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A Tahitian and English dictionary, with introductory remarks on the Polynesian language, and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect: with an appendix containing a list of foreign words used in the Tahitian Bible, in commerce, etc., with the sources from whence they have been derived

402 pages
,./'^^'^J^McC:>e\UNIVERSITYIOF Z51>^INTRODUCTORY REMARKSON THEPOLYNESIAN LANGUAGE.inbabitan's of most of tbe nnmeroiis Islands ofTHEibe called by modern Geographers bySoutb Sea,the general name of Polynesia, have one conimon Lan-guage, which for that reason may be called the Poli/ne-Stan it prevails also over acons^iderable \ydvt oiAustra-;lasia, the langua-yet it has apparently no affinity withges or dialects of the major part of the Australasians.The Polynesian, whether it may be considered as aprimitive sister of the Ma-or mother tongue itself, or alay, derived from one common parent, is undoubtedly ofgreat antiquity, the people that speak it being, it is pro-bable, separated for ages from the restof the woild, liav-ing no intercourse with other and thinking tillany nation,lately, that they themselves were th^ only people in ex-istence.And while, Language of a rude and uncivilizedas thedeficiencies,people, it has, as might be expected, manyj)ulishedwhen compared with the highly cultivated andlanguag'es of ...
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