African Storybook

Are you looking for quality, well-illustrated, age-appropriate storybooks to use with children? If so, African Storybook is your answer! African Storybook picture books are in five different levels:
• Level 1 (First words): up to 11 words per page – single words or a short simple sentence.
• Level 2 (First sentences): between 11-25 words per page – two or three sentences.
• Level 3 (First paragraphs): between 26-51 words per page – one or two short paragraphs.
• Level 4 (Longer paragraphs): between 51-75 words per page – two or more paragraphs.
• Level 5 (Read aloud): between 76-150 words per page – fewer pictures, more text.
Children’s literacy is greatly enhanced when they enjoy reading. African Storybooks are filled with diverse characters and content, which ignite children’s imagination leaving them wanting to read more. For some children, reading in their home language is a new experience. Here are some comments from our readers:
• “Wow! I have never been as happy as this. I only listen to oral Turkana stories from my grandmother. I have never read a storybook in Ng’aturkana. Please, give me one more to read.” (Kenyan child);
• “I am excited to read a storybook in my language. I thought one could only have these beautiful stories in English and in the major languages.” (Nigerian child);
• “I read this book every night for my baby sister and she loves it!” (South African child).
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