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Partition complète, quintette pour piano et vents, McKay, Justin Michael


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Visualisez la partition de la musique quintette pour piano et vents partition complète, de McKay, Justin Michael. La partition moderne célèbre écrite pour les instruments comme:
  • flûte
  • hautbois
  • clarinette
  • basson
  • piano

La partition est constituée de plusieurs mouvements et une subtile association d'instruments.
Obtenez en même temps tout un choix de musique pour flûte, basson, hautbois, piano, clarinette sur YouScribe, dans la rubrique Partitions de musique variée.
Date composition: 2011
Edition: Justin McKay
Durée / duration: 8 minutes



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Nombre de lectures 17
Langue Français
Quintet without words
orbo o ce,rilat ne lftu,eB nialf t, bason onda piano
© 2011
  J u s t i n M c K a y 
Quintet without words
 Justin McKay
~Program note ~
Quintet without wordscomposed in 2011, and is in the form ofwas a quintet for piano and winds. Loosely based on the idea of an opera buffa quintet, in which the characters interact in constantly changing combinations, but free from the necessity of being pinned down to a given text.
Although ostensibly one continuous movement, the work breaks down into four sections: the first, a kind of exposition; the second, a bassoon solo, marked 'swamp march'; the third, a 'demented minuet' which appropriates Christian Petzold's infamous minuet played by almost every piano student. (The idea of setting it in 5/8 time came after hearing a student accidentally play it that way.) The fourth section could be considered a 'backward glance on traveled roads', with echoes of past experiences.
Performance parts are available from the composer.
Cover art by Deborah McKay