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HABU™ music for iPhone & iPad Launches in Europe

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HABU™ music for iPhone & iPad Launches in Europe PR Newswire BERLIN, Aug. 31, 2012 - New App Lets Music Lovers Create Playlists and Discover Music to Match Their Every Mood—Free for the First Week of Release BERLIN, Aug.

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Ajouté le : 03 septembre 2012
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HABU™ music for iPhone & iPad Launches in Europe
PR Newswire BERLIN, Aug. 31, 2012
- New App Lets Music Lovers Create Playlists and Discover Music to Match Their Every Mood—Free for the First Week of Release BERLIN,Aug. 31, 2012/PRNewswire/ -- Gravity Mobile™ today released HABU music inEuropewith support for English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian languages. HABU is an App for iPhone and iPad that takes just one-touch to create killer playlists to match a user's every mood – happy, sad and everything in between. HABU dives deep to analyze a user's music library, delivering mood-based playlists and recommending similar songs to preview and purchase from iTunes. HABU is available in the App store for free during its first week of release– August 30-September 5. HABU makes it easy to navigate expansive music collections, which for many have grown out of control with a typical music fan now having more than 7,000 songs. With even more choices today between iTunes, social networks, and old MP3s, curating playlists and organizing music has become much more daunting and frustrating than in the past. HABU was developed to help solve the problem of massive music collections featuring technology from Gracenote® that organizes songs by 25 grouped moods and 100 granular mood characteristics. As HABU analyzes a user's music library, colorful circles grow and shrink on-screen to represent songs that fit a particular mood. A different mood map is created for each user, visualizing their music from "calm" to "energetic" and "dark" to "positive." The bigger, more vibrant the circles, the more songs they have of a particular mood in their music collection. As users slide their fingers around their mood map, HABU instantly plays music that fits their mood. Need to get pumped up for the gym? Just tap "Euphoric/Energy" to play music to get the blood pumping. Get dumped by a significant other? Tap on "Strong/Stable" or "Party/Fun" to move on. "We are thrilled to be launching HABU inEuropeto let music fans discover new songs and learn more about their musical tastes," said Eric Allen, General Manager of Gravity Mobile. "Music can evoke memories and emotions. With HABU, music fans can personalize their collections according to how they feel throughout the day – letting them create the perfect playlists, view mood maps, and find new songs and rediscover old favorites." HABU isn't your average recommendation engine either.Any song in a user's music library can be used to seed recommendations from the Cloud based on moods. If a HABU user is enjoying a playlist containing the songSet Fire To The RainbyAdele, they can use that song as a starting point to discover other songs with similar moods. When they find one they like, they can preview it before purchasing on iTunes. It's that simple. Learn more about HABU Music: http://www.habumusic.com/ About Gravity Mobile Gravity Mobile has been designing and developing innovative applications for iOS, Android, RIM and BREW since the earlda sof Mobile. The coman hasa
growing list of products including its top ranked MusicID® app.Gravity Mobile has worked with all facets of the mobile industry including large telecom, media, and device companies. Sony, Nielsen, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, NVIDIA, Pandora and Wieden+Kennedy are just a few of their clients. Gravity Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gracenote®, is headquartered inSan Francisco, Calif.www.gravitymobile.com. HABU music is a registered trademark of Gravity Mobile. All other names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Contacts: Daniel Couzens OneChocolate (for Gravity Mobile in the UK) T: +44(0)20-7437-0227 M: +44(0)7971-593-90 danielc@onechocolatecomms.co.uk Jeff Benson Gravity Mobile (U.S.) +1-415-431-8489 x751 jeff@gravitymobile.com