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A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress, with bibliographical notes

1236 pages
^^jnTyCeritraigeographicallist of3,912 Aofthe Libraryatlases inLCongress,2v., 2.35STORAflfiiiOOMtEFEkbN^hSADENA PUBLIC LIBRARY1 -4 ^ ^ •4 ^ T.These two volumes are for sate by theSUPERINTENBENT OF DOCUMENTSGovernment Printing OfficeWashington, D. C.Price $2.353^LIBRARY OF CONGRESSLIST OFAATLASESGEOGRAPHICALLIBRARY OF CONGRESSIN THEWITH BIBUOGRAPHICAL NOTESCOMPILED UNDERTHE DIRECTION OFPHILIP LEE PHILLIPS, F. R. G. S.CHIEF. DIVISION OF MAPS AND CHARTSVolume IATLASESNOD'^^WASHINGTONGOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE1909.S«)'\0\^9-35009L C. card,/s^-y&rarv^C^Z.y. IYPREFATORY NOTEThat atlases have not received the considei-ation in bibliography dueto their importance in literature and as contributions to knowledge isshown by the paucity of works on the subject. No exhaustive studyof them has been attempted, and the available sources consist merelyof a few monographs and some scattered information to befound onlyafter much research in many out of the way places.The present work is not a bibliography, but a list of the geograph-ical atlases in the Library of Congress. It attempts, however, a full-ness of description and an analysis unusual in a mere catalogue.The arrangement starts with general atlases of special subjects,followed by general atlases of the world arranged chronologically.Following, come America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica,arranged in the same manner. Included in the collection are theatlases of cities, ...
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^^jnTyCeritrai geographicallist of3,912 A ofthe Libraryatlases inL Congress, 2v. , 2.35 STORAflfiiiOOMtEFEkbN^h SADENA PUBLIC LIBRARY 1 -4 ^ ^ •4 ^ T. These two volumes are for sate by the SUPERINTENBENT OF DOCUMENTS Government Printing Office Washington, D. C. Price $2.35 3^ LIBRARY OF CONGRESS LIST OFA ATLASESGEOGRAPHICAL LIBRARY OF CONGRESSIN THE WITH BIBUOGRAPHICAL NOTES COMPILED UNDERTHE DIRECTION OF PHILIP LEE PHILLIPS, F. R. G. S. CHIEF. DIVISION OF MAPS AND CHARTS Volume I ATLASES NOD'^^ WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 1909 .S«)'\0\^ 9-35009L C. card, /s^-