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agaptualité PROJECTS ¹ƑîDŽĚŕ ƥĺĚ DžūƑŕē ƥū ČūŞŞĿƙƙĿūŠ ĿŠēƭƙƥƑĿîŕ ijîƙ ĿŠƙƥîŕŕîƥĿūŠƙ NEWS agap2 Life Sciences ĿŠ IJƭŕŕ ēĚDŽĚŕūƎŞĚŠƥ 03 PROJECTS Virtual reality serving ƥĺĚ ĿŠēƭƙƥƑNj 04 23 MAY 2019 INITIATIVES agap2 Brussels runs for ƙČĿĚŠƥĿǛČ ƑĚƙĚîƑČĺ 06 09 ©ITER EDITO SUMMARY agap2 makes the difference ¹ĺĚ ƑĚƙƭŕƥƙ ūIJ îijîƎǨ ūDŽĚƑ ƥĺĚ ǛƑƙƥ ǛDŽĚ months of the year are promising. Many new partners and many agapiens have decided to trust us. Growth is happening. The second half will be crucial for agap2 to continue to grow and assert its position as a dynamic, ĚIJǛČĿĚŠƥ îŠē ĿŠŠūDŽîƥĿDŽĚ ČūŞƎîŠNj ūŠ the market. To achieve our goals and increase opportunities for interesting projects, we must cultivate our diversity and differences, stay connected to our values: respect, honesty, highest level of quality andthe well-being of our Casting 2019 ! employees at work. Our focus on customer and team satisfaction is, and must remain, at the centre of our concern. It’s mine everyday, a primary focus to perform in an ever more competitive market. /DŽĚƑNjūŠĚ ƙĺūƭŕē ǛŠē ƙîƥĿƙIJîČƥĿūŠ ĿŠ exchanges with agap2. It is a beautiful difference and a daily and timeless challenge. Nicolas Rossero DirectorSouth East Do you talk about your job with passion? Do you want to invest and share your experience with future agapians? Are you comfortable in front of the camera? We are still looking for our future ambassadors all over Europe!



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Travel the world to commission
industrial gas installations
NEWS agap2 Life Sciences in full development
PROJECTS Virtual reality serving the industry
23 MAY 2019
INITIATIVES agap2 Brussels runs for scientiIc research
agap2 makes the difference
The results of agap2 over the îrst îve months of the year are promising. Many new partners and many agapiens have decided to trust us. Growth is happening. The second half will be crucial for agap2 to continue to grow and assert its position as a dynamic, efîcient and innovative company on the market.
To achieve our goals and increase opportunities for interesting projects, we must cultivate our diversity and differences, stay connected to our values: respect, honesty, highest level of quality and the well-being of our
Casting 2019 !
employees at work. Our focus on customer and team satisfaction is, and must remain, at the centre of our concern. It’s mine everyday, a primary focus to perform in an ever more competitive market.
Everyone should înd satisfaction in exchanges with agap2. It is a beautiful difference and a daily and timeless challenge.
Nicolas Rossero DirectorSouth East
Do you talk about your job with passion? Do you want to invest and share your experience with future agapians? Are you comfortable in front of the camera? We are still looking for our future ambassadors all over Europe!
Do like Thibaut, Victor, Sara and Rémy and join the casting of the 2019 recruitment campaign.
Contact us now by mail at the following address: communication@agap2.com
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agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
Virtual reality serving the industry
Ensure the maintenance of a site under construction, a real challenge
Travel the world to commission industrial gas installations 06
ITER, an energy for the future
Parfums Christian Dior opens a new production site in France
In short...
agap2 moments
From consultant to Business Engineer: Adrien joins the adventure Metz!
After having been an agapien Consultant Engineer HSE in Alsace for 4 years, Adrien had the opportunity to make a change in his professional career by becoming a Business Engineer. He agreed to take up a new challenge, and not a small one: he will contribute to the deployment of the new agency in Metz. Born in the
region, Adrien makes it a personal challenge: «I would like to support and encourage the economic players of my native region by providing them with solutions and skills that meet their needs.” The agency’s responsibility will be handled by Damien who has been with agap2 for three years. His mission will be to develop the agap2
agap2 Life Sciences in full
Hamburg in November 2018, Mannheim and Düsseldorf in 2019. Life Sciences activities in Germany continue to grow at a particularly rapid pace. These new agencies will allow us to be closer to the main customers in the health sector. The opening of Düsseldorf is a îrst step to develop the business in North Rhine Westphalia with large potential customers. The teams have come together and the îrst consultants have already been hired! Good luck for them!
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
activities in the Lorraine-Champagne-Ardennes and Luxembourg area. «The goal is to be geographically closer to our consultants and customers so that we can continue to grow our business.”, says Damien, who’s also from the region. We wish them a nice development!
An agap2 Nuclear Task Force is being implemented
The agap2 Nuclear brand was created in early 2019. Our ob-jective? Develop a fully-Ledged nuclear activity so that apag2 becomes an important and essential player in nuclear en-gineering.
We are already present with a large number of players in this sector. But we want to develop our market share with the ma-jor principals: CEA, Orano, and EDF. Our ambition is to develop our business model in order to be able to respond to complex îxed price offers. We are therefore setting up a task force de-dicated to the development of these ambitious engineering projects.
Our ability to win market shares quickly, combined with our pugnacity, are all assets that will make us all succeed together in this great project. If you wish to become a nuclear agap2 player, do not hesitate to contact us!
Nicolas ABIKHZIR Head of South-East Nuclear Supply nicolas.abikhzir@agap2.fr
Start date:October 2018 Duration :1 year Location:Pin-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire)
Virtual reality serving the industry
The competition that exists between the different industries, in the Ield of special machines, forces them to innovate and offer new services. AlI Technologies, a manufacturer of special machines, has been working on this for almost Ive years by joining the French Fab. The idea is to be able to offer customers a different approach to their projects by projecting them into their factories virtually. Nicolas, a young graduate, is working as Mechanical Engineer on the integration of machines and logistic lines in any sector.
A competitive advantage forcompanies The use of virtual reality technology adds a new dimension to project reviews. Replacing the support of two-dimensional plans with a real-size integration in three dimensions makes it possible to stand out from the competition. Virtual reality also has another advantage for the company: the creation of new positions. Indeed, it allowed the creation of a simulation service that is in charge of modelling and animating the factories. This is not only to give a visual effect, but also to study several important points such as maintenance and Lows for example.
3D models, excellent preview tools My job at Alî Technologies is to model, in 3D, transit lines with the
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
environment, then analyse the various systems and conîrm their feasibility of implementation. This consists of drawing the machines on a software and then putting them in the factory, also drawn.
I work on several points such as maintenance and handling, cohesions between input-output interfaces, congestion and collisions between different machines ... Moreover, this modelling allows to project with the help of virtual reality into the factory, scale 1, so that the customer can have a vision and realize the physical size of his project.
In a second stop, I went on simulation for conîrmation of cadence and the search for a scenario solution. The goal
is to have a Low as linear and fast as possible. This part can also be projected to virtual reality, and thus be able to see the factory running in real time.
The desire to develop the industry with modern means and not to be conîned to what we know is the main element in this project. Thus the importance of working with a team coming from different environments to be able to advance at best.
Nicolas Mechanical Engineer (Modeling, Simulation)
Ensure the maintenance of a site under construction: a real challenge
US biotechnology giant Biogen has invested over one billion Swiss francs in a new drug production center in Luterbach, Switzerland. Christophe, accompanied by a team of three other agap2 consultants, has set up preventive maintenance for this site ... still in the construction phase! A real peculiarity that makes all the singularity of this project.
A factory still in the project phase Setting up the basics of preventive maintenance in a plant in the project phase is a real challenge that we have agreed to face for Biogen. The technical drawings are not validated, the components are not yet installed ... the peculiarity of this project is that we must prepare preventive maintenance plans for equipment still under construction! The major challenge of our work is not to postpone the opening of the site for problems related to maintenance. For this, all equipment must undergo their îrst preventive maintenance (including the change of elastomers in product contact ) before starting validation batches.
Four agap2 consultants mobilized Up to four agap2 consultants specialized in maintenance and documentation have been deployed to
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
the maintenance team of the site. Our role has been to study the Turn Over Packages of dozens of equipments in order to înd the components and to anticipate their maintenance, to prepare plans, to modify them and to validate them once the equipments are installed. I deîned the coding of the spare parts of the site starting from scratch. The consultant in charge of the documentation has structured the aspects of procedure, training, and on boarding.
A unique opportunity in a career Despite my experience in the pharma-ceutical industry, I had not yet been confronted with Biotechnology equip-ment. Similarly, I was always involved in a factory already opening, everything was established (on the procedure part, maintenance plan and structure) and where my expertise was mainly fo-
cused on solving problems related to the technical maintenance, the human management, the continuous improve-ment of maintenance techniques and the support, in particular to quality, on the regulatory documentary aspect. The encounter of a factory in the pro-ject phase, which does not happen to everyone in a career, and, moreover in Biotech, was both a challenge and a huge motivation in an aspect of mainte-nance that I had not touched yet. I earn more knowledge and experience than anywhere before.
Christophe Specialized consultant
Start date:June 2017 Duration:2 years Location:Luterbach (Switzerland)
Travel the world to commission industrial gas installations
Qatar, Russia, Romania, Egypt ... Andreï, agapien for one year, ensures the installation and commissioning of liquid gas turbines on behalf of CRYOSTAR, specialist in the design and manufacture of cryogenic equipment for more than 40 years. He operates in the four corners of the world, on the largest industrial gas installations.
Contribution around the world Cryostar is known for its production and supply technologies for cryogenic expansion turbines, cryogenic pumps and bottle îlling stations throughout the industrial supply chain. The compo-nents of air, more generally referred to as industrial or atmospheric gases, are argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen. Cryostar manufactures the turbines used to cool these compressed gases and to liquefy them.
From commissioning to maintenance For a year now, I have been involved as Commissioning Engineer for Industrial Gas Installations. I do commissioning work on the turbines; ensures inspection and control in respect of costs, dead-
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
lines, internal procedures, quality and safety standards. I also perform a main-tenance role by researching the pos-sible origins and causes of breakdowns to solve them. Obtaining customer sa-tisfaction is essential, we must preserve the integrity of the equipment or faci-lities under all circumstances. For this purpose, I functionally manage a team of technicians on the customer sites.
The largest industrial gas installa-tions in the world I had the opportunity to work on the largest gas processing and production plants. They provide essential links in the natural gas supply chain around the world: Power of Siberia (Russia), Nord Stream (Russia), Bahrain LNG (Bahrain) and Petrom OMV (Romania). In the
coming weeks, I will be working on the Amur gas treatment plant, located near the town of Svobodny.
I have a very versatile job that leads me to touch all the technical trades, engineering and management. I have to work a lot abroad, to speak English and Russian. Relationships with the customers or subcontractors are then easier. It is a very rewarding job, in which we see the outcome of the whole project.
Andreï Commissioning Engineer for Industrial Gas Installations
Start date:April 2018 Duration:5 years + Location:Hésingue
Parfums Christian Dior opens a new production site in France
Dior has just acquired the Amore PaciIc fragrance factory, located in Chartres, Eure-et-Loir. This site becomes the third production site of Parfums Christian Dior and will be dedicated to producing high value-added references. Jérémie A., Head of Fragrance Packaging Engineering, talks to us about the industrialization of this site on which Christophe, agap2 consultant, has been working for eight months.
What motivated Dior to buy the Chartres production site? Dior’s acquisition of the site has been effective since January 1, 2019. It com-pletes the production facilities of Par-fums Christian Dior, and is added to the historic centre of Saint-Jean-de-Braye, near Orleans. We have already started to transfer part of the activity. We will de-velop our collection of top-of-the-range brand perfumes, Maison Christian Dior.
What are the challenges involved in the industrialization of this new site? These high-end products require a su-perior manufacturing and packaging process. It was therefore necessa-ry to train the teams in new technical
agap2 expertise
Christophe has been working with DIOR since October 2018 on the implementation of other packaging lines at this new site in Chartres.
The challenge was to meet the commitments of the engineering department in order to enable the new production unit to package its
processes. The site will also include a production line dedicated to cosme-tics. This will relieve congestion at the Saint-Jean-de-Braye site, where 210 million units are packaged per year, which has now reached the saturation point*. According to Jean-Dominique Bosq, Director of Operations of Parfums Christian Dior, the objective for this year is to double the number of employees before welcoming nearly 300 when the site reaches its full activity.
Why did you choose to use agap2 to support you on this project? The proposed acquisition of this site was only known to a few people in the organization. The signature, and the-
assigned perfume catalogue as soon as possible. I attended and participated in a close collaboration between all the departments to meet the Directorate’s ambition to make a new Chartraine structure operational. This is a project that will allow the luxury house to develop its high-end collections. It is rewarding to be able to follow the preparation of the site, support the improvement of machines,
*Declaration Jean-Dominique Bosq, L’écho Républicain/l’Usine Nouvelle, January 2019
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
refore the formalization of the acqui-sition, launched the industrial transfer project. Our objective was to start pro-duction activities at this site «as soon as possible». This activity was, on the one hand, unplanned, and on the other hand, with a limited duration. Using agap2 allowed us to have access to a proîle that was comfortable with this type of activity and quickly operational in the îeld. Christophe therefore joined our Packaging Process Engineering de-partment and created his network and contacts to interface with Orleans and Chartraines organizations. He has also shown good adaptation and Lexibility to carry out this project.
the implementation and launch of production lines.
It is exciting and very rewarding to participate in such a project and to progress with such motivated teams. Projects of this magnitude only occur very few times in a career.
Christophe, Project engineer - industrialisation
Maxime took up the challenge of Absa Cape Epic in South Africa
Exceeding oneself, performance, adventure ... all conditions were met for agap2 to support Maxime, Business Manager for two years, in his participation in the legendary race «Cape Epic» which took place last March. The 8 days of racing, 624 km on the vertiginous slopes of Table Mountain, and the 16,650 meters of elevation did not scare our agapien. “ The Cape Epic was a project I had in mind for 3-4 years. agap2 allowed me to take about three
agap2 Brussels runs for scientiIc research
Our Belgian team was all pumped up to take part in the 8th edition of the «10 Km of the ULB» last April which brought together more than 3,000 participants. A solidarity race whose proîts are entirely donated to the scientiîc research of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, via the Faculté des Sciences. Since it’s inception, over € 130,000 have been raised to fund dozens of research projects. Congratulations to our runners!
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
weeks off and helped me înancially to make my project a reality. I am very fortunate to belong to a society that allows me to înd my balance and realize completely crazy personal projects.” says Maxime, who with his team-mate înished 91st in their category and 162/700 in the general classiîcation of this race deemed to be one of the most difîcult in the world.
agap2 Paris launches the Irst Last «Space” Aerospace in Paris includes about 40 consul-tants working on projects that will revolutio-nize the sector of tomorrow. Our Paris agency wanted to gather them for a friendly event, just for them. The objective? Reinforce the cohesion of this team of enthusiasts who were able to re-vive the launch of SOYOUZ during the evening.
The minute... schools
The agencies in Basel and Zurich have come together to participate in an event of a new kind! ETH Zurich’s îrst virtual forum on the 9th and 10th of April. The concept? A virtual room, as if we were there. Avatar, virtual stands ... décor, booths and visitors, everything is recreated identically to give participants a unique experience. More than 750 students connected to the show and had the opportunity to send their resume or chat live with our agapiens.
Send us your «hello from ... »
Alpes d'Huez
Agapeans are real globe-trotters! Do as Benjamin, Hugo and Julien did... Share your adventures and send us your best agap2 photos from all over the world atcommunication@agap2.com!
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
The number 80 more than agap2, it is each year more than 80 meetings with students from engineering schools!
Did you know that ? There will be a 2nd awareness event around disability
For this second edition, which will take place on Thursday, May 23rd, the Paris agency is proposing to the teams to drop their preconceived ideas on disability by taking up the major challenge of abandoning one of their senses and challenging the «white cheetah»:Timothe Adolphe, holder of the Paralympic world sprint record. On the agenda: sport, a conference, a cocktail in the lounges of the Stade Français.
A man who has not seen a friend of his for years visits him to check in on him. Since then, his friend has had three daughters. Surprised, our man asked him their ages, but his friend refused to answer him directly, because he wanted to give him the answer in the form of an enigma: - The product of their ages is 36 and the sum gives the number of the house opposite. With that, the man will look at the house across the street, but came back saying that he is missing something. - That’s right,» replied his friend, «I must tell you that the eldest daughter is blonde. Indeed, with this information, man înds. What is the age of these three girls ? Answer : 6 x 6) we deduce the ages of the girls: 2 years, 2 years and 9 years. Then knowing that the eldest is blonde (this means that there is only one elder, not two as in the product 1 x (because there are two possible answers) Knowing that the man cannot Ind the answer with all this, it is that the number of the house opposite is 13 / 1 x 2 x 18 (21) / 1 x 3 x 12 (16) / 1 x 4 x 9 (14) / 1 x 6 x 6 (13) /2 x 2 x 9 (13) / 2 x 3 x 6 (11) / 3 x 3 x 4 (10) Here are all the Age products giving 36 (with the sum of the numbers next to it in brackets) 1 x 1 x 1 x 36 (38)
agap2 Bruxelles
agap2 Aix-en-Provence
Hockey Night - agap2 Lyon
agap2 Stockholm
agaptualité| n°23 | may 2019
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Valentine’s Day - agap2 Grenoble