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Magazine en anglais pour les niveaux intémédiaire à avancé : Houses of Parliament, the words of Brexit, talking to Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio, The unites Kingdom and Europe, a new episode of our detective story.



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Date de parution 01 septembre 2019
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 24 Mo


to C2
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no 98
September - October 2019
Life as Art: The Clash,
London CaLLing
The words of Brexit 5 5 O+
WORDS AND Brad Pitt and The United Kingdom
IDIOMS!Leonardo DiCaprio and Europe
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n o   9 8  September-October 2019
British English,
NEWSa language under
threat? 4-5 In the News B2 C1
C15 Press Clippings
6-7 The News in Depth B2 C1
Join FIRE and retire at 30 Expressions
using the word LANGUAGE16 ‘mind’
B2 C18-10 Words & Culture
British English, a language under threat?
B111 What to Say
How to express regret
B1 B212-13 T ips & Techniques 22
Conversations about coaching
14-15 The Grammar Point B1 to C2 John Bercow:
Conditionals: Type 3The Speaker
16-17 Did You Know? C1
of the House Expressions using the word ‘mind’
of Commons 18 1 0 Words B2 C1
The words of Brexit
B220-21 Life as Art 24 The Clash, London CaLLing
B2 C122-23 Profle
John Bercow: The Speaker of the House
of Commons
24-27 Time Travel C1
The United Kingdom and Europe
C1 C229-31 Talking to
Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio
The United Kingdom and Europe B232-33 On the Job
Karin Smyth, a Member of Parliament (MP)
34-36 Indus try Focus C1 C2
Aston Martin, in a class of its own
36 Numbers Talking B1 B229
B2 C137 Business News
TalKing T o LIFESt YLE
Brad Pitt and 38 Trendy Places B1
leonardo DiCaprio Shoreditch, London, UK
C140-41 Insights
How does the UK Parliament work?
B2 C142-43 What’s Up?
44-46 Short Story C1 C2
‘Lawless and the Night-Soil-Man’34
FUN AND GAMESAston martin
47 Quiz B2 C1
About ‘Lawless and the Night-Soil-Man’
SYmBOLS: Article in American English 48 Just Kidding! B2 C1
48 Tongue Twisters B2 C1 C2 Article read and recorded on audio fles
The audio fles also have pronunciation and intonation 49 Next Issue & Answers
Digital Audio exercises based on articles from the magazine.
The articles range from level B1 to C2 of the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages. goenglish.frB1 Intermediate AdvancedC1
B2 Upper Intermediate C2 Profciency
Go English No 98 September-October 2019 3
© Alexi Lubomirski © Twocoms / Shutterstock.com
Article by r uth Adam
t he Kumbh Mela festival
For centuries, where the Ganges and its Yamuna tributary meet, Hindus
gathered to wash away their sins; they came and paid a pittance to
the holy men for lodging and food, while absorbing their spiritual wisdom.
But in 2019, the gurus’ smoky old tents lay empty, because this year,
the pilgrimage coincided with a national election, and Prime Minister Modi,
whose party has its roots in Hinduism, saw a great opportunity to impress
voters. So, new luxury accommodation was built: there was access to water
a tributary un affuentand electricity, fashionable food, toilets and art exhibitions – a veritable city!
to gather se rassembler
The holy men took a poor view of this materialism, but one merchant who a sin un péché
a holy man un guide spirituelsold fabrics said this year’s festivalgoers were younger and were coming
to lay empty demeurer videto buy clothes and eat good food. “At the same time,” he said, “they bring a pilgrimage un pèlerinage
faith in their heart; they know they will attain nirvana in their life.” a festivalgoer un festivalier
One man’s trash is another
man’s treasure
Trash picking is more often associated with
shantytowns than a city at the doorstep of Silicon
valley, but in San Francisco, there are people who
go through the garbage cans of multimillion-dollar
homes, rummaging for things they can sell. Jake
Orta is one such person, a military veteran who
became homeless and now lives in a subsidized,
single-window studio flled with trash…just three
blocks from the home of mark Zuckerberg, one of
the fve richest men in the world. mr Zuckerberg has Canadian charity makes
some of the best trash in San Francisco, apparently:
great headway fghting small electrical goods in perfect working order and
piles of barely worn clothes! This arrangement harms debilitating diseases
no one; trash pickers have no desire to menace the in Uganda rich, and mr Orta’s goal is to make a living wage
of $300 a week. Trash picking is actually illegal in A small handheld scanner, about the size of an
California, but it is a law that is rarely enforced.
electric shaver, helps detect early signs of lung
disease, HIV and malaria. Invented by a Canadian trash (US)/ des ordures, homeless un sans abri
rubbish (UK) des déchets subsidized subventionnéteam of engineers, it costs about $2,000 to
a shantytown un bidonville barely worn à peine porté
manufacture, which is nothing considering its at the doorstep sur le pas to harm faire du mal
de la porte a trash picker un fouilleur invaluable effect on the lives of people in small
a garbage can (US)/ une poubelle de poubellevillages in Africa or Latin America. The scan, a rubbish bin (UK) a living wage un revenu décent
displayed on an iPhone’s screen, can show, for to rummage fouiller
example, if there is fuid in the lungs, and the
doctor then knows which drugs to prescribe or
if further tests are necessary.
handheld portable, de poche
a shaver un rasoir
a lung disease une maladie pulmonaire
invaluable inestimable
a screen un écran
a drug un médicament
4 Go English No 98 September-October 2019
© DR
© AJP / Shutterstock.com
© pikappa51 / Shutterstock.com
pr ESS CLIppINGSB2 C1 C12-6 7
Article by r uth Adam
Women’s World Cup 2019
Women’s football– also referred to as
‘soccer’ – is gradually getting more
TV time, which is a sign of its growing Wild weekends help fght
success. The viewing fgures are there, rural loneliness
the advertising people are happy –
Distances between dwellings in the Australian it pays!
outback can be enormous, and research shows that
people living in remote areas are twice as likely
to take their own lives. Internet connection is not It’s great when there’s a target on your
always available, and it’s possible to go for two “back, when people are talking about you –
weeks without seeing another person: “You talk you’re obviously doing something right.
to your dogs,” one young stockman said. Deni Fest ”
Carli Lloyd, striker for the US national women’s in New South Wales started off as a rowdy affair football team, discussing hostility against the
20 years ago, but it has evolved into a popular American team
music festival, with support for those struggling
with depression and mental illness. The beer and
noise are still there, but people can also talk about
At the moment, it’s a bit of a postcode their problems and get information about helplines. “lottery, whether you can access football
loneliness solitude a stockman un éleveur as a little girl at school or whether there is
a dwelling une demeure, rowdy bagarreur, chahuteur a club down the road. I would like to see us
une habitation support du soutien work towards a situation where every girl the outback le désert australien a helpline une assistance
and woman, if they want to, can access remote isolé, perdu téléphonique
the game. ”
Baroness Sue Campbell, director of women’s
football at the FA (Football Association)
So far, it would have been better if “the World Cup was played behind closed
curtains. The level of play is shocking,
like watching grass grow. ”
r aymond verheijen, director of (the all-male)
World Academy Football
There are always calls for ‘women’ to “be dropped from the title of a competition And the shrimp are high… or from a team name…but it’s right that it
is called the Women’s World Cup (and the
In recent aquatic wildlife samples taken from rivers in men’s should be called the Men’s World Cup),
Suffolk, England, the usual pesticides and recreational and there should be no negative connotation
drugs were present, but this time, all the shrimp, from with the use of the word ‘women’.
15 locations, tested positive for cocaine. It remains to be ”Sinéad Kissane, sports reporter and presenter
seen, a researcher from Suffolk University said, if this is an for tv 3 Ireland
issue for Suffolk alone or throughout the UK and abroad.
Intriguingly enough, the price of cocaine has fallen greatly,
and fsh have become increasingly expensive, which seems
There were a lot of critics talking like an omen of some kind. Meanwhile, in Scotland, during “about us, but we’re back. So suck on the extremely hot summer of 2018, water levels in springs
that one.and rivers fell so low that some distilleries ceased whisky ”
Sam Kerr, the captain of Australia’s national production — even the most
football team, after her team beat Brazil
vigorous of climate activists
failed to foresee this!
a fgure un chiffrethroughout partout, à travers
a target une cibleabroad à l’étranger
intriguingly enough assez curieusement a striker un attaquant
an omen un présage, un signe a curtain un rideau
a spring une source suck on that one allez vous faire voir
to foresee prévoir, anticiper (vulgar)
Go English No 98 September-October 2019 5

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