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"Magazine en anglais pour les niveaux intémédiaire à avancé : Belize, an English -speaking paradise - Life as art : Madonna - how to describe yourself - special environment"



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no 94
January - February 2019
5 5 O+
Life as Art:
Like a Virgin
How to describe

Quiz about Talking about 10 words California burns:
endangered environmental about global How climate change is
species issues warming modifying the Golden State
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n o   9 4  January-February 2019How to describe
B2 C14-5 In the News
5 Press Clippings C1
B2 C16-7 The News in Depth
What makes a Happy City?
LANGUAGEMoving house 16 B2 C18-10 Words & Culture
Gender-neutral languageExpressions about
B111 What to Say the environment
How to describe yourself
12-13 Tips & Techniques B1 B2
Talking about environmental issues
14-15 The Grammar Point B1 to C2
Verbs + infnitive
16-17 Did You Know? C120 Expressions about the environment
18 1 0 Words B2 C1 Madonna, About global warming
Like a Virgin
B220-21 Life as Art
Madonna, Like a Virgin
B2 C122-23 Profle
Ronan Farrow, TV anchor and investigative 24 reporter
24-27 Travel Time C1
Belize, an English-speaking paradise
C1 C229-31 Talking to
Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone
and Olivia Colman about The FaVouriTe
32-33 On the Job B2 Tr AvEL TImE David Pascualy, renewable solar energy expert
34-36 Indus try Focus C1 C2
Epic Games’s blockbuster ‘Fortnite’
36 Numbers Talking B2
B2 C137 Business News
B138 Trendy Places California burns
The Great Blue Hole diving spot in Belize
C140-41 Insights
California burns: How climate change
is modifying the Golden State
42-43 World of Food B2 C1
The vegetarian ticket
44-45 What’s Up? B2 C1 The vegetarian 42 ticket
46 Quiz B2 C1
SYmBOLS: Article in American English Endangered species
48 Just Kidding! B2 C1 Article read and recorded on audio fles
48 Tongue Twisters B1 to C2 The audio fles also have pronunciation and intonation
Digital Audio exercises based on articles from the magazine. 49 Next Issue & Answersexercise
The articles range from level B1 to C2 of the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages. goenglish.frB1 Intermediate AdvancedC1
B2 Upper Intermediate C2 Profciency
Go English No 94 January-February 2019 3
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Article by r uth Adam
Prime Minister t rudeau fnds a way
to deal with t rump’s capriciousness
Canada relies on the United States for 70% of its trade, so to be at the
mercy of President Trump’s fckle decisions puts Canada in a vulnerable
position. But Justin Trudeau and his advisors developed a strategy that is
called the ‘doughnut approach’. It entails Canadian offcials travelling
throughout the United States and personally meeting mayors, governors
and members of Congress to discuss matters ranging from trade to the environment. This is the doughnut, and
the hole at the centre is the White House government. Cordial relations with Washington continue, but serious
business concerns skirt around the Trump administration.
capriciousness le caractère capricieux to entail impliquer de faire
to rely on dépendre de, compter sur + verb -ing quelque chose
trade le commerce a mayor un maire
fckle inconstant, changeant to skirt around contourner, éviter
Speaking Maori is cool
Less than six years ago, the Maori language was spoken
by only 3.7% of New Zealanders, but now it is making
a comeback. Maori people no longer feel ashamed of
speaking their language, and New Zealanders of European
descent are joining in. A popular radio host is learning
it and sharing the new vocabulary with his audience;
Africa is fnding its own the residents of a retirement village in Christchurch greet
one another in the language that many of them regret African heroes
never learning; and a teenage thrash metal band
The movie Black Panther has whetted screams out Maori lyrics in its latest video. At Auckland
appetites worldwide for African superheroes, University, a Maori studies lecturer is convinced it is not
and artists on the continent hope to capitalise just “a blip in the cultural landscape. This is what New
on this. At a conference in Johannesburg,
Zealand is becoming,” she said, “a truly integrated place.”
the Zimbabwean artist and writer Bill masuku
said that many of the frst African comic books
to feel ashamed avoir honte
were caricatures of SuPerman or caPtain of European descent d’origine européenne
america, but that given time to grow, a radio host un animateur radio
a retirement village un village de retraités eventually stories will emerge that are
a lecturer un maitre de conférences naturally African. He has created r azor-man, a blip une petite anomalie
a superhero who valiantly fghts against
the crime-world in his city, and Captain
South Africa, a black female superhero who
“doesn’t want to punch criminals because
that doesn’t end crime”. For masuku, the
goal is to normalise the existence of African
stories and creators, and people are moving
towards it, he says, and he’s happy with
the progress already made.
to whet (sb)’s appetite for susciter l’envie
a comic book une bande dessinée
valiantly vaillamment
to punch donner un coup de poing,
to move towards tendre vers, évoluer vers
4 Go English No 94 January-February 2019
© DR
© Bill Masuku
© DR
© Bill Masuku
Article by r uth Adam
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda
Ardern made history when she attended
the United Nations General Assembly
meeting with her baby daughter, Neve, Watch out for
in tow. She is the frst world leader to hungry insects! have done so, and baby Neve received
her own UN identity card.Ever since humans engaged in agriculture, worms
and weevils have dined well off our efforts. Insects
already consume up to 20% of the plants we grow
for food; that’s “one out of every eight loaves of I wish I could have captured the startled “bread before it even gets made,” says Curtis Deutsch, look on a Japanese delegation inside the UN
a professor at Washington University. He is also an yesterday who walked into a meeting room
in the middle of a nappy change. Great yarn author of a study that appears in Science magazine,
which says that bugs will be getting bigger and for her 21st (birthday). ”hungrier, and they’ll be coming after our food. Of Clarke Gayford, Neve’s father and full-time carer
course, scientists think decades ahead, but the facts
remain simple: for every degree Celsius that
temperatures rise, the amount of wheat, corn and
rice lost to insects will increase by 10–25%, and Prime Minister Ardern is showing “scientists are anxious that beleaguered farmers may that no one is better qualifed to represent
her country than a working mother. Just well be tempted to use more pesticides. There is,
5 percent of the world’s leaders are women, however, a brighter side to this: other more benefcial
so we need to make them as welcome here bugs will also increase in size, and they will eat the
as possible.bad bugs. ”
UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarrica worm un ver (de terre) wheat du blé
a weevil un charançon corn du maïs
a loaf (pl. loaves) un pain, une miche rice du riz
a bug un insecte, beleaguered assiégé, sous pression
une petite bête a brighter side un côté plus positif I cannot stress how much the UN – “and the governments that comprise it
– need this. ”
Samantha Power, former US ambassador to
the UN, currently a harvard professor and also
a mother of twoA restaurant in Wales returns
its Michelin Star
What I consistently acknowledge is Gaining a Michelin Star is no mean feat, and the three “that I have assistants who help Clarke owners of the Checkers restaurant in Powys were proud
with the ability to juggle his career and and overjoyed when they received their star in 2011.
be our primary caregiver.It was brilliant for their trade and for the town, and yet ”Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealandthey handed it back before the 2019 edition of the
MicheLin guide was published. Now, with hindsight, they
look back and wonder how they ever managed to juggle
child-minding, split shifts and the late hours required. If Ardern decided not to go because
They have relaunched their restaurant, serving breakfast “of baby Neve, surely the family-focused
and lunch, which means working all day, but the evenings Pacifc leaders, more than any others,
are now for them and their families. would have understood. ”
New ZealaNd Herald columnist Barry Soper, to be no mean ne pas être un mince to juggle jongler
writing about criticism aimed at the Prime feat exploit child-minding la garde d’enfants
Minister for using taxpayer money on the UN tripproud fer split shift les horaires
overjoyed fou de joie, ravi fractionnés
with hindsight avec le recul, to relaunch relancer
to attend assister à
in tow dans son sillage
startled surprise, étonné
a nappy change un changement de couche
a yarn une histoire, un récit
a carer, a caregiver celui qui garde, qui s’occupe
de l’enfant
to stress souligner
to juggle jongler
to aim at viser
the taxpayer money l’argent des contribuables
Go English No 94 January-February 2019 5
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