:z«i feá^E ^^ît ^ 33^
?^ f= UÌrLar^r
^%%: tEi£%\f' f'-^
íè^síEte^ è^=tó^m ^Vm£ ^^fe ^m?-pí
=*îp 'mMs mteT
ÌÍBÍsfí —-#-# ö-É^H s -GW^^ ii ^^
r-ifjí^^ì^-rir^U ì>0ì ni— *• ^y ^G
8j2: Li Ê ë:
fifà^b iflllirfiwfr .aìffifffif^l^ ^%t^ ^
Ii Ms ;^3 ^^3 9-^^^
íí^ ^F- F
^A^^f'fm 1 1
5Î?Í^ s s he-w.f >4l§
31 Pf=^; ^
1^,t-r—fe^^Q ^^
TTiÿFTT TT s^ ^i^^^?^r5/>= «
y^» 3 [^lr^ri [-^ ?=^^-m
8-* :::*.T í
)»i^* á^
^^tfPif r?'
tl^ttcê%t%t%%^^*^^ t=$=t t=tÌEg ig^ ^ m
1» •F ^ r^.f*r fm»^rTj^m S^ Sm ^^P
s9? f ^ ÌEEÎÍEÌI: ffffff- ^- I rrrr '^ É
}w ^^
«« iîífîmff S^
EÍ^»^W4Ü p*-—
J:é=Â i=ki :i
:^^ip ^m^^p t í¥^^ ^ T"
pitp r^ rff %f%^^r^fT^lj ^^ Ê
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af^^ ^rr'fîlîr
ffffi^-i^^^^^^l^PwmrJTJ I77JMàMM ^ff ^^ ^s^s i
Mftmmz C tf f g P ^£-fif^M^ ^ f . f f £ g ^^t f r ff £•-#-1— ia m ^m
1 Ji-^ -j—»-^ J^hi- ^i ^ i=g^^
!ífS -H áí ^^^sfes 8H gfeF^ p«F .j É^^Ç^F^^P^ F* Éfr^

• p-s ì -^-^^^ í^P ^^míircatu KT?6
^«. ^#«. #^^j*££. jt###^ #jCf ^IS. ^^^ ^
rg^fíftt tt ^^£ ^^r^-»-»-»-r(I ^p B^ a g
£2.#f:^v7:2L Ü- t
r r ^^j
ê ah%g L£;lX;[:;^Ù:jr"^^
-í*-"V -P- m.
-PV-^?C=E-^ ^^
^ rrJt^P.^J l:j '"^fp! Uj
; is^it>:t
i^frffrffrffTifrrffrfrrfn !fjcrrf>rr-tfr
^^ P
LnHy iitsptclin^ leitninACT I. Scene 1._ A room in Mnelor Castle. Maelor sits nlone, tre/ldi>ig /iicsents. A mcsstngtr enters.
Moderalo. m J :m so.
9=^fV-^ 3EÍEE£É
^àJ=UM i^: t
-^^«I fr ^. Im^ 7 ty cELj F-il^Af
'^^rp-r'p^ i-r-rr^^Yl
Enter MKbSENGtR.
^ ^7 >^ Ji^ , fn
i J^ ^^^Jn ;i »^^ji^p M^;I^J.
r=P7^r=rTT rr
li ., i fegfe•/ Jl» il>? T J' r Ji h^ ^î
ff ff Îí^ ?í^
A> «j ^ì . ^ íà ^^ÿ=^=&=77 5 7 7"C]^ y 7 7 7 ^1 7 & 7 7 7f? I g Î g^^ i
I ^^ F f
f—f^—f^-—\ ^í —ti
t^> f, , , V ? w i
r f==f
*• g zci^a
-V-- ^^TTl P I Í Í P I?éi
-- a bell A Ilyth-yr odd i-wrth Syr Hy-wel Ddu, Gorch-'Rwy'n dod o'r Wydd f uch-el
-come iv-don's heights Willi n let ter J'rciiiSir Hmv - .ell Dilii, Wlm/ froìH Sno fur -of/
f^^ Wr^ Y f
J J J iJs ^^
-Ö- Ír
r'^j: K^n F fi-ff ffp-p 1^ ;[! rÍ p irP p r r iM M
g;y-da brys; A'r chwys ew - yn-awgwel-ir ar fy march Wrth borth cas-tellmy-nai ei gy-flwy-no y
Ihr ens - rleproiiipt,- sniok-in^ - on my steed h'e -foregave me strin-gent or-ders to be The J'uiim up J'lnth-fiil
i ^Ÿ=f
iJ^J-J- JbJÜ^ \ #=^-ilý J^ 33= 351 p,
ddwed, mai ffydd - lon wyf -i'w arch iad ef.
-gains, n vows hoiv ivtll / can o - lici/.
stegj^ ^J —i -»lUi |i r1^ WiIfjr r
^U-j4^ ^331'm
-©- «L-•^-o- Éf^ Fr
^ S
í ^^" i ^ä^^f ^^E^H^ ljiji
I i i'^ I str:^ Fr
TVii» messenger delivers the letter and retires. Ladi/ Maelor reads, lays aside the letter, and sings:
Moderate . m.m.J ; 9o.
** J ^—ari ^^ sasi
dor 7-rt« InnPf^T"^ c\
Lady Maelor.
6(1.Andante. m.m.J
^^ ^ ^^ ±: Ö
ry Mr ^
march - ogdewr, cad - am, Sy'n1. Syr Hy wel o'r Wydd-fa, y
- Snow- don. Is/. Tlie va /iant Sir Emv -ell, proud ea gle <f
- -Lady kneels. 2. Ond cyn Haw en - ydd, 'rwy'n gof - yn i'r nef oedd, AmThe y
2. the - - iiigs be - gin, great Fa - titer, PourBut ere ic joic 0!
J'J' J' ^ëJi ^B ÖJ ^ ÚT p
dy fod yn gyn nar i u no'n wledd, Yn gwm - marchog, dawy ni i'r
coin ing to - -grace our re joii ings to day, And ivilli Aim fair Blod-wen, meek
- -fen dith odd-iyn o i E len fy merch, Os hedd wchddyl-yn a, neu
- -down up -on El len thy gra /ro/n (I hove; Should peace be our por tion or, . . _
m E£^'L;r P ^m# 9
-Blod Wtn Dol -bad-arn, Er chwydd o'r Uaw en-ydd mwyn lant a'r hedd, Ery
- -(Itirr r/ IJ.:I had am, Is roin nig III iiiiikf uiir rc-juir I more gny,uses Is
-yn te - Ocddj Boed Ar Ihur mhob-manrhy )el ym yn ser en ei serch, Boed
-iiiif <nir - tune Mi:y At tliur he cv - tr (lie stiir her love. Mnijmis fur IJ
!^;g=n in^ji 5
I p
Eà ^3s ^i^ü? F
-chwydd o'r Haw -en ydd y mwyn -iant a'r hedd. A
-re -lom - lag to iiKike cur joic iiigs moreguy Anil
Ar - thurym mhob man yn ser - en ei serch
Ar - Ihiir ev er the starbe of her love. When
- i'- J J'£ ^r ff ^m riL^rr PPFpp^^
- - Daw Ma - dog a Morf-udd, O fryn Di-nas Bran;chy da yr Er yr a'r Glom-en o'rWydd-la,
- • com - ing io join in the dume and the SVUgyMa doc and Afor-vudd of Diiuis Brati Cas-ile, Are
- gau - af a hâf,nghan-ol storm, a than bel-ydr yr heul-wen,Mewn hawdd-fyd a gof id, mewn _y
-icm-pests are rag - ingjwhen sun -shine is smil-ing, In glad - ness find sur-roiVj in nin tor and springy.
'^mé»S»íwfí~* *Î m >m i^-^-iäTF * ^ p
m s^:S i
^ mb^f-^É m f
Yr aw en a ddeff-ry a'r
lie and laughter shallSo fro
-af cal on iDy-mun o'm
in pray-erfie this I/ sole for.
J-'Ji J' J'' > ^If } J.ife J^ ^ fp
- mewn dawns ac mewn can, Yr- - dda" i'r par ded wyddchwa-reu a, "Lwedel yn
- - Soiiier ri ly all tlie iiig/it long.- - And uine ÿhall flowgle tu ge(h-er.. mhi
- - el yn nwy-law fy Naf, Dy- - Gael byw yd dy ogthur ac E lenAr
iliem T/iy shel- ter-ing wing. Be- - Fa ilieTj upread o'erSI hn iind At Ihiir Great
p' r I fP Mp^=-^''&;r pv\
- par - wydd mewn- ddeff-ry a'r del yn chwa-reu a, "Lwc dda" i'r dedaw en a
- - -- (inil s/iall »nn gle to -geth er, And a-ine >,hnll flow mer ri lylie laugh-terfro
-ac E - len Gael byw - yd dy - og el yn- af cal - on i Ar thurmun o'na
- thur Great Fa - ther, spread c/er them ThyEl len and Ar//us my sole pray-er for
iasiM^pn ^7Y?^ ms fe I
*\^ \f ^ ^^^ ^
-can, "Lwc dda" i'r par ded wydd mewn dawns ac mewn candawns ac mewn
-night long, And irine shall mer - ri ly all the night long.all the flow
- byw - yd dy - og - el yn nwy - law fy Nâfnwy law fy Nâf, Gael ,
- - - ther. spread o'er them shel - ier-ing uing.^shel ter iug iring. Great Fa
^J V.
4ii^^umuíi'ìi'^Hi^i frp
Hi' Verse. calando.
ëE E£ ?rIT ÍÍ*
-yn nwy - law fy Nàf, yn nwy law fy Naf.
-Thy shel - ter- ing aing. Thy shel - ter ing iving.11
Chorus, behind the scenes, men xervnnts, m/iid servants, and enstle keepers.
N9 3.
m.m. J- r 92Allegretto,
'BSoHHANOS. Tü r i r J,J
lr»J_ irii^^p pr p^^fifT iFPÿ
muriau^Dewch a'r -li rho9,Grwnawnhmcal-onfawr o floda.u,Uwchys-Rhown fan-er-au ar y h dewcha?r
On a-bove the ehitinhtr^Wheresnett El-lendrcanii, at night, Lft us iniike a heart U-lies, In-ter-the icall, of
J^J Ji'J i'Ji'USOPKANOS. J)|FT^ii JiJ]
| >IJ. ^'U J'lJ Jgg
a'r li- li fawr oRhown fan-er-au ar y tnuriau,Dewch dewcha'rrhos,Gwnaiíiiluiical-on flo<iau,Uwchyb
On the ivall^a-bove the chumber,Wheresweet El-lendreams at night, Let us make a heart U-Ues, In-ter-vf
'Altos. j'j " I J i J J MiJIJ jiij 1|,^'#rj ^1^JiJ m m mJ,
muriau,Dewcha'r - liRhown f£Ln-er-au ar y li dewcha'rrhos,Gwnaiwiluncal-onfawr o flodau,Uwchy3
On the wall, a-bove thechamber,\Vheresuxei ENeti dreams nighl, Let us make htart li-lus, In-tcr-at a </
- - - -ta-fell E-len dIos,Uwch ys ta fell E lendlosjRhown fan-er-au ar rDuriau,Dewch a'r li li dewch a'ry
sfjers'divith ro-ses bright. In-ter-spers'd icilh ro-ses bright; On the nail Or-boeethe chamberM'heiesiceei El-leudreams at^ f ""^ ' 1st Basses.
'i Ji^Q' niiij.i'f rír ir^h'' J Ji rJ Mj i. i f ifPr y^b'^ J'J^
- - muriau,Dewch a'r li-li dewch a'rta-fell E-len dIos,Uwch ys- ta fell E len dlosjRhown fan-er-au ar y
- the chamber,Where street El-lendi earns atspers'dicithro-ses bright,In ter-spers'dwith ro-ses bright; On the teall a-bove
2*? Basses. ,^^
dewch a'r- - - fan-er-au ar muriau,Dewcha'r li-lita-fell E-len dlos,Uwch ys ta fell E len dlosjRhown y
£l-lendreams at- bright,- On the icall a-bovethe chaml>er,V>'heresii'eetsjjers'ditithro-ses bright. In ter-sjiersd with ru-ses
Ist Sopranos.
I piif'rMf pif^ípU rN r
i \r p r f'Vr pr pr^* jn
- -rhoSji^wnawn lun cal-on fawr o fIo-dau,Uwchys-ta - fell E-len dlos,Uwch ys ta fell E-len dlos; Ni
gym-night. Let us make a heart li-lies,Iu ter-spersd ivith ro-ses bright, In-ter-apers'd ivith ro-ses brightjLet asof
'^^fP Pr^m i r i irpr p i pr'rffir r i i r g [r^\rt
- -rhos,Gwnawn lun cal- on fawr o flo-dau,Uwchys-ta fell E-len dlos,üwchys ta -fell E-len dlos;
- - brigjit;night. Let us make a heart li-lies, In ter-spers'divithro-ses bright, In ter-spers'd with ro-sesof
^i J J i J' If^M-î i J'N jj^m Jf ^yr rp y p
Uwchys - ta- fell E-len dlos;rhos,Gwnawn lun cal-on fawr o fIo-dau,üwchys-ta -fell E-len dlos,
- brightjin -ter-spers'd with ro-ses bright,-night, Let us make a heart </ li-lies, In ier-spers'dwith ro-ses
ip cjpp pcrpif^Mrfr'#r î^n^ Pnf p
- -mysg-wn llyth-ren-au Sydd yn en w'r ddeudd-yn lion _: Sydd yn en-w'rddeuddyn lion, Sydd yny
- Namesblend in o range blos-soms Karnes two that will be one, Names two that itiil be one.if if of
2^ Sopranos.
1 Jl l I u h• «
- - ynNi gynjmysg-wn y llyth-ren au Sydd yn en w'r ddeuddyn lion Sydd yn en-w'r ddeuddyn lion, Sydd
Let us blend in orange blos-soms Names two that will he one,Names two that will be one. Names ifif vf
A I AltosAltos. .
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^^'lVVJiJ J'hj>jHJ J'hji jiJ Jl,j
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- - ddeuddyn'llou, Sydd yngymmysg-wn llyth-ren au Sydd yn en w'r dcftuddyn llon,Syddyn fen-w'rNi y
one. Namesorange blos-soms Names two that will be one,Namesof two that a^ul be ofLet us blend in ifp _
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i rJíp [lrrpi^ kTW~prrPrí p
- dau - - Dod-wn hwy'n ga - hon, Dod-wnen-w'rddeuddyn llün,Acniewn falo aur af al au y Ion
- -ta-oihat will be one. Anilwith úí (liat sa - end gurc Fix the blend ~ ed uuines a - 71011, fix thefi
1st BASáEá.
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--dau aur af - al - au Dod-wn hwy'n ga Ionhon,Dod-wnen-w'rddeuddyn lion, Ac mewnblo y
- the blend - ed nui/iea a- noiijFix theiviil be one;, And with- in that aa-cied gure Fixtivothat Ji
2? Basses.
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1^-* Sopranosy11 1 I. . I^ ÍE= I T i r-'-H^- I i r ]=z:
' Mrrr p r' r P ^
A U I 1-ga-lon hon, yn ga hon. au ar mur-iau,Dewch a'rhwy'n y y loa Ah! Rhown fan-er- y
- - nweeti/f/ii/ ed names a ;/ü«^ Fix the naiiien /1 tioii. Ah I On the ivallÿ,u-boce the ch<un-ùer,Where
Tenors _.
'^ 24 SoF 3PRAN0S
dfc:^^p- r >J JlJ}|Jnk\' r P r P I p Jp
rr-^p- p
hwy'n ga-lon hon, -y yn ga Ion hon. Ah! Rhown fan-er- au ar y mur-iau,Dewch a'ry
blend - ed names a - noHj Fix the na/nea a non. Ah! On the nails, a-oove the eham-berjWhere sweet
Ba^si's Altos
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| Jf-^J iU'^\)'ih!'^f p P^^ Jr J J
li-li dewch a'rrhos,Gwnawnlunca-lon - - -fawr o fIo-dau,Uwchys ta fell E-len dlos, E
El-len -dreams at night. Let us make a heart li-Uesj /n-ier-spersd with ro-ses bright, roif
^y- ^ i ji jji'ij.^jirj^ij--'^ jiij J ii J i> tTVij > m'^'U i
- -Uwch ys ta fell E-len
- ro--esIn ter-spers'd with
/Tenors ores
J J'. pi^ rjm
I P p i rP p ppif pÍ^ PV F
-li-li dewch a'rrhoSjGwnawnlun ca-lon fawr o flo-dau,üwchys ta -fell E-len dlos, Uwchys-ta -fell E-len
-El-lcn dreams at night. Let us make a heart ti-lies, In-ter-spers'd with ro-ses bright^ In ter-spers'dwith ro-sesof
sBas es ,y.
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len dlos, - -Uwch ys ta fell E -len dlos, E-Ien dlos. _
- sfs bright, In - ter-spers'd with ro-ses bright, ro-ses bright.
- -ce« -do J7.
te ;^ J J JJ) J- ^^I)TJ 1 jTip ^Ip-m çìf'lYlf^
- -dies, Uwch ys ta fell E-len dlos.
-bright. In ter-spers'd with ro-ses bright.
- do ff ' /î^
I»-<&^—s^^ ir p P ip F?^pë^ f
dlos, E len dlos, Uwch ys - ta - fell E -len dlos, E-len dlos. _
-bright, ro ses bright, In ter- spersd with bright, ro-ses
cen -do -, ff n\J
rÍ p p Í
| pir P ^^m ^^p r p
- -Uwch ys ta fell E-len dlos,
-In ter-spers'd vuith ro-ses bright.